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called "THE REVOLT OF ISLAM." 7 pp. 4to, and dated from Marlow, 11th December, 1817. Handsomely bound (with artistic titlepage, prefatory note and transcript) in full crushed crimson morocco, inside dentelles, lettered on back and side, by Sangorski and Sutcliffe.

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MANUSCRIPTS OF ITS NATURE, WRITTEN BY SHELLEY. It is in the form of a very voluminous letter to his publisher concerning the publication of his "Laon and Cythna." Shelley had entrusted Charles Ollier with publication of the poem, but the latter, after accepting it, withdrew on account of the nature of the work and his fear of a prosecution. In this manuscript the poet defends the poem, and, in bitter language, upbraids the publisher for declining publication after having accepted it. Shelley then urges him to be more courageous and proceed with the publication, further stating his opinion that the Government would hesitate to interfere if they saw him adopt a bold, fearless attitude. The poet also contends that his literary character was in joepardy, and that he was in danger of being held up as a "proscribed and rejected outcast"; then, finally, as a compromise, although much against his will, suggests that Ollier should see Sherwood & Neely, who had wished to be the publishers, and suggest to them that they should undertake the publication. The publication of "Laon and Cythna" was ultimately transferred to Sherwood & Neely, but was immediately suppressed by the Government. It was, however, shortly afterwards re-issued by Ollier, with the objectionable passages omitted, and with the altered title, "The Revolt of Islam."' The letter has been repaired.

294. Prometheus Unbound. A Lyrical Drama in Four Acts. With other Poems. 8vo, full crushed crimson levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, original wrappers bound in at the end, by Rivière. London: C. and J. Ollier, 1820


295. [-] Brooke (Arthur). Elegy on the Death of Percy Bysshe Shelley. 8vo, original wrappers.


London: C. and J. Ollier, 1822


296. SHELLEY (PERCY BYSSHE). Miscellaneous Poems. 12mo, original boards, uncut, with a new cloth wrapper, enclosed in a blue levant morocco case, by Rivière. Back re-sewed.

London: William Benbow, 1826

ROBERT BROWNING'S COPY, with the following interesting inscription on inside cover:

"This book was given to me-probably as soon as published—by my Cousin J. S. (James Silverthorne); the foolish markings and still more foolish scribblings, show the impression made on a boy by this first specimen of Shelley's Poetry. Robert Browning, June 2, 1878. 'O World, O Life, O Time.''

Apparently Browning repented of the "foolish scribblings," for nearly all of them have been scribbled over, scratched out with a knife, or cut out, hence the defects in the volume. They show signs of appreciation, particularly of the poem "To Noght," to the "Lines to an Indian air, to the stanzas written in Dejection, and to the "Hymn of Pan." A


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297. SHERLEY (SIR ANTHONY). A new and large discourse of the Travels of Sir Anthony Sherley, Knight, by Sea, and ouer Land, to the Persian Empire. . . . Written by William Parry, Gentleman, who accompanied Sir Anthony in his Trauells. BLACK

LETTER. Small 4to, half maroon calf, border of title very slightly defective, fore-edge margin of A3 repaired).

London: Printed by Valentine Simmes, 1601 VERY RARE. The first full report of Sherley's travels, occupying 40 pages (without counting title and leaf of verses) while the "True Report" of the previous year occupies only 5 leaves.

298. SILVAIN (ALEXANDER). The Orator: handling a hundred severall Discourses in forme of Declamations. Englished by L. P. Title within an ornamental border. Small 4to, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by Adam Islip, 1596 With bookplate of Sir Richard Newdigate, dated 1709. A few repairs to headlines have been made.


299. SLEIDAN (J.). A famous Cronicle of oure time, called Sleidanes Commentaries. Translated out of Latin into Englishe by Ihon Daus. BLACK LETTER. Folio, thick old calf (joints cracked and a few slight stains). Imprinted at London by Ihon Daye, 1560 FIRST EDITION.

300. SMITH (SIR THOMAS). The Common-wealth of England, and manner of gouernment thereof. Device on title. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

At London: Printed by Iames Roberts, 1601 A fine large copy, except for a slight repair to R3. Ancient writing on some margins. With bookplate of Sir Richard Newdigate, dated 1709.

301. SOUTHEY (ROBERT). Roderick: A Poem. AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT of the opening portion under the title of "Pelayo, 44 pp. written on brown paper. Size 5 x 44 inches, bound in green silk, gilt edges. Enclosed in a handsomely gilt tooled and lettered green straight-grain morocco slip case. 1814


THIS MANUSCRIPT WAS PRESENTED BY SOUTHEY TO JOHN KENYON, with the following inscription on the manuscript half-title: "J. Kenyon, from Robert Southey, 28 Nov. 1819. Till the Poem had advanced as far as is here transcribed there was an intention of making Pelayo the chief personage and entitling it from him." This is further inscribed: Madame Van de Weyer from John Keynon, 1843." An A. L. s., from Kenyon to Madame Van de Weyer presenting the volume to her. 302. AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT of the Ode written during the negotiations with Buonaparte in January, 1814. Written on 7 pp. and consisting of 9 stanzas of 14 lines each. Signed "R. S." 12mo, half dark green morocco.

Bound in with the Manuscript is the printed version, from a volume of his Poems.

303. [SOUTHWELL (ROBERT).] Saint Peters Complaint. Newly augmented with other Poems. Title within a woodcut border. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. (Holes in last two leaves repaired.)

London: Printed by H. L., n. d. [1609]

-VERY RARE. From the Arbury Library, with label.

304. STANDISH (ARTHUR). The Commons Complaint wherein is contained two speciall grievances; the first, the generall

destruction and waste of Woods in this Kingdom, the second, the extreme dearth of Victuals. Folding woodcut, with the extra leaf (cut into at foot and repaired), inserted between pp. 8 and 9. Small 4to, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by William Stansby, 1611

RARE. With bookplate of Sir Richard Newdigate, dated 1709. 305. STEVENS (GEORGE ALEXANDER). Songs, Comic and Satyrical. Woodcut on page 6, folding plate, and the rare frontispiece, "The Amorous Owls," which was suppressed. 12mo, old half calf (worn). In box. Oxford, 1772

THE RARE FIRST EDITION. With bookplates of Thos. Gosden and Stoneleigh Abbey.

306. STEVENSON (ROBERT LOUIS). Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Frontispiece. 12mo, cloth (one sig. sprung), uncut. London, 1879


307. Fables. With 6 etchings by Ethel King Martyn. 8vo, boards, cloth back, uncut. London: Longmans, 1902

308. STRAWBERRY HILL PRESS. Fugitive Pieces in Verse and Prose. [By Horace Walpole.] 8vo, sheets, uncut (wanting from p. 160 to end). Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1758

One of 200 copies printed.

309. Spence (Rev. Joseph A.). A Parallel: In the manner of Plutarch: Between a most celebrated Man of Florence; And One, scarce ever heard of, in England. Vignette portrait on title. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and mainly unopened.

Printed at Strawberry Hill by William Robinson, 1758

310. Poems by Anna Chamber, Countess Temple. Vignette on title. 4to, old blue wrappers, uncut. Printed in the Year 1764

A RARE COLLECTION, having bound up with the above: [Garrick] To Mr. Gray on his Odes, one leaf, n. d.; To the Printing Press at Strawberry Hill [By Mr. Bentley], one leaf, n. d. (margin torn); Verses sent to Lady Charles Spencer [By Anna Chamber], one leaf, n. d.

311. [Walpole (Horace).] A Letter to the Editor of the Miscellanies of Thomas Chatterton. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened. Strawberry Hill: Printed by T. Kirgate, 1779

312. To Lady Horatio Waldegrave, on the Death of the Duke of Ancaster. [By Charles Miller.] 4 pp. 4to.


One of 150 copies printed. Dated at end, 1779.


Jones (William). The Muse Recalled, an Ode, occasioned by the Nuptials of Lord Viscount Althorp and Miss Lavinia Bingham, March 6, 1781. 4to, sewn, uncut.


One of 250 copies.

[More (Hannah).] on title. 4to, sewn, uncut.

Printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1781

Bishop Bonner's Ghost. Vignette
Printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1789

96 copies are said to have been printed, two being on brown paper, but

Horace Walpole in a letter to Hannah More [June 23, 1789] speaks of printing 200 copies.

315. [Garrick (David).] To Mr. Gray on his Odes. Six stanzas on two pages. 4to. Slight split in fold.

N. d.

EXTREMELY RARE, but very few copies having been printed. Martin observes "Sixe copies only are said to have been printed,'' which statement was questioned by Upcott. However, the issue was very small.

316. SUETONIUS. History of Twelve Caesars, Emperours of Rome, newly translated into English by Philemon Holland, with Briefe Annotations. Small folio, crushed red levant morocco, line tooled (top of title repaired).

London: Printed for Matthew Lowndes, 1606

FIRST EDITION, with the leaf of errata at the end.

317. SWINBURNE (A. C.). Poems and Ballads. 12mo, original cloth, uncut. London: Hotten, 1866

FIRST EDITION, Second issue. An autograph of the author has been laid down on title, also an address cut from a wrapper in the author's hand pasted on end-paper, half-title written on. A photograph of Swinburne and Adah Isaacs Menken is laid down, and a carte-de-visite of Swinburne loosely laid in. Autograph of Dr. Furnival on inside cover, and MS. notes in his hand.

318. Dedicatory Epistle ("To Theodore Watts-Dunton, my best and dearest Friend"), prefixed by Swinburne to the Collected Edition of his Poetical Works, 6 vols. 1904. 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, line tooled.




319. SWINHOE (GILBERT). The Tragedy of the unhappy Fair Irene. Small 4to, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. (Pagination of Bi cut into.)

London: Printed by J. Streater, 1658

FIRST EDITION. From the Arbury Library, with label.

320. T. (R.). Dives and Lazarus; or rather Devellish Dives. Delivered in a Sermon at Paul's Crosse, by R. T. Preacher of the Word, The Eighth Edition. BLACK LETTER. Small 8vo, polished calf, inside dentelles, gilt edges, by Bedford (title slightly defective and mended, 4 headlines shaved, title on A2).


London: Printed by W. I., 1628

321. [TATHAM (JOHN).] Ostella; or, the Faction of Love and Beauty reconcil'd. By I. T. Small 4to, polished calf (title damaged and some lower lines cut into). London, 1650

THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION. No copy in either Hoe or Huth. Bookplate of William Holgate.

322. TAVERNER (RICHARD). Flores aliquot sententiarum ex variis collecti scriptoribus. The floures of sencies gathered out of sundry wryters by Erasmus in Latine and Englished by Richard Tauerner. Woodcut ornament on title.

Imprynted in Flete-strete at the sygne of the Rose Garland by Wyllyam Copland, 1550

(II). The Garden of Wysdome contynynge pleasaunt floures, that is to say, propre and quicke sayinges of Priees, Philosophers, and other sortes of men. Drawn forth of good aucthours, by Richarde Tauerner. Sheet D and title in facsimile. Historiated initials. Imprynted in Flete-strete by William Copland, [1550] (III). Proverbes or Adagies gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus by Richard Tauerner. With newe addicions as well of Latyn Prouerbes as of Englishe. Two leaves of Table defective. Title within a woodcut border, with William Middleton's device [William Powell]. 1550

The 3 vols. bound in two, small 8vo, crushed brown levant morocco, inside dentelles, gilt over rough edges. In a cloth case. 1550 EXTREMELY RARE. No copy of either in the Huth library.


323, TAYLOR (JOHN, the Water-Poet). The Complaint of Christmas. And Teares of Twelfetyde. Small 4to, polished calf, some lower edges uncut. London: Printed for I. B. and H. G., 1631

FIRST EDITION. THIS IS THE ONLY COPY RECORDED, AND PERHAPS THE ONLY COPY EXISTING. It has never been reprinted, and was previously known only from its entry in the Stationers' Register. A FINE LARGE AND




324. [] THE NEEDLES EXCELLENCY. A New Booke wherein are divers Admirable Workes wrought with the Needle. Fine engraved title of "Wisdome, Industrie and Follie" in a garden, and 31 engravings of lace patterns (title repaired and outer margin renewed, but none of the text injured). Small oblong 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt and blind tooling, inside dentelles, gilt edges. [London]: Printed for Iames Baler, 1640 EXCEEDINGLY RARE. Unknown to Lowndes. With bookplate of J. Eliot Hodgkin.

325. TENNYSON (ALFRED). crushed blue levant morocco, full gilt gilt top, by Rivière.

Idylls of the Hearts. 8vo, back, inside dentelles, uncut, London: Edward Moxon, 1864

THE EXTREMELY RARE TRIAL EDITION. One of the very few copies issued under the above title, which at the last moment was altered to "Enoch Arden.' ""

326. The Last Tournament. 8vo, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt back, fillet borders, inside dentelles, gilt top, uncut, by Rivière. London: Strahan and Co., 1871 VERY RARE. THE AUTHOR'S PRIVATE EDITION. This was printed for circulation among a limited circle of the author's friends, and in a copy in Mr. Wise's possession the Publisher Strahan has written the following note: "Of this Private Edition of The Last Tournament not more than 20 copies were printed.''

327. The Falcon. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened, in new buckram wrapper and half morocco slip case. London: Printed for the Author, 1879 THE RARE PRIVATELY PRINTED FIRST EDITION. Printed for private circulation only, probably for stage purposes.

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