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Horace Walpole in a letter to Hannah More [June 23, 1789] speaks of printing 200 copies.


[Garrick (David).] To Mr. Gray on his Odes. Six stanzas on two pages. 4to. Slight split in fold.

N. d.

EXTREMELY RARE, but very few copies having been printed. Martin observes "Sixe copies only are said to have been printed," which statement was questioned by Upcott. However, the issue was very small.

316. SUETONIUS. History of Twelve Caesars, Emperours of Rome, newly translated into English by Philemon Holland, with Briefe Annotations. Small folio, crushed red levant morocco, line tooled (top of title repaired).

London: Printed for Matthew Lowndes, 1606 FIRST EDITION, with the leaf of errata at the end.

317. SWINBURNE (A. C.). inal cloth, uncut.

FIRST EDITION, Second issue. An autograph of the author has been laid down on title, also an address cut from a wrapper in the author's hand pasted on end-paper, half-title written on. A photograph of Swinburne and Adah Isaacs Menken is laid down, and a carte-de-visite of Swinburne loosely laid in. Autograph of Dr. Furnival on inside cover, and MS. notes in his hand.

Poems and Ballads. 12mo, orig.
London: Hotten, 1866


Dedicatory Epistle ("To Theodore Watts-Dunton, my best and dearest Friend"), prefixed by Swinburne to the Collected Edition of his Poetical Works, 6 vols. 1904. 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, line tooled. 1904



319. SWINHOE (GILBERT). The Tragedy of the unhappy Fair Irene. Small 4to, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. (Pagination of Bi cut into.)

London: Printed by J. Streater, 1658 FIRST EDITION. From the Arbury Library, with label.

320. T. (R.). Dives and Lazarus; or rather Devellish Dives. Delivered in a Sermon at Paul's Crosse, by R. T. Preacher of the Word, The Eighth Edition. BLACK LETTER. Small 8vo, polished calf, inside dentelles, gilt edges, by Bedford (title slightly defective and mended, 4 headlines shaved, title on A2).


London: Printed by W. I., 1628

321. [TATHAM (JOHN).] Ostella; or, the Faction of Love and Beauty reconcil'd. By I. T. Small 4to, polished calf (title damaged and some lower lines cut into). London, 1650

THE EXTREMELY RARE FIRST EDITION. No copy in either Hoe or Huth. Bookplate of William Holgate.

322. TAVERNER (RICHARD). Flores aliquot sententiarum ex variis collecti scriptoribus. The floures of sencies gathered out of sundry wryters by Erasmus in Latine and Englished by Richard Tauerner. Woodcut ornament on title.

Imprynted in Flete-strete at the sygne of the Rose Garland by Wyllyam Copland, 1550

(II). The Garden of Wysdome contynynge pleasaunt floures, that is to say, propre and quicke sayinges of Priees, Philosophers, and other sortes of men. Drawn forth of good aucthours, by Richarde Tauerner. Sheet D and title in facsimile. Historiated initials. Imprynted in Flete-strete by William Copland, [1550]

(III). Proverbes or Adagies gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus by Richard Tauerner. With newe addicions as well of Latyn Prouerbes as of Englishe. Two leaves of Table defective. Title within a woodcut border, with William Middleton's device [William Powell]. 1550

The 3 vols. bound in two, small 8vo, crushed brown levant morocco, inside dentelles, gilt over rough edges. In a cloth case. 1550 EXTREMELY RARE. No copy of either in the Huth library.


323, TAYLOR (JOHN, the Water-Poet). The Complaint of Christmas. And Teares of Twelfetyde. Small 4to, polished calf, some lower edges uncut. London: Printed for I. B. and H. G., 1631

FIRST EDITION. THIS IS THE ONLY COPY RECORDED, AND PERHAPS THE ONLY COPY EXISTING. It has never been reprinted, and was previously known only from its entry in the Stationers' Register. A FINE LARGE AND



324. [] THE NEEDLES EXCELLENCY. A New Booke wherein are divers Admirable Workes wrought with the Needle. Fine engraved title of "Wisdome, Industrie and Follie" in a garden, and 31 engravings of lace patterns (title repaired and outer margin renewed, but none of the text injured). Small oblong 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt and blind tooling, inside dentelles, gilt edges. [London] Printed for Iames Baler, 1640 EXCEEDINGLY RARE. Unknown to Lowndes. With bookplate of J. Eliot Hodgkin.

325. TENNYSON (ALFRED). crushed blue levant morocco, full gilt gilt top, by Rivière.

Idylls of the Hearts. 8vo, back, inside dentelles, uncut, London: Edward Moxon, 1864

THE EXTREMELY RARE TRIAL EDITION. One of the very few copies issued under the above title, which at the last moment was altered to "Enoch Arden."

326. The Last Tournament. 8vo, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt back, fillet borders, inside dentelles, gilt top, uncut, by Rivière. London: Strahan and Co., 1871

VERY RARE. THE AUTHOR'S PRIVATE EDITION. This was printed for circulation among a limited circle of the author's friends, and in a copy in Mr. Wise's possession the Publisher Strahan has written the following note: "Of this Private Edition of The Last Tournament not more than 20 copies were printed."

327. The Falcon. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut and unopened, in new buckram wrapper and half morocco slip case. London: Printed for the Author, 1879

THE RARE PRIVATELY PRINTED FIRST EDITION. Printed for private circulation only, probably for stage purposes.

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Printed for I.B. and H.G. and are to be fold at the figne of the Marigold in Pauls Church-yard. 1631.


328. rocco slip case.

The Cup. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut, in half moLondon: Printed for the Author, 1881 THE EXCESSIVELY RARE PRIVATELY PRINTED FIRST EDITION, probably for stage purposes. It was reprinted in "The Cup and the Falcon" in 1882, and again in 1884.


329. TENNYSON (ALFRED). Seven Poems and Translations. Printed in red and black. Small 4to, limp vellum, uncut. One of 25 copies. Hammersmith, 1902

330. Another copy, printed on hand-made paper. Small 4to, limp vellum, uncut. Hammersmith, 1902

331. A. L. s., 3 pp. 8vo, Cheltenham, Oct. 2, [1847]. Το Coventry Patmore.

"I got your letter, by 'r lady, some weeks ago, and I have been ever since in a state of self-reproach for not answering you, every day intending to do it, but my purpose always being nipt in the bud by the fat finger of sloth, or washed out by the sight of great lochs or crushed by Ben Cruachan and Ben Lawers, and other Bens which emboss the land of Cakes. However, I now thank you very much for your able inauguration essay on Architecture," etc.

332. [THACKERAY (WILLIAM M.).] Catulli, Tibulli, et Propertii Opera. Small 12mo, contemporary polished calf, gilt back. London, 1822

THACKERAY'S SCHOOL CATULLUS used at Charterhouse, with his autograph: "W. M. Thackeray" on fly-leaf, by the side of which is written in another hand: "Carthus: hunc librum acceptum refert: Wentworth Huysshe Schol. Harrov, August 2, 1828."

With an Autograph Letter, 2 pp., 8vo, from George Pryme, the Political Economist, who married Thackeray's Aunt, addressed to Dr. Thackeray, W. M.'s grandfather, dated August, 1818, with postal wrapper and seal.


333. THACKERAY (WILLIAM M.). Mrs. Perkins's Ball, by M. A. Titmarsh. Colored illustrations by the author. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt back, line tooling, gilt edges, by Jenkins and Cecil. London: Chapman and Hall, 1847

A CHOICE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION. Inserted, is an A. L. s., 1 p. small 4to, dated May 17, 1858, to Frederic Locker. An ORIGINAL INK AND PENCIL DRAWING (with other sketches by Thackeray on the back), in reference to which Locker has written "Anne Thackeray gave me this drawing because her father had written my name upon it." With the Locker bookplate.

334. A. L. s., with initials. 1 p. small 4to, March 16, no year. To "My dear O."

"We are in print for this month. I have my doubts about Military Operations in China, but all depends on the article itself.”

335. THOMSON (JAMES). The Castle of Indolence: An Allegorical Poem, written in Imitation of Spenser. 4to, polished mottled calf, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed for A. Millar, 1748 FINE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION. From the Arbury Library, with label.

336. [TILNAY (EDMOND, Master of the Royal Revels, 1579).] A Briefe and pleasant discourse of duties in Mariage, called the Flower of Friendship. BLACK LETTER, title within woodcut border, the Royal arms on verso. Small 8vo, polished modern calf, gilt edges (some marginal notes slightly cut into).

Imprinted at London by Henrie Denham, 1577 RARE. From the Heber collection. With bookplate of Charles Butler.

337. TOM THUMB. The Tragedy of Tragedies; or, the Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great. .. With the Annotations of H. Scriblerus Secundus. Frontispiece by Vandergucht after Hogarth. 8vo, polished calf, gilt back, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London, 1731

FIRST EDITION. With bookplate of Sir Roger Newdigate.

338. TOPSELL (EDWARD). The Reward of Religion, delivered in sundry lectures upon the Booke of Ruth. Small 8vo, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. (A few side notes trimmed into.) London: Printed by John Windet, 1597 From the Arbury Library, with label.

339. TOWNSEND (A.). Tempe Restord. A Masque. Small 4to, crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière.

London: Printed by A. M., 1631 FIRST EDITION. From the Arbury Library, with label.

340. TRIUMVIRADE (The), or, Broad-Bottomry. A PanegyriSatiri-Serio-Comi-Dramatical Poem. By Porcupinus Pelagius. Third Edition. 4to, polished mottled calf, gilt edges, by Rivière. [London]: Printed for Mr. Cooper, n. d. From the Arbury Library, with label.

341. TUKE (SIR SAMUEL). The Adventures of Five Hours. A Tragi-Comedy. Small 4to, crushed brown levant morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière. London: Printed for Henry Herringman, 1664


342. TURNER (J. M. W.). Picturesque Views in England and Wales. Illustrated with numerous fine engraved plates. 2 vols. 4to, half red morocco, gilt tops. London, 1838

343. USSHER (JAMES, Archbishop of Armagh). The Principles of Christian Religion, summarily set downe, according to the Word of God, etc. Engraved portrait of Ussher by Marshall. Small 8vo, blue morocco, gilt edges.

London: Printed for George Badger, 1649

This volume contains many MS. notes signed "Marie Jones" [née Powell, the aunt of Milton's first wife, Mary Powell.] There are entries of her birthdays from 1650 to 1660, her age being then 77. Ten entire pages are occupied by her Pious Observations, and most of the margins have been similarly utilized. The volume passed from the libraries of Drs. Burton and Bliss into that of C. J. Wyatt, who was Vicar of Forest Hill, near Oxford, the birthplace of Mary Powell, who is responsible for the attribution of the MS. notes to Milton's aunt by marriage.

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