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408. WASHINGTON (BUSHROD). Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of Virginia. 2 vols. 8vo, original sheep (writing and labels on titles).

Richmond, 1798-99

409. Another copy. 2 vols. 8vo, original sheep (worn-fair copy only). Richmond, 1798

410. WASHINGTON (GEORGE). Interesting State Papers from President Washington, M. Fauchet and M. Adet likewise Conferences with George Hammond . . quoted by Edmund Randolph. 8vo, half calf.

Philadelphia Printed; London, reprinted, 1796 An interesting piece, relating the facts leading to the resignation of Edmund Randolph as Secretary of State.


A Collection of Funeral Orations on the Death of George Washington. Bound in one volume, 8vo, half calf (covers loose).


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Oration by Henry Lee in Philadelphia. Phila. 1800.
Oration by Gouverneur Morris in N. Y. New York, 1800.
Oration by Simon Chaudron, before the French Lodge. Phila. 1800.
Proceedings of the Town of Charlestown. [Boston] 1800.
Address of George Washington on declining re-election [1796].
Oration by Samuel Bayard at New Rochelle. New Brunswick, 1800.
Oration by S. S. Smith at Trenton. Trenton, 1800.

Oration by David Ramsay at Charleston, S. C. Charleston, 1800.
Oration by Fisher Ames at Boston. Philadelphia, 1800.
Eulogium by Maj. William Jackson, at Phila. 1800.
Eulogy by William Linn at N. Y. New York, 1800.
Oration by Frederick Frelinghuysen, in New Brunswick, 1800.
Poem. By Richard Alsop. Hartford, 1800.
Poem. By John Blair Linn. Philadelphia, 1800.


412. [] The Life of George Washington. By David Ramsay. Portrait by Leney. 8vo, old half calf (pp. a little foxed). New York, 1807


Another copy. 8vo, original sheep (pp. a little foxed).
New York, 1807

414. [-] Washington and his Generals. By J. T. Headley. Portraits. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1847


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415. The Diary of George Washington, from 1789 to 1791, embracing the Opening of the First Congress, and his Tours Through New England, Long Island, and the Southern States. Together with his Journal of a Tour to the Ohio in 1753. Edited by Benson J. Lossing. Photographic portrait inserted. 12mo, cloth (stamp removed from title). New York, 1860


416. [] Washington and the West. Being George Washington's Diary of September, 1784, kept during his journey into the Ohio Basin. With a Commentary by Archer Butler Hulbert. Maps. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1905


Marshall's Life of Washington, 5 vols., with Atlas (binding not uniform), Phila. 1804; Life and Times of Washington (Schroeder), 2 vols. N. Y., n. d.; Life and Writings of Washington (Sparks), 8 odd vols.; Monuments of Washington's Patriotism, Facsimiles of his Accounts with the United States, 3 different editions; and others. Together 22 vols. various sizes and bindings.

418. [] Orderly Book of General George Washington, kept at Valley Forge. Boston, 1898; Proceedings of the General Society of the Cincinnati, with the Original Institution of the Order. Phila. 1841; Revolutionary Orders of Washington. N. Y. 1844, and others. 6 vols. 8vo, cloth and boards.

419. [] General Orders issued at Newburg, 1782-83. Newburg, 1883; Reprint of the Original Letters from Washington to Joseph Reed. Phila. 1852; Remarks on same. By Jared Sparks. Boston, 1853; Oration on the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Washington. By Francis C. Gray. Boston, 1832, and other pamphlets. 9 pieces.

420. [- -] ] The Life of George Washington. By John Corry. Portrait by Scoles. N. Y. 1807; Biographical Memoirs. By [Thomas Condie.] Phila. 1801; Life of Washington. By M. L. Weems. Illustrated. Phila. 1809; and others. 17 vols. various sizes and bindings.


Writings. With a Life of the Author. By Jared Sparks. Frontispieces. 12 vols. 8 vols. in calf and 4 vols. in cloth, paper labels. Boston, v. d.


L. s., 1 p. folio. Headquarters, August 3, 1780. To Brig. Gen. Knox. Worn in folds, and mounted.

"I wish to be informed, whether what arms and accoutrements you have on hand, together with those in the Magazines capable of being put in repair in three weeks; are sufficient to equip five thousand men,'' etc.



424. WELLES (GIDEON). L. s., 2 pp. 4to; Tench Coxe. D. s.; Samuel Jones, Chief Justice of New York. A. L. s.; Powhatan Ellis. A. L. s.; and others. 11 pieces.

425. WETMORE (ALPHONSO). Gazetteer of the State of Missouri. Engraved plate (no map). 8vo, original cloth (worn, and some edges stained). St. Louis, 1837


426. WHARTON (JOHN). The Virginia Wreath and Original Poems. 12mo, sheep. (Scribbling on last page.)


Winchester, 1814

427. WHITE ACRE vs. Black Acre. A Case at Law, reported by J. G. 12mo, cloth. 2 copies.

Richmond, 1856

428. WILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE. History of, from its Foundation, 1660 to 1874. Richmond, 1874; Address delivered by His Exc'y John Tyler, and the Poem recited by St. George Tucker, on the 166th Anniversary. 1859. 2 vols. 8vo, wrappers and cloth.

429. WILLIAM AND MARY COLLEGE QUARTERLY. Vols. 1-27. 27 vols. 8vo, cloth and wrappers.

Williamsburg, 1892-1918

430. WILSON (ALEXANDER). American Ornithology; or, The Natural History of the Birds of the United States. No plates. 3 vols. royal 8vo, boards, roan backs (rubbed), uncut.

New York, 1828

431. [WIRT (WILLIAM).] The British Spy; or, Letters to a Member of the British Parliament written during a Tour through the United States. By a Young Englishman of Rank. 12mo, original boards, rebacked, uncut. Newburyport, 1804

FIRST EDITION. With autograph of William Hunter on title.

432. A. L. s., 1 p. 4to. Baltimore, December 6, 1833. To Richard Smith. On financial matters.

433. WISE (HENRY A., Gov. of Va.). A. L. s., 2 pp. 4to. Philadelphia, July 1, 1838. To a committee. With Address. Regretting his inability to address the Whigs in Philadelphia.

"Please drink for me to 'The Cities of Boston, Philadelphia and Williamsburg: the Sites of Faneuil Hall, Independence Hall, the Hall of the House of Burgesses and the Old Raleigh Tavern.' No wonder that large Whig majorities abound around the birthplace of Freedom. Let no Lo-co-fo-co-ism ever demolish these Halls or the principles and institutions which sprung from their hallowed precincts.'


434. ———— A. L. s., 1 p. 4to. Washington, Feb. 10, 1843. To A. P. Upshur; also, A. L. s., 1 p. 8vo, Washington, May 23, 1855. To Dr. Faulkner. On political matters. 2 pieces.

435. WITHERS (ALEXANDER S.). Chronicles of Border Warfare, or a History of the Settlement of the Whites of Northwestern Virginia, and of the Indian Wars and Massacres in that section of the State; with Reflections, Anecdotes, &c. 12mo, original calf (writing on title and leaves stained-sold as is).


Clarksburg, 1831

436. WOOD (JAMES, Gov. of Va.). A. L. s., 1 p. 4to, Richmond, Nov. 25, 1791. To his brother. On business matters; also, A. L. s., 1 p. 4to. Richmond, March 17, 1797. To the Gov. of Tennessee. Transmitting the Laws of Virginia. 2 pieces.

437. YONGE (SAMUEL H.). The Site of Old "James Towne," 1607-1698. A Brief Historical and Topographical Sketch of the First American Metropolis. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth.

Richmond, 1904





438. ADDIS AND CORSON GENEALOGIES. Life of Mrs. S. J. C. Downs, with the genealogies of the Addis and Corson families. Edited by J. B. Graw. Portraits. 12mo, cloth. Camden, 1892

439. ALASKA. Home Nuggets. Experiences of a Party of Gold Seekers in Northwestern Alaska in 1900. "Actual Alaska from a Gold Seeker's point of view." By L. H. French. Numerous illustrations. Large 8vo, cloth. New York, 1901

440. The Lake Clark-Central Kuskokwim Region, Alaska, with historical introduction. Animals, Birds, Minerals, Copper, Transportation, etc. By Philip S. Smith. Illustrations and colored folding maps. 8vo, original tinted paper covers, 162 pages.

Washington, 1917 A valuable work on an almost unknown region, except from reports of a few prospectors and fur hunters. Bulletin No. 655 U. S. Geological Survey.

441. ALBANY, NEW YORK. Reminiscences of Albany, 1825 to 1855. (Old Merchants, Banks, Newspapers, Steamboats, etc.). By John J. Hill of Brooklyn. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1884 "at the suggestions

Very scarce. Only a few copies privately printed, of friends.''


442. ALDRICH (THOMAS BAILEY). XXXVI Lyrics and XII Sonnets. 16mo, half leather. Boston, 1887

Contains a four-line poem written in blue ink and signed by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, for Mrs. Blake.

443. AMERICAN FURNITURE. A Windsor Hand Book. Descriptions of Rare Windsor Furniture from 1725 to 1825. Side Chairs, Arm Chairs, Comb Backs, Writings Arm Windsors, Babies' High, Love Seats, Tables, etc., with the owners' names. By Wallace Nutting. 109 full-page half-tone illustrations. 12mo, cloth (rubbed). Saugus, n. d.

Limited number printed. Invaluable for collectors of old furniture, as it tells if the specimens are unique, extremely rare, common, etc., with a history of each example.

444. AMERICAN INDIANS. In Red Man's Land. By Francis E. Leupp. Illustrations of Indians, their Homes, Totem Pole, etc. 12mo, original paper covers. New York, n. d.

445. AMERICAN METROLOGICAL SOCIETY. Proceedings of, first five volumes, Dec. 1873 to Dec. 1885, with the rare index of the 5 volumes, by Walter Stanley Bisco of the N. Y. State Library. Maps, plans, etc. 5 vols. bound in one thick 8vo, volume, half morocco. New York, 1880-85

Covers the first 15 years.

446. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Remarks concerning the Government and the Laws of the United States. In four letters addressed to Mr. Adams, etc., by Abbé De Mably. 8vo, original calf. A fine copy of this scarce work, with the half title. Dublin, 1785

447. A Narrative of the Escapes and Cruises of the pri vate Armed Ship Marquis Lafayette during the American Revolution. By John Cowper of Norfolk, Va. (a volunteer on board). 8vo, unbound. Washington, 1833

Extracted from the U. S. Military and Naval Magazine (1833).

448. Fifty Years' Reminiscences of New York, including Traditions and Anecdotes of the Am. Revolution, Tales of the SugarHouse Prison in Liberty Street, Yellow Fever in New York 17981822, obtained from actors in the Scenes. By Grant Thorburn. Steel portrait. 12mo, cloth. New York [1845]

Includes reminiscences of Thomas Paine from personal observation, merchants of New York 1774, Rides on Long Island, etc.

449. The Battle of Point Pleasant, Virginia, fought Oct. 10th, 1774, with biographical sketches of the men who participated. By Mrs. L. N. S. Poffenbarger. Plate. 8vo, cloth, 141 pages.

Point Pleasant, West Va., 1909 Valuable for the genealogist, as in many cases it gives the names of the wives, etc. "Compliments of the Author."'

450. AMERICAN TRAVELLER, with stage, canal and steamboat routes. Fine engraved views of Niagara Falls, etc. By H. S. Tanner. 24mo, cloth. Phila. Pub. by the Author, 1836

Has the plans of the cities of Boston, New York, Baltimore, etc. Lacks the general map. Very scarce.

451. CATALOGUES. Drugulins Auction Catalogue of Engravings, Etchings and Mezzotints of the most Eminent Masters, sold June, 1866, and ten following days, neatly priced in ink with buyer's names; also Auction Catalogue of Rare Drawings and Engravings formed by Hugh Howard, with historical introduction and facsimiles. Sold in 1873. 2 vols. in one, large 8vo, half morocco. London: Sotheby, Williamson & Hodge, 1866-73 Valuable for reference.

452. BANCROFT (GEORGE). History of the United States. vol. 9. Steel Portrait of Lafayette. 8vo, cloth. Boston, 1866 FIRST EDITION. Volume nine is often missing in sets.

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