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92. BORROW (GEORGE). Original MS. Poem, “Conrad Wallenrod.” 3 pp., small 4to, unsigned, with corrections.

93. - Autograph Manuscript Poem beginning : “Now the Wizard's land we enter,'' etc. 6 stanzas of varying length, written 3 pp.

4to. 94. BOSTON. Iconographic Society. Engraved plates of: The Old State House; Park Street Church; The New South, Church Green; The Hancock House; Faneuil Hall. 6 plates. 4to, in origiinal wrappers.

One of 73 impressions on Imperial Japan paper, and the plates destroyed. 95. BOULTON (WILLIAM B.). The Amusements of Old London. 12 illustrations from contemporary sources all colored by hand. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. London, 1901

96. BOURGET (PAUL). Mensonges. Illustrated. Paris, 1890; Salammbo (Flaubert), Paris, 1886; Fromont Jeune et Risler Ainé (Daudet), Paris, 1886; Carmen (Mérimée), Paris), 1890; and others. 6 vols., 12mo and 8vo, half morocco and cloth.

97. BOYDELL'S SHAKESPEARE. The American Edition of Boydell's Illustrations of the Dramatic Works of Shakespeare. Illustrated with 100 plates, some a little foxed. 2 vols., elephant folio, full old paneled russia (bindings different), richly gilt tooled, gilt and gauffred edges. (One binding a little weak in hinges.)

New York, 1852 98. BRINKLEY (CAPTAIN F.). Japan: Its History, Arts and Literature. Frontispieces in color and numerous fine illustrations. 12 vols., 8vo, half olive morocco, gilt tops, uncut. ARTISTS' EDITION, one of 500 copies.

Boston, [1901]

99. BROADHOUSE (J.). The Violin. How to make it, London, n. d.; Gloves, their Annals and Associations (Beck), London, 1883; The Evolution of Bird Song (Witchell), London, 1896. Illustrations. 3 vols., 12mo, cloth.

100. BRONTE (BRANWELL). Autograph Manuscript Poem, "Queen Mary's Grave." 3 pp., 8vo. Signed in three places.

The Second and Third pages are occupied by the poem, which is signed at the commencement with unusual fulness: P. B. Brontë, Nov. 11, 1836, Haworth." The poem is also signed at the end in pencil, with the initials P. B. B.' At the commencement is also a third dated set of initials, P. B. B. Dec. 10, 1836.'

The first page and a half are occupied by what appears to be a short prose sketch, ending with eight lines of verse.


101. BROUGH (ROBERT B.). Life of Sir John Falstaff. Illustrated with 20 fine etched plates by George Cruikshank. Imp. 8vo, original cloth, design by Cruikshank on cover, gilt top, uncut. FIRST EDITION. Fine copy.

London, 1858

102. BROWN HORATIO F.). Life on the Lagoons. London, 1894; A Wanderer in London (Lucas), London, n. d.; A Wanderer in Florence (Lucas), N. Y. 1912; and others. Illustrations. 5 vols., 12mo and 8vo, cloth.

103. BROWNE (SIR THOMAS). Hydriotaphia. UrneBuriall; or, a Discourse of the Sepulchral Urnes lately found in Norfolk. Small 4to, elaborately stamped and gilt roan, gilt top, uncut.

Cambridge, 1907 One of 385 copies printed at the Riverside Press. 104. BROWNING (ELIZABETH B.). Sonnets from the Portuguese. Illustrated by Ludvig Sandoe Ipsen. Oblong 4to, cloth, gilt top, uncut.

Boston, n. d. 105. — Autograph Manuscript Poem, "The Cathedral"; "To my dearest Papa on his Birthday, May 28, 1816," and others, one signed with initials. Written on 4 pp., 4to.

106. BROWNING (ELIZABETH BARRETT). Original Autograph Manuscript Verses inscribed to the Rev. G. B. Hunter “with my poems omitting his name.” Written on 2 pp., small 4to.


These books which never name your name,

(All perfect utterance foils them) Accept, dear friendand do not blame

The si ence which despoi's them.

There is a silence which includes

Expression at completest
As oft in sy van so'itudes

Society seems sweetest."

107. A. L. S., 2 pp., 12mo. Rome, April 13, (1861). To W. M. Thackeray.

A FINE AND INTERESTING LETTER concerning a contribution by her to the “Cornhill” Magazine, and referring to her and her husband's unpopularity in England at the time, which was so marked that Mrs. Browning doubted whether her poem would be accepted.

Dear Mr. Thackeray-You asked me too long ago for a contribution to your magazinetoo long ago in every sense perhaps-for here is my husband who suggests that, being a very i! adorer with you a?', in Eng. land just now

I may not be welcome between the wind 8 your nobility at Cornhil.

But in that case you will return my verses enc'osed, & no harm wi'! be doneif indeed it is no harm to send love to dear Annie & Minnie whom I never forget.

“Yes,-and don't I remember Mr. Thackeray's kindness to litt'e Penini, who grows big, d is learning Latin, & riding a pony, fo is not much changed otherwise.Ete. 108. Autograph Manuscript. “To Evening”; “On a Rose picked on a dewy morning,” and “To dearest Henrietta on her Birthday." Written on 2 pp., 4to.

109. Autograph Manuscript Verses. Four short Poems : “Prince of Wales"; "King of Prussia"; "Rogers"; "Herr Dobler." 4 pp., small 4to. Unsigned.

110. BROWNING. Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, 1845-46. Portraits and facsimiles. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

New York, 1899 111. BRYANT (WILLIAM CULLEN). The Embargo; or, Sketches of the Times. A Satire. 12mo, three-quarter blue morocco, gilt top, uncut (title repaired).

Boston: Printed for the Author, 1809 A FINE UNCUT COPY OF THE SECOND EDITION, which, however, contains a number of pieces WHICH APPEAR HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME. The First Edition is considered unobtainable, as only four or five copies are known. 112. Poems. Edited by Washington Irving. 12mo, threequarter red morocco, gilt top, uncut.

London, 1832 FINE COPY. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED with 28 fine portraits, views, fanciful pieces, etc.

A SUMPTUOUS EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED WORK 113. BRYANT (WILLIAM CULLEN). Poems. 2 vols., extended to four; Prose Works. 2 vols., extended to three; Life of Bryant, by Parke Godwin, 2 vols., extended to six. Together 13 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut. New York, 1883-84

A MOST COMPLETELY EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED SET, containing nearly 1000 added illustrations, of which nearly 500 are portraits, five of which are from private plates; the remainder consist of views and other illustrations on steel and wood, inlaid and mounted where needed.

There are also included Autograph Letters of Bryant and Parke Godwin, together with 10 magazine excerpts.

Head- and tail-piece have been applied throughout the volumes of the “Life."

114. The Odyssey and Iliad of Homer, 4 vols. Boston, 187380; The New Life (Dante), London, 1900; Book of Songs (Heine), New York, 1887; and others. Together 14 vols., various sizes and bindings.

115. — A. L. s., 1 p., 4to. Roslyn, Nov. 8, 1850. To Henry B. Hirst. Regrets that he cannot approach the democratic candidate for Governor, Horatio Seymour, as they belong to different wings of the Democratic Party. (Slightly damp-stained.)

116. BRYCE (JAMES). Studies in Contemporary Biography. N. Y. 1903; Life of Edward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury (Benson), London, 1901; Life of Voltaire (Tallentyre). N. Y. 1910; Letters of Lord Acton to Mary Gladstone. N. Y. 1904. Illustrations. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth.

117. BUCHANAN (JAMES). A. L. s., 1 p., 4to. Wheatland, April 27, 1853. To Henry B. Hirst. (Damp-stained.) Regarding a recommendation.

118. BURROUGHS (JOHN). Natural History of Selborne & Observations on Nature. By Gilbert White. Introduction by John

Burroughs. Illustrations by Clifton Johnson. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

New York, 1895
119. — Time and Change. Portrait. 12mo, cloth, gilt top,

Boston, 1912

120. BURNS (ROBERT). Works. To which is prefixed a Life of the Author, by James Currie. Extended to two volumes, 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

London, 1824 EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 131 portraits, plates, etc., which include 7 portraits of Burns, 18 other portraits, 99 views, fanciful plates and other illustrations, 5 facsimiles, besides magazine excerpts and clippings. 121. — Works, with a complete Life of the Poet. Engraved titles and illustrations. 2 vols., extended to four, royal 8vo, half green morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

Glasgow, 1853 EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of nearly 300 portraits and other pieces, comprising 32 portraits of Burns, 80 other portraits, 175 views, fanciful plates, etc., 4 facsimiles, 3 magazine excerpts, clippings, etc. 122. BURNS (ROBERT, the Younger). A. L. s., 1 p., 4to. Dumfries, Feb. 4, 1837. To Mr. Clements.

A LETTER OF CONSIDERABLE INTEREST FROM THE POET'S SON, CONCERNING HIS FATHER AND THE IDENTITY OF “CLARINDA” to whom his father as “Sylvander” addressed his famous series of love letters.

"You wished for some information about Burns' 'Clarinda' but the circumstance escaped my recollection until reminded of it to-day.

"Clarinda' was a Widow lady who resided in the same street with the Poet when he was in Edinburgh and there he became acquainted with her. In 1801-2 she sold the letters the Poet had written to her The lady's name is (for she is still living) Mrs. MacLehose. I remember seeing her twice in 1802. She seemed about 30 years of age, short in stature, inclined to be corpulent and red faced.123. BURTON (CAPT. RICHARD F.). The Proof Sheets of Vols. 1 and 2 of the Benares Edition of "The Arabian Nights." 8vo, sheets, enclosed in a cloth box (worn).

Replete with manuscript corrections by Burton, and on the first page, with the design in maze fashion, he has written This will do very well. R. F. B.On the last page of Vol. 1, he has written In every vo'ume the Arabic must come at the end." Pp. 49-80 of the second volume are wanting.


124. BURTON (WILLIAM E.). Cyclopedia of Wit and Humor of America, Ireland, Scotland and England. Illustrated with 24 portraits on steel besides many wood engravings. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half red morocco.

New York, n. d. 125. BYRON (LORD). Works. Engraved title and portrait. Extended to three volumes, royal 8vo, half maroon morocco, gilt tops, uncut.

London: Murray, 1842 SPLENDIDLY EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 22 portraits of Byron, 202 other portraits, and 213 views and illustrations, all wellselected and appropriate to the work. Laid in the first volume, is Henry Morford's poem, “The Rest of Don Juan,' inscribed to the shade of Byron.

126. Conversations of Lord Byron. By Thomas Medwin. Portrait and facsimile. 2 vols., 12mo, polished calf, by Tout (lacks title of vol. 2).

London, n. d. 127. A. L. s., 212 pages 4to, Albany, Oct. 5, 1814. To J. Perry (of the Morning Chronicle), relative to the denial of his marriage to Miss Milbank. A most important letter.

I need not add that I write this in confidence and privately to Mr. Perry rather than the Editor. Do not forget to tell me why and how you came to deny so positively a truth which has for the last fort. night been no secret, as I suspect michief (and consequently a woman) to be your authority.128. A. L. S. “Byron." 3 pages 8vo, October 31, 1815. Proposed to execute a deed, and speaks of Lady Noel's age being

(Lady Noel was Lady Byron's mother.) Very interesting letter.

To be serious, it appears to me that no lawyer or man of common sense could have started such an objection, unless for the purpose of impediment and vexation to the parties concerned

Etc. 129. — A. L. s. “Noel Byron." 1 page 8vo, April 2, 1822. To John Taaffe. On business matters.

130. A. L., 1 page 8vo. (April 1822.) To John Taaffe, Esq. Inlaid.

That Mr. Dunhum wil see justice done on both sides, I do not doubt, but even if he should not, I will have the business brought before parliament. I should like to know if unarmed men are to be cut down at City gates with impunity.


131. - Original Autograph Manuscript Poem. 1 page 12mo, consisting of 3 stanzas of 4 lines each. The first of these stanzas beginning: "Then lonely be this latest hour."

132. A. L. S., 1 p., 4to. Ravenna, Oct. 28, 1820. To R. B. Hoppner, relative to Scott's “The Abbot” and “The Monastery.”

Your lines are good and truetoo true to trust to the Barbarian post. The Queen appears to triumph

I have Scott's 'Abbot' which is not his besta sequel to the Monastery' which Murray has just sent me,etc.

133. CALIFORNIA. Printed Announcement of “A Public Ball” to be given in honor of THE ARRIVAL OF THE FIRST OVERLAND MALL FROM CALIFORNIA, Oct. 14, 1858. With a cut of a Stage-coach drawn by 4 horses. 12mo.

THIS INTERESTING MEMENTO contains a list of the Managers of the Ball. A contemporary endorsement on the back “Fort Smith, Arkansas” probably indicates the place of the Ball. 134. CAPTAIN GRONOW'S Recollections and Anecdotes of the Camp, the Court and the Clubs. London, 1864; Henry Crabbe Robinson's Diary, 2 vols., London, 1872; Sir Joshua Reynolds, his Life and Art (Gower), London, 1902; and others. Illustrations. 6 vols., 12mo and 8vo, cloth and half calf.

135. CAREW (THOMAS). Poems and Masque. Edited by Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth. Portrait. 8vo, crushed dark blue le

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