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111, THACHER (JOHN BOYD). The Continent of America, Its Discovery and Its Baptism. An Essay on the Nomenclature of the Old Continents. Numerous facsimiles of rare early maps, etc. 4to, cloth, uncut. New York, 1896


112. BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY. André's Journal: an Authentic Record of the Movements and Engagements of the British Army in America from June, 1777, to November, 1778, as recorded from day to day, by Major John André. Edited by Henry Cabot Lodge. With 2 portraits of André, one etched by Bicknell, proof on India paper, the other engraved on wood by Hopson, proof on Japanese paper, both signed; title in two states, on vellum and India paper, and 44 facsimile reproductions of original maps, and plans drawn by Major André. 2 vols. royal 8vo, vellum, gilt tops, uncut. Boston, 1903


113. BINDING. Q. Horatii flacci Odarum sive Carminum Libri Quatuor, Epodon Liber unus, cum annotatiunculis quæ antea auctioribus in margine adjectis, que brevis commentarii vice esse possint, N. Perotti libellus non infrugifer de metris Odarum Horatianarum. Ruled in red throughout, Colines's device on title, blank top corner of title repaired. Small 8vo, old French red morocco, triple gold fillet with fleur-de-lys at each angle on sides, lined with red morocco (doublé de Maroquin), and deep lace inside borders, lightened here and there with touches of pointillé work, back richly gilt in compartments, gilt and marbled edges, by Augustin du Seuil. Parisiis, apud S. Colinoum 1539

A beautiful book, bound in the Boyer style, but, judging from the admixture of pointillé work, by the hand of Du Seuil about 1710. The full lining or doublure is a feature of great rarity in books bound at that time, being only found on volumes which were esteemed to be of the highest value and worthy of the decorator's best effort.


114. BINDING. Fables of Esop and other eminent Mytholo gists with Morals and Reflections. By Sir Roger L'Estrange, Kt. The Second Edition Corrected and Amended. With portrait of Sir Roger, after Kneller by White. Illustrated by the very rare 31 large engravings by Thomas Dudley 'Discipulus W. Hollar' dated 1678, a large plate by W. Hollar, 107 of the rare engravings by Barlow and 75 of Hollar's large plates, done to illustrate the edition of 1652, mounted and inlaid, where necessary. Thick small folio, finely bound in green morocco, rich gold border on the sides enclosing a scroll border with animals, birds, insects and dolphins and an owl as centrepiece, back tooled in a similar manner, by Gosden. London: R. Sare and others, 1694

A choice example of Gosden's emblematic binding AS WELL AS A VERY DESIRABLE EXTRA ILLUSTRATED AESOP. The engravings by Thomas Dudley are particularly difficult to meet with.


The Tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, before the House of Peers, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Published by Order.

Folio, title and imprimatur leaf mounted, else fine copy, contem-
porary English red morocco, sides tooled in compartments in gold,
the outer bordered by a triple fillet, the next by a dentelle border
with corner fleurons and side ornaments, and the inner by a scroll
border edged on either side with dentelle work and similar acceso-
ries to the last, in the centre a flaming heart enclosing two clasped
hands, back richly tooled, gilt edges. A FINE EXAMPLE OF ENGLISH
London, J. Tonson, 1710


EST, comprised of "The Whole Proceeding to Judgment upon the Articles
of Impeachment of High Treason against James Earl of Derwentwater,
William Lord Widdrington, William Earl of Nithisdale, Robert Earl of
Carnwath, William Viscount Kenmure, and William Lord Nairn," Lon-
don, J. Tonson, 1716; "The Speech of James Earl of Derwentwater,"
on his execution, 24 Feb. 17 11/56; a True Copy of the Paper deliv-
ered to the Sheriffs of London, by Col. Henry Oxburgh," on his exe-
cution 14 May, 1716; and "a True Copy of the Paper, delivered to the
Sheriffs of London by Richard Gascoign, on his execution, 25 May,
1716. Also 6 of Queen Anne's Speeches to Parliament (one folded).
from 1709 to 1713.


116. BINDING. Chimie Mèdicinale, contenant la Manière de
préparer les remedes les plus usitées et la méthode de les employer
pour la guerison des Maladies. 2 vols. 12mo, old red morocco, with
the arms of d'Aguesseau on the sides, gilt edges.
Paris, 1750
Guigard remarks that the Chevalier d'Aguesseau formed one of the
most remarkable libraries of his time.


117. BINDING. Odes, Cantates, Epitres et poesies diverses de
J. B. Rousseau, imprimé par ordre du Roi pour l'education de
Monseigneur le Dauphin. Beautiful vignette of the arms of the
Dauphin on title-page. 4to, full contemporary red morocco, gilt
back, the sides tooled with exquisite interlaced borders of fleurs-
de-lys, dolphins, flowers, etc., gilt edges. Paris: Chez Didot, 1790

In a remarkable state of preservation, beautiful specimen of printing
and exceedingly rare, as volumes bound for the Dauphin are practically

118. Pennant (T.). Of London. Brilliant impressions of
the engraved title, portraits and views, 4to, beautifully bound in
contemporary straight-grained red morocco, sides tooled in gold
with a charming design composed of simple line, intersected line
and dotted line mixed with diamonds and ovals, flat back, gilt in
compartments with centre ornament in each, inside borders with
narrow key pattern, edges of boards also tooled, gilt edges, by
Roger Payne.
London: R. Faulder, 1790

A VERY CHOICE COPY OF THE FIRST EDITION of a very interesting work
on old London in a. remarkably fine contemporary binding by the cele-
brated Roger Payne and except for a slight scratch on the upper cover in
a wonderfully fresh state of preservation. From the library of Viscount
Lisburne with his armorial bookplate.


119. BINDING. Helvetius (C. A.) Euvres Complettes d'Hel-
vetius. Nouvelle Edition, corrigée et augmentée sur les Manuscrits
de l'Auteur, avec sa Vie et son Portrait. With portrait after
Vanloo. 5 vols. 8vo, beautifully bound in old French straight-
grained red morocco, the sides tooled with an ornamental border in
gold, back elaborately gilt in compartments, inside borders, gilt
edges, by Bozérian le Jeune.
A Paris: Chez Serviere, 1795

A very choice copy in a beautiful old French morocco binding, signed
on the back of Vol. 1, 'Rel. p. Bozerian Jeune,' in remarkably fine and
fresh s ate. Bozerian has the credit of having struck out into a new
decorative field, instead of repeating ad infinitum the old Boyer, Padeloup
and Derome designs.



120. BINDING. L'Office de la Semaine Sainte en Latin et en
Francais à l'usage de Rome et de Paris, imprimé par ordre de
Madame Adelaide de France. 8vo, tortoise shell binding with sil-
ver clasps, corners and center ornaments, doublures of red mo-
rocco, fleurs-de-lys in the four corners. In the center are the arms
in gold, of Madame Adelaide, blue silk fly leaves, gilt edges.

for Madame Adelaide, and the volume printed at her request.

121. BINDINGS. Catalogue de la Bibliothèque du Baron S. de
La Roche Lacarelle. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Paris, 1888

HOLLAND PAPER COPY of this famous catalogue, with an etched por-
trait of the owner and over 40 artistic reproductions of famous bindings,
such as Grolier, Derome, Boyet, Padeloup, Le Gascon, Du Seuil, etc., and
examples of Bindings from the Libraries of Marie Leczinska, Pompa-
dour, Count Hoym, Louis XIII, Henri II, etc., etc. With printed prices.

122. BIOGRAPHY, ETC. Honoré de Balzac (Brunetiere),
Phila. 1906; Reminiscences, Sermons, and Correspondence (Stet-
son), N. Y. 1914; Autobiography of Andrew Dickson White, 2
vols. N. Y. 1906; and others. Together 14 vols. 8vo and 12mo,

123. BLAIR (ROBERT). The Grave. A Poem. Small 4to,
yellow calf by Bedford (front cover loose at joint).

London: Printed for M. Cooper, 1743

THE VERY RARE FIRST EDITION. In an old MS. inserted, it is declared
that both Pinkerton and Anderson knew of no edition earlier than that
printed at Edinburgh in 1747;-nor do the relatives of the poet pos-
sess any earlier." Also Lord Buchan perfectly agrees that it would
be imprudent to trust Mr. Park's edition (of Blair's Grave, 1743) to
the tender mercy of a Mail Coach. Lord Buchan will do himself the
pleasure of waiting on Mr. Park" (for the purpose of examining so great
a rarity!).


124. BOOK (THE) OF COMMON PRAYER and Adminis
tration of the Sacraments: And other Rites and Ceremonies of the
Church of England. Title printed in red and black, with handsome
woodcut border and royal arms at top, text in bold black letter.

Numerous large ornamental initials. Small folio, in the original calf, with the large arms in gold of the famous Archbishop on the sides, joints of binding cleverly repaired, holes for tie-strings.

Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie: And by the Assignes of John Bill, 1638

A unique relic of the celebrated William Laud. His own Pray.r Book showing signs of his own diligent handling. Bound with it is a copy of the Whole Book of Psalmes. Collected into English Meeter by T. Sternhold, J. Hopkins and others, London, Printed by I. H., for the Company of Stationers, 1638, with woodcut border to title and musical notation. It is very rarely indeed that an item of such historical interest occurs for sale. As an association book it is a volume that cannot be surpassed. A fine large copy.


LOTS 125-150

125. AMERICAN CHURCH [AND DOMESTIC] SILVER of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, with a few pieces of Domestic Plate, exhibited at the [Boston] Museum of Fine Arts, 1911. [With Historical Introduction by Mr. Geo. M. Curtis and an extended list of Silversmiths at end.] 38 full-page plates illustrating many hundreds of specimens. 8vo, half cloth (faint traces of stamp-clean copy). Boston, 1911

This important catalogue illustrates and describes over a thousand beautiful specimens of early American made silver.

126. BIGELOW (FRANCIS H.). Historic Silver of the Colonies and Its Makers. Numerous facsimile illustrations of American-made silver from the earliest times. 8vo, cloth. New York, 1917

127. BUCK (J. H.). Old Plate, Ecclesiastical, Decorative and Domestic, Its Makers and Marks. Numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, New York, 1888

128. CALDICOTT (J. W.). The Values of Old English Silver and Sheffield Plate, from the 15th to 19th Centuries. Edited by J. Starkie Gardner. Numerous illustrations. 4to, art cloth, gilt. London, 1906

The only book published which affords a true basis for arriving at the actual value of specimens of antique silver. It illustrates thousands of specimens and is made up from auctioneers' catalogues for years back, giving not only expert letter-press descriptions of the pieces noted, but the prices realized at the sales as well. It also contains facsimile Hall Marks and useful hints to collectors, and the illustrations are arranged chronologically for purposes of study.

129. CATALOGUE of an Exhibition of [American Silver of the 17th to 19th Centuries, Early American Furniture, Ceramics, Paintings, etc.] held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N. Y. City. Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Numerous fine full-page illustrations. 2 vols. Imp. 8vo, half cloth and boards, uncut.

New York, 1909

130. CHAFFERS (WILLIAM). Gilda Aurifabrorum. A History of English Goldsmiths and Plateworkers, and their Marks

stamped on Plate copied in facsimile. 2,500 facsimiles of Makers' Marks. 8vo, cloth. London, 1883 This work contains interesting biographical data regarding English Goldsmiths the whereabouts of their shops, etc.-some of whom later came to America.

131. Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate (England, Ireland and Scotland) and A History of l'Orfevrerie Française. Frontispiece and numerous facsimile marks. 8vo, cloth. London, 1905 132. Handbook to Hall Marks on Gold and Silver Plate. 4th Edition, extended by C. A. Markham. Frontispiece and hundreds of facsimiles. 12mo, cloth. London, 1913

133. CRIPPS (W. J.). Old French Plate, Its Makers and Marks. Numerous facsimile marks. SECOND AND BEST EDITION. 8vo, cloth. Scarce. London, 1893

134. Old English Plate (Wrought Silver), Ecclesiastical, Decorative, and Domestic: Its Makers and Marks. 123 illustrations and over 2,600 facsimiles of plate marks. 6th Edition, enlarged. 8vo, half morocco. New York (London), 1899

135. CURTIS (GEO. M.). Early Silver of Connecticut and Its Makers. [With a biographical catalogue of the early Makers of Connecticut] and numerous fine half-tone illustrations chronologically arranged. Small 8vo, half cloth and boards, uncut.

Meriden, 1913

136. [DE LANCEY (EDWARD F.).] The Burghers of New Amsterdam and the Freemen of New York, 1675-1866. (Lists of SILVERSMITHS, BLACKSMITHS, CABINET MAKERS, PEWTERERS, GUNSMITHS, & other tradesmen from 1675.)] 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1886

N. Y. Hist. Society Collections for 1885. An important hand-book for students of American antiques.

137. FAIRHOLT (F. A.). An Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Antique Silver Plate (Objects Wrought in Solid Silver) formed by Albert, Lord Londsborough. Small 4to, cloth. London: Privately Printed, 1860

THE RARE PRIVATELY PRINTED CATALOGUE of Lord Londsborough's famous collection of extraordinarily rare and valuable pieces of 16th and 17th century wrought silver.

138. FRENCH (HOLLIS). A List of Early American Sil versmiths and their Marks. With a Silver Collector's Glossary. Numerous facsimiles. 8vo, original boards, and label, uncut.

New York: For the [Walpole] Society, 1917.

The most complete and valuable book on the Marks of American Silversmiths. Only a small number of copies were printed for members of the Society and it is now practically impossible to obtain, being entirely out of print.

139. HALSEY (R. T. H.). American Silver. The Work of 17th and 18th Century Silversmiths. Exhibited at the Museum of

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