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Pagina 162 - ... 1 oz., being little more than one-third of the other. The fruit on the blackened part of the wall was also much finer, the bunches were larger, and ripened better than on the other half; the wood of the vine was likewise stronger, and more covered with leaves on the blackened part.
Pagina 23 - Company," in Virginia, prior to 1620. By the year 1630, the prospects were sufficiently favorable •to warrant the importation of several French vignerons, who, it was alleged, ruined them by bad management.
Pagina 111 - ... with watery matter, but the latter will collect in the interior until it forces its way through the bark, and runs down in putrid streams, as happens to the Mulberry-tree when it is incessantly stripped for silk-worms, and as occurs to trees whose leaves are continually destroyed by a noxious atmosphere. Strip the ripening Grapes of their green garments, and no colour or sweetness will be collected in their berries.
Pagina 49 - ... the fluids contained in plants, is greater in proportion to the size of the cells. 5. The power of plants to resist extremes of temperature is in a direct proportion to the quantity of confined air which the structure of their organs give them the means of retaining in the more delicate; parts. 6. The power of plants to resist extremes of temperature is in direct proportion to the capability which the roots possess of absorbing sap less exposed' to the external influence of the atmosphere and...
Pagina xv - Meteorological Observations made in the State of New York from 1826 to 1850.
Pagina 193 - Great care is necessary in adjusting the scion, that its bark may touch that of the stock in every possible point. The whole is then bound round with a pliable osier, which retains the scion in its proper place. The best season for grafting the vine is just when the warmth of spring sets the sap in motion, and it should be performed when the sky is cloudy, with the wind blowing from the south-east or south-west. Whenever a northerly wind or great drought prevails, it is better to delay the operation...
Pagina 114 - ... there is of the former, the less will be the weight of the latter. But if the shoot is stopped after having formed two leaves, all that quantity of food which would have been consumed in the production. of other leaves is applied to the increase of size in the grapes, and the two leaves that are left; while on the other hand, the general crop of leaves on the vine will be amply sufficient to prepare those secretions which are to give flavor, color and sweetness to the grapes. This will, perhaps,...
Pagina 24 - Xeres; the third, a light claret; the, fourth, a white grape, creeps on the land, maketh a pure, gold-color wine. Tenis Pale, the Frenchman, of these four made eight sorts of excellent wine ; and of the Muscat, acute boyled, that the second draught will fox (intoxicate) a reasonable pate, four monelhs old; and here may be gathered and made two hundred tun in the vintage moneth, and replanted, will mend.
Pagina 149 - With this alternation of pruning, the system has been continued to the present time, and may continue as long as it shall be desirable to have the house in bearing. During the last four years, I have stopped the bearing branches at the bunch, instead of the next joint above it, which is the usual practice; for I found that the fruit did equally well and it divested the branch of an incumbrance, while it allowed a much larger portion of light to come into the house, together with a more free circulation...
Pagina 110 - Nature has given plants leaves, not merely to decorate them or to shade us, but as a part of a wondrous system of life quite as perfect as that of the animal kingdom. It would be of no use for a plant to suck food out of the earth by its roots, unless there was some place provided in which such...

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