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Pagina 184 - The devil was sick, the devil a monk would be ; The devil was well, the devil a monk was he.
Pagina 62 - I've read, that things inanimate have mov'd, And, as with living fouls, have been inform'd By magic numbers and perfuafive found.
Pagina 48 - Each neighb'ring youth afpir'd to gain her hand. And many a fuitor came from many a land. But all in vain each neighb'ring youth afpir'd, And diftant fuitors all in vain admir'd. Averfe to hear, yet fearful to offend, The lover fhe refus'd me made a friend : Her meek rejection wore fo mild a face, More like acceptance feem'd it, than difgrace.
Pagina 176 - Man j this is not the time for me to equivocate, nor to go out of the World with a Lie in my Mouth : I do therefore declare, and call the great Omnipotent God of Heaven to my...

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