The Old English Gentleman,: A Poem,

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Cadell and Davies, Strand; Johnson, St. Paul's Church-Yard; and Dilly, in the Poultry., 1797 - 146 pagine
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Pagina 76 - Whose beard descending swept his aged breast ; The ruin'd spendthrift, now no longer proud, Claim'd kindred there, and had his claims...
Pagina 132 - ... than one hundred a year is forbidden to kill a partridge on his own estate, yet nobody else (not even the lord of the manor, unless he hath a grant of free warren) can do it without committing a trespass, and subjecting himself to an action.
Pagina 116 - Or catch th' elusive apple with a bound. As with its taper it flew whizzing round." Luther, in his " Colloquia," i. 233, tells us that " upon the eve of Christmas Day the women run about and strike a swinish hour (pulsant horam suillam) : if a great hog grunts, it denotes the future husband to oe an old man, if a small one, a young man.
Pagina iv - By all that from thy prophet broke, In thy divine emotions spoke ; Hither again thy fury deal, Teach me but once like him to feel : His cypress wreath my meed decree, And I, O Fear, will dwell with thee!
Pagina 114 - Sir HUMPHREY hail'd his coetaneous oak. " Each year ("the Knight would cry) each year I fee " Thy ftem that argues a more vigorous tree ; " Whilft 1, my brother, am grown old and fhrunk, " Full foon to wither, a poor faplefs trunk!
Pagina 131 - ... a year, is forbidden to kill, a partridge upon his own eftate ; yet nobody elfe, (not even the lord of the manor, unlefs he hath a grant of...
Pagina 75 - Mucronura infignes, afflataque fulphure membra. Chara ftupet conjux, reducifque incerta mariti Veftigat faciem ; trepida formidine proles Stat procul, et patrios horrefcit nefcia vultus.
Pagina 131 - ... notions of permanent property in wild creatures ; and both productive of the fame tyranny to the commons : but with this difference ; that the foreft laws, eftablifhed only one mighty hunter throughout the land, the game laws have raifed a little Nimrod in every manor.
Pagina i - But it mould be confidered, that many trivialities (if I may fo exprefs myfelf), which, from our familiar acquaintance with them, feem too contemptible for notice, will wear a very different afpeft hereafter, whilft they no longer exift in common life. If this poem mould defcend to pofterity, they will then excite attention as curious...

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