Biographical Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, and Architects, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time: Interspersed with Original Anecdotes, Volume 2

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Greenland, 1838
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Pagina 638 - Engravings of Ancient Cathedrals, Hotels de Ville, and other public buildings of celebrity in France, Holland, Germany, and Italy, drawn on the spot, and engraved by himself: with illustrative descriptions by Charles Heathcote, Esq.
Pagina 506 - Experimental enquiry concerning the natural powers of wind and water to turn mills and other machines depending on a circular motion.
Pagina 618 - Wilson,' says Fuseli, discoursing on art in 1801, ' observed nature in all her appearances, and had a characteristic touch for all her forms. But, though in effects of dewy freshness and silent evening lights few have equalled and fewer excelled him, his grandeur is oftener allied to terror, bustle, and convulsion, than to calmness and tranquillity.
Pagina 674 - But although his powers of conception were so superior, — equal in their excellence to Michael Angelo's energy, or Raphael's grandeur, still, in the inferior departments of drawing and colouring, he was one of the greatest artists of his age...
Pagina 661 - O, you'll see, there'll be an earthquake . and a miraculous transportation will take place." Nor can Sharp's faith or sincerity on this point be in the least distrusted ; for he actually...
Pagina 434 - ... expression, was destitute of grandeur ; and though his genius was full of fire, yet he wanted elevation of thought, and had little or no notion of grace or elegance. It has been said, that if he had visited Rome, his taste would have been Colouring. — Boldness and roughness of manner. proportionably refined, and that the knowledge of the antique, added to his other eminent qualifications, might have produced a master equal to the most exalted character.
Pagina 666 - ... that there is hardly a county in England, Wales, or Scotland, in which they may not be pointed out. The Menai and Conway bridges, the Caledonian Canal, the St.
Pagina 661 - The millenium was at hand ! The Jews were to be gathered together, and were to reoccupy Jerusalem ; and Sharp and Brothers were to march thither with their squadrons ! Due preparations were accordingly made, and boundless expectations were entertained by our enthusiastic artist.
Pagina 673 - As an artist, he will stand in the first rank. His name will be classed with those of Michael Angelo and Raphael; but he possessed little in common with either. As the former has been compared to Homer, and the latter to Virgil, in Shakspeare we shall perhaps find the best likeness to the genius of Mr. West.
Pagina 672 - He shook him by the hand and dismissed him. 'And this,' says Galt, 'was the last interview he was permitted to have with his early and constant, and to him truly royal, patron. But he continued to execute the pictures, and, in the usual quarterly payments, received his £1000 per annum till his majesty's...

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