Mario Buccellati: Prince of Goldsmiths

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St Martins Press, 1999 - 194 pagine
For the first time, this volume illustrates the entire history of the exclusive, jeweled creations of Mario Buccellati. Since 1919, when he opened his first store near La Scala opera house in Milan, his jewelry has been highly sought for the luxury of its stones, its perfect craftsmanship, and most importantly the genius of its designer. Mario Buccellati reveals the shimmering stones and delicate settings that have made Buccellati one of the world's preeminent marques in jewelry. The book also pictures the other magnificent objects d'art that testify to the vision of their creator: silver receptacles and tableware, engraved boxes, and lifelike silver sculptures of animals. The text tells of Mario Buccellati's first commissions, his close friendships with prominent clients, his innovative methods, and the legacy of design he passed on to his heirs.

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