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If good books are important for the formation of the minds and tastes of a growing family, good

newspapers are important also.

A - THE TRIBUNE, while complete with respect to all the general news of the day, and the special o features which characterize a useful newspaper, has also this distinct feature. It has never lowered

- its tone and opened its columns to crime and coarseness, although it could at any time gain a large Equestrian Costumes

increase of circulation by doing so. THE TRIBUNE is pre-eminently the newspaper which CAN BE TAKEN FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN A SPECIALTY.

One reason why THE TRIBUNE enjoys its remarkable constituency of devoted friends and readers,
composed as it is of a set of persons the most intelligent, most generous, most truly typical of American
thrift, industry, education, good morals, and good-will of any that ever gathered about a newspaper on this
continent, is this: That the paper has steadily advocated every great moral and progressive movement for

INVENTOR AND PATENTEE the benefit of the people. Against Slavery it delivered the most telling blows of that day. It has been the strongest influence in establishing and maintaining a Protective Tariff, which has created the or Tii- good wages and great variety of agreeable and healthful occupations which now exist in this country for

our young men and women who must make their own living. It has now taken up the cause of Temperance. The Daily TRIBUNE, $8.50 per year; SEMI-WEEKLY, $2.00; WEEKLY, $1.00.

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Wholesale also of the


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will begin in the February Number, and run through the year, entitled “April Hopes,” a story of American social life, located in Boston. A humorous novelette, in three parts, by BLANCHE WILLIS How ARD, entitled “Tony, The Maid,” illustrated by C. S. REINHART, will appear after the conclusion of Mr. BLACKMoRE’s “Springhaven.” There will also appear during the year Short Stories by CoNSTANCE FENIMORE Woodson, SARAH ORNE JEWETT, KATE FIELD, BARNET PHILLIPs, H. H. Boy ESEN, GRANT ALLEN, GEORGE PARSONS LA. THROP, Trioxt As N. PAGE, R. M. Johnston, and other eminent writers; and many of these stories will be illustrated.

IMPORTANT ILLUSTRATED PAPERS similar to those published during the past year on the Produce Exchange of New York, the English and American Navies, Krupp's Gun-making Establishment, United States Naval Artillery, etc., will continue to be a special feature of the Magazine, Sir EDWARD REED's articles on “The Navies of the Continent” will appear in the January and February Numbers, and Dr. WHEAT LEY's articles on “The New York Police Department” in the March Number. W. D. How ELLs will contribute two descriptive papers, entitled “A Swiss Sojourn,” illustrated by C. S. REINHART; Archdeacon F. W. FARRAR, an illustrated article, entitled “America's Share in Westminster Abbey;” THEoboro CHILD, an illustrated article on “Pari

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lustrated by Joseph PENNELL; Dr. RICHARP.WHEATHEY, an illustrated article on “Home Rule in the Isle of Man;” Bishop John F. HURST, three papers on India; Dr.W. T. GREENE, a paper on “The Keeping of Birds,” illustrated by A. F. LYDON; ALICE WELLINGTON Roi, LINs, a paper on Yellowstone Park, entitled “The Three Tetons,” illustrated by FENN, GRAHAM, and WELDON ; JANE MEADE WELCH, an illustrated article on “The Neighborhood of the International Park” (Niagara); Captain CHARLEs KING, an article on “Cadet Life at West Point;” HowARD PYLE, two papers, entitled “Buccaneers and Marooners,” illustrated from the author's drawings; H. P. WELLs, illustrated papers on “Moose - Hunting” and “The Woodland Caribou.” CHARLEs H. FARNHAM's series of Canadian papers will be continued. “Great American Industries,” conducted by R. R. Bow KER, will be “A Sheet of Paper” and “A Printed Book.” Among the subjects for illustrated papers on American cities will be Chattanooga, Savannah, Kansas City, Denver, and Santa Barbara.

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illustrations of Wordsworth's Sonnets. Articles on “The Comedie Française,” “Recent French Sculptors,” and “Limoges,” will be contributed by THEODORE CHILD, and a paper on “Spanish Art,” by EDWARD B. PRESCOTT. A paper of especial interest will be contributed by W. M. LAFFIN, on “Our Artists Resident Abroad "(Abbey, Boughton, Parsons, Reinhart, and others), with portraits by L. Alma-Tadema, P. A. J. Dagnan, John S. Sargent, Charles Gregory, and other eminent artists. HENRY JAMES, Jun., will contribute an illustrated paper on John S. Sargent. An illustrated paper, entitled “A Study of Old Satsuma,” will be contributed by Edward S.


We are living in an industrial era which, in the complexity and vastness of its organization, is the result of the railway and the telegraph; and we appear to have reached a point when it must be determined whether the difficult and now pressing social problems incident to such an era shall be solved by the intelligence of the country, impelled by justice, or by its ignorance, impelled by violence. Popular discussion of these problems becomes therefore imperative; and it is natural that it should first of all settle upon the railway system — at once the organ of an immense public service and the initial type of modern corporate enterprise. Dr. RICHARD T. ELY's articles upon this subject have awakened general discussion, and the inquiry already entered upon will be continued in other articles from competent writers during the coming year, covering every phase of the subject which is of public interest. Dr. ELY's further “Social Studies” will be resumed in due time.


A series of articles on Mexico will be contributed by CHARLEs DUDLEY WARNER, and important Health Papers by Dr. ANDREw WILSON and Dr. T. M. CoAN. Articles by E. P. Ross, completing the “Home Acre” series, and treating of Floriculture, will appear in early Numbers.


of the MAGAZINE, will continue to meet the highest requirements of contemporary culture, GEORGE WILLIAM CURTIs contributing the Easy Chair, W. D. How ELLs the Study, and CHARLEs DUDLEY WARNER conducting the Drawer.




is RPER's FRANKLIN SQūARE LIBRARY (One Number a week for 52 weeks)
HARPER'S HANDY SERIES (One Number a week for 52 weeks) . . . . . .

Postage prepaid to all subscribers in the United States or


. . . . . . Per Year $4 00 - ------ -- 4. 4 ()() - - - - - .. 4 ()()

- ** 2 00

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Subscriptions to any of the Periodicals will begin with the Number current at the time of receipt of order, eacept in cases where the Subscribers

otherwise direct.


Remittances should be made by Post office Money order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss.
HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, N. Y.

The Colored as well as the Black Inks used on this Number are Manufactured by


J. H. BONNELL & CO., Tribune Building, New York.

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earned a reputation for cleanliness and

*:: o No. or avor Yao-e-Go - to-- thrift, remember with thankfulness the day when they first read an advertisement of SAPolio, and were led to test its merits in every department of their housework.

At the same time, amid all this thankfulness, it is but proper to pause for a moment and consider the deplorable state of those heathem people who have merer used Sapolio, and who are therefore deprived, in no small degree, of the full sense of comfort and contentment.

In order that all women may be given an opportunity to be. come acquainted with this valuable article, we, the manufacturers, do hereby announce that it is kept for sale in almost every grocery store in the United States. But the public should beware of many imitations which are being offered in its stead, and insist upon having the genuine article, which gives every home a brighter and happier appearance. Enoch MoRGAN's sons Co.

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Send this advertisement and $4.00 (subscription WATER C o Lo Ir PAINTING :price for 1888) DIRECT TO THE PUBLISHER, he “Gladioli,” “Golden Rod,” “Red Roses,” fore January 1st, and you will receive --

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Richly illustrated, and crowded with interesting and valuable articles, with abundant hints concerning Home Decoration and Furniture.

“Stormy Coast Scene,” “Quiet Coast Scene,” “Moonlight Landscape,” “Winter Landscape,” “Laughing Man,” “Little Rosebud.”

will make very handsome wall decorations.

FLOWER STUDIES BY VICTOR DANGON. - Peonies, Poppies, Sweet Peas, Hollyhocks, Fuchsias, Dahlias, Orchids, Night-blooming Cereus, Guelder Rose, Bleeding Heart, Hydrangea, American Laurel.

CHINA PAINTING-Twelve articles on * Difficulties of China Painters.” Twelve Designs by I. B. S. N. : Plates (Tea Roses, La France Roses,

and Plate (Apple Blossoms), Lamp Vase (Pine Branch and Cones), Cracker Tray and Cheese Dish (ivy), Punch-bowl (Grape Leaves), Tête-à-tête Set–Tray, Cups and Saucers, Tea Pot, Cream Jug, and Sugar Bowl. Twelve Designs by Kappa: Vases (Orange Lily, Virginia Creeper, Japanese Anemone, Yellow Daisy), Panels (Cardinal Flower, Fringed Gentian, Milkweed), Lamp (Small Sunflower), Cake Plate (Dwarf Cornel), Troy (Japan Lily), Rose Jar (Jasmine), Cracker Jar (Red Lily).

M. Wheeler on “Embroidery, in America.” Twelve practical articles by Miss L. Higgin. Numerous beautiful and original South Kensington designs. Twelve original ecclesiastical designs by Sarah Wynfleld Rhodes; Chalice Weil and Pall, Burse, Altar Cloth, Pulpit Hanging, Fald Stool Hanging, Fald Stool Cushion (the last four for Lent), Banner, Alms Bag, Stole, Pede Cloth, Sermon Case, Markers. WOOD CAIRWING AND FURNITURE. – Twelve practical articles, with illustrations and designs, by Benn Pitman; admirable woodcarving designs by Prof. L. W. Miller, of the Pennsylvania Museum School of Fine Arts, and numerous quaint designs from Old Furniture. BRASS HAMMERING.-Numerous orig. inal designs, including 16-inch portrait plaques of George and Martha Washington, and several decorative Female Heads and Full Figures for Panels, by Ellen Welby (also valuable for China Painters). Besides the above The Art Amateur for 1888 will contain series of articles on “Still Life Painting,” “Portrait Posing,” “Sketching from Nature,” and “Etching:” also, Talks With Artists and Decorators, Illustrated Descriptions of Interiors, - - - articles on Oil and Water Color Painting and this (Bazar) paragraph and One Dollar (regular price, fine art work of all kinds, Art Notes and Hints, 31.75). Address as above. Picture Criticisms, Answers to Correspondents, etc. If you do not wish to accept this offer, please show it to some one else interested in ort.

NOW is the time to send, together with this advertisement, Four Dollars for 1888, and receive also

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Including three particularly fine colored plates, namely: a magnificent study of “GRAPES.” by A. J. H. Way; a charming “LANDSCAPE,” with windmill and figures, by W. H. Hilliard, and a richly colored study of “PANSIES,” by M. Lamb. | } 1888) sent during January will entitle you * * * to the NOVEMBER and DECEMBER num. bers FREE: sent during February they will entitle you to the DECEMBER number FREE. Address MONTAGUE MARKS, 23 Union Sq., N.Y.

This advertisement (and Four Dollars for

p.s.-Five different Specimen Numbers with Fire

“Ferns,” “Cherries,” “Birds of Paradise,”

These Plates will all be of high artistic merit, and

Maréchal Niel Roses, Lamarck Roses), Honey inism

NEED LEWORK.—Talks with Mrs. T.


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in its various applications as a motive power, EXPLOSIVES, etc., will be the subjects of a group of illustrated articles of great practical and popular interest, by leading authorities upon these topics.

of special importance will be those on the Campaign of Waterloo, by JOHN C. ROPES ; on “The Man at Arms,” by E. H. BLASHFIELD ; two papers by EDWARD L. WILSON, illustrating results of recent

Egyptian research; a further article by WILLIAM F. APTHORP, on a subject connected with his recent contribution on Wagner; Dr. SARGENT'S papers on physical development will be continued, also Prof. SHALER'S articles on the surface of the earth, both being admirably illustrated.


will be, as during the past year, an especially noticeable and individual feature. They will include papers by AUGUSTINE BIRRELL, author of “Obiter Dicta;" some further articles by W. C. BROWNELL; articles by Prof. WILLIAM JAMES,


and many others.

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in early numbers by THOMAS BAILEY ALDRICH, ANDREW LANG, CHARLES EDWIN MARKHAM, and others, give a good augury for the next year's verse: and in several cases well-known artists—notably ELIHU VEDDER, WILLIAM HOLE, and WILL H.

Low-have accompanied poems by striking and imaginative drawings.

|ON S The Magazine will show increased excellence in its illustrations. They will |LLUSTRAT ... be more abundant and elaborate than ever. It is the intention of the publishers to represent the best work of the leading artists, and to promote and foster the most skilful methods of wood-engraving. The Magazine, on its artistic side, will exhibit what is finest, most sincere, and original.

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1887 - - - - - - - - - - - - e - $4.50

A year's subscription and the numbers for

SUBSCRIBE NOW, BECINNINC WITH CHRISTMAS NUMBER. i. bound in two volumes, cloth, gilt
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Are the Best,


Holiday Presents.


680 Broadway, N. Y.

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(Full Suits and Overcoats.)

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“How to Amuse Yourself and Others.” By LINA &
Apoll A. B. BEAlt1). With over 500 illustrations by the au-
thors. Svo. $3 00.
MARION HARLAND says of the book: “I consider, it
one of the most entertaining and yet most practical works
of the kind I have ever seen. It gives me honest pleasure
to commend it to “our girls’ all over the country.”
LOUISA. M. ALCOTT writes: “I have put it down on
my list of good and useful books for young people, as I
have many requests for advice from my little friends and
their anxious mothers. I am most happy to commend
your very ingenious and entertaining book.”
*...* “The American Boy's Handy Book,” invaluable for
boys. $2.00; the two books $5.00.
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Which can be applied to any Two-
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The Colored as well as the Black Inks used on this Number are Manufactured by
J. H. BONNELL & CO. (Limited), Tribune Building, New York.

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