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By Thomas B. M. A., Chief of the Law Division of State Education Department WEAKLY one-half oj this book has just been rewritten, so that the book has been revised to date. The appendix contained in the old edition and all dead matter have been eliminated. The book now contains all live law and such law is incorporated in its proper place in the book.

S* It is written especially to meet the wants of school officers and teachers and treats clearly and comprehensively the questions which they must meet daily in their work.

It is used as a text-book in nearly all of the state normal schools and in a large number of the training classes.

It contains over 400 pages, is printed on good paper in clear type, is well bound, and has a complete topical index.

Trustees have authority under the law to purchase this book and pay for it from tbe funds of the district. It then becomes the property of the district. Many boards of trustees purchase a sufficient number of copies to put one in the hands of each member of the board, the clerk and the principal.

Price, $1.00 Postage Prepaid

A copy will be sent by the publishers on receipt of cluck, draft, post-office money order, or in a registered letter.

New York Education Company



Selected by John R. Howard, Managing Editor of the Library of "The World's Best Poetry. 18 mo. 320 pages. Bound in red cloth covers, red tops. Price 35 cents postpaid. No better bargain on the market for the money.

Other books of same style of binding and same price are:

The Hundred Best English Poems

Selected by Adam L. Gowans, M. A.

Songs From the Dramatists

Edited by Robert Bell with an introduction by Brander Matthews.

The Golden Treasury

Selected from the best songs and Lyrical poems in the English language, and arranged with note* by Francis T. Pal grave, late professor of poetry in the University of Oxford. Revised and enlarged. Index to writers, subjects and first lines.

Dictionary of Prose Quotations

Compiled by George W. Powers. Completely indexed. 364 pages.

Dictionary of Poetical Quotations

Compiled by George W. Powers. A ready reference to a 138 selections from the chief poets of the English Language.

The Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson

with an introduction by William P. Trent.


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FELIX C. P. DAUS DUPLICATOR CO., Daus Bldg., Ill John St.. N.Y.

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