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NEw SERIEs.—VolunTE I.

BY HEzeki.AH. Howe, NEw-HAven; AND J. P. IIAvex, NEw-York.



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HEN an attempt was made, eight years since, to establish a religious work which should so far unite the feelings of the Christian community as to secure its permanency, it was regarded by many as but the repetition of an experiment which had uniformly failed. The Christian Spectator has however held on its way. It has gradually widened its circulation and increased its influence, till it has obtained such a hold on the public estimation as promises, with the divine blessing, to perpetuate its usefulneSS. At the close of the eighth volume it has been deemed expedient to commence a new series. An opportunity is thus furnished for some modifications of the plan of the work, which seemed desirable, as well as some improvement in its mechanical executlOn. It was thought necessary, at the commencement of the Christian Spectator, that the principles on which it was to be conducted should be stated with great distinctness. In the original prospectus its friends pledged themselves that it should be the advocate of that system of doctrines which has generally prevailed in the Congregational and Presbyterian churches; and that, while in consistency with the true spirit of Protestantism, a proper latitude of discussion should be allowed, the work should not be suffered to inculcate essential error. To these principles they will still adhere. That the Christian Spectator may long continue to be identified with the progress of truth and righteousness in our land, and its establishment long be remembered with gratitude in the churches, is the earnest prayer of its conductors.

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