A History of New York: From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. : Containing Among Many Surprising and Curious Matters, the Unutterable Ponderings of Walter the Doubter, the Disastrous Projects of William the Testy, and the Chivalric Achievements of Peter the Headstrong, the Three Dutch Governors of New Amsterdam; Being the Only Authentic History of the Time that Ever Hath Been, Or Ever Will be Published, Volume 2

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Inskeep & Bradford, New York; Bradford & Inskeep, Philadelphia; Wm. M'Ilhenney, Boston; Coale & Thomas, Baltimore; and Morford, Willington, & Company Charleston., 1809
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Pagina 188 - You know it was said he carried the sword in one hand, and the olive branch in the other; and it seems he chose to give them a taste of the sword first.
Pagina 60 - Some five or six inches long. so .Had you but seen him in this dress, How fierce he look'd and how big, You would have thought him for to be Some Egyptian porcupig. He frighted all, cats, dogs, and all, 35 Each cow, each horse, and each hog : For fear they did flee, for they took him to be Some strange outlandish hedge-hog.
Pagina 225 - Scarce had he buffeted half-way over, when he was observed to struggle violently, as if battling with the spirit of the waters— instinctively he put his trumpet to his mouth, and giving a vehement blast— sank forever to the bottom!

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