Higher, Further, Faster: Is Technology Improving Sport?

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John Wiley & Sons, 6 ago 2008 - 384 pagine
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Sport is undergoing a global technological revolution. Year onyear, records are smashed, equipment gets more sophisticated,facilities improve almost beyond recognition. These changes areimpacting on all areas of sport, from shoes to cycles and stadia.Is this making sport more exciting for participants and spectators?Or are talent and determination becoming secondary to money andtechnology, devaluing honest competition?

In Higher, Further, Faster…, Stewart Ross looks at thesequestions and much more. Starting with a description oftechnology's impact on elements common to various sports, such asbats, balls, pitches and special clothing, he then examines thecontroversies that arise almost daily, from golf club technology tothe use of Hawk-eye in tennis. He also looks ahead to thetechno-future of major sports such as football, tennis, golf,cricket, cycling and motor sport, and asks where they aregoing:

  • Are referees and umpires becoming redundant?
  • If drugs will always win, do we really have a choice aboutusing them?
  • Will we ever see a Super-Human Olympics?
  • Is modern professional sport more about technology thantalent?
  • Can athletes from the developing world ever hope to compete inmodern sport?

This book is a must-read for all participants and fans who wantto understand the technological upheaval that is shaking modernsport to its very foundations. One thing's for sure: whether youfind it stimulating or just plain scary, the future will be very,very different…

About the author
Stewart Ross is a full-time writer with some 200 published titlesto his credit. He is also an occasional journalist and broadcaster,a frequent lecturer, notably on the QE2 and at ICES (La Roche surYon, France, where he lectures to science students), and a muchsought-after presenter of workshops to schools and adultgroups.



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Stewart Ross is a sports enthusiast and prize-winning writer with some 200 published titles to his credit. He's also an occasional journalist and broadcaster, a frequent lecturer, notably on cruise liners and at ICES (La Roche sur Yon, France), and a much sought-after presenter of workshops to schools and adult groups.

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