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This Book




The publication of this volume has been urged upon me by ministers and laymen of different denominations, for a number of years past, as a duty I owe to the cause of Christ. Among the requests for such a work, one came to me, some ten years ago, signed by nearly two hundred persons.

But, while I have believed that such a work might be useful, it has, until recently, seemed unadvisable for me to undertake it, as there appeared to be no way of doing so without turning aside from my loved and appointed work as an evangelist, which I was unwilling to do so long as strength was given me to preach to perishing


A few months since, however, the way seemed opened : My sons, having finished their college course, were in a situation, before entering upon their chosen avocations, to assist me in preparing the work. Accordingly, when they had rested for a season from the fatigue of study, and myself from the exhaustion and weariness of my

Pacific tour, the book was commenced, and has been carried forward as rapidly as possible under the circumstances. I have only been able to work on it at intervals, as I have found here and there a spare hour, until my return home in June, for a season of rest from constant preaching

In all the variety of matter and subjects which have been presented, the principal aim has been to answer the question that Christians are everywhere asking, — "How are we to labor the most successfully to promote revivals of religion ?”

I have endeavored clearly to present my own experience and observation in revivals; and in these I think will be found the means which God has appointed and signally blessed in the quickening of his people and the conversion of souls - means which I have always, I believe without a single exception, seen blessed to the renewing of God's work.

I have given no system of rules, or set of measures, to be used in revivals, as I know of none.

Perhaps my views can most clearly and fully be learned from Chapter I., and the sermons on “Faith,” and “Joy Restored."

The chapters of “ Revival Gleanings” give some idea of the character and results of meetings in which these means have been employed, although they come far short of the reality.

Had the accounts of these meetings been fuller, they, perhaps, would have been more satisfactory; still I trust they will not be entirely wanting in interest, and above all in power to do good. The selection and arrange

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