The history of the bucaniers of America containing, i. The exploits and adventures of Le Grand [&c., by A.O. Exquemelin, and works by 3 other authors].

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Pagina 31 - man; and I will warrant you a hot day for this' piece of cruelty, whenever we come to fight at ' Arica'; which fell out accordingly, as you
Pagina 53 - and were immediately carried prifoners of war to Panama. Here they were forced to conclude a peace, though upon terms very difadvantageous to them, before they could obtain their liberty.
Pagina 53 - our departure from thence. The manner was as follows. A certain Frenchman, who ran from us, at the ifland of Taboga, to the Spaniards, was fent by them in a
Pagina 36 - followed us as we retired, and fired at us all the way, though they would not come within the reach of our guns, for theirs reached farther than ours, and
Pagina 119 - one of the Free-booters gang, to go a voyage with them, and to borrow, for the payment of my debts, as much money as I could from the Spaniards. Now
Pagina 269 - of the grief and tears of this pretty woman, to prefer the continuance of my troubles (with a ray of hope I had of
Pagina 63 - a pair of boots and tops, being very merry all the while •with the wine and brandy we had taken in the prize.

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