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and In issuing the translation of a work which was, directare on its appearance, acknowledged as the standard work opf the history of Roman Literature and recommended as such at almost all German Universities – in consequence of which the first edition of the German work was exhausted almost two or three months after its completion the translator begs to draw attention to the fact that the first part of the English edition down to p. 338 of the first volume, had already been printed off, when he received the news of the appearance of a second edition of the German original. On applying to Professor Teuffel, the translator was informed that for various reasons it had been impossible to the author to acquaint him with this fact before, so that perhaps the new edition might have been consulted before printing the translation. This is, indeed, an inconvenience, but the table given in our 'Addenda' containing a comparative list of the numbers of the second edition and the most important additions made in it, is calculated to remedy this defect as far as it appears possible at present. From giving more and from, in fact, noting down every discrepancy in detail the translator has been prevented by numerous engagements and the duties of his position, not to speak of the anxieties of the winter now passing away, in which his family and himself had to struggle through much malady and ill-health.


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