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INVITATIONS, NOTES, &c., &c. Mr. & Mrs. Jay's Comp'ts to Gen'l Webb & requests the favour of his company to dinner to-morrow 3 o'clock

Queen St., 1 Aug.

General Washington Presents his Compliments to Ten Officers of Col. Webb's Reg't and requests the favor of their Company at Dinner to-morrow at 3 o'clock.

Monday 28th.

Mrs. Washington presents compliments to the Managers of the Dancing Assembly, and requests the favor of a ticket for this evening, for Lieutenant Apthorp of his Britannic Maj's Sloop Assistance. The bearer bas directions to pay for it.

No. 82 Broadway,
Cor. King St.,
Friday, 2 Jan’y, 1784.

To General WEBB.

Col. Hamilton presents his compliments to Gen’l Webb, requests the favor of his Company to dinner on Saturday next at four o'clock.

Friday morn.

General Chastellux's compliments to Colonel Webb, requests the honor of his Company at Dinner for Saturday next. 2d August, 1781.

Colonel WEBB.

Gen'l Sullivan to Col. Sam'l B. Webb.

THURSDAY 3 o'clock. DR. COLONEL :- I am exceeding unhappy that I can't have the pleasure of seeing you, but anxious as I am to see you I could not wish you to venture the tie which might deprive our Army of a good officer and myself of a valuable friend. I have given my opinions upon the affair of clothing for your Regiment I most sincerely wish you that success in recruiting and good fortune in campaigning which your most sanguine expectations can suggest.

Dr. Sir, with much esteem.

I am,

Your most obed't Serv't,


Colo. Sam'l B. WEBB,

Sir John Temple presents his compliments to General Webb and requests the favour of his company at Dinner on Thursday next, at 4 o'clock.

Queen Street,

Friday, 26 Oct., 1787.

To Gen'l WEBB :

Mrs. Washington presents compliments to the managers of the Dancing Assembly and requests the favor of a Ticket for this Evening for Lieut. Apthorp of His Britannic Maj’s Ship Assistance.

The Bearer has directions to pay for it.
No. 82 Broadway,
Corner of King Street.

Friday, 20 Jan'y, 1784.

The Citizens of New York present their Compliments to General Webb, and request the favor of his Company to dine to-morrow at Capes' Tavern at 4 o'clock.

Monday, 13 Sept., 1784.

Mr. J. Morris presents Compliments to Gen'l Webb and requests the favor of him to send pr. the Bearer an assembly card for Monsieur Muhlberger, a stranger.


Mr. Temple's compliments to General Webb, requests the favour of his company on Tuesday next to pass the evening.

Friday, 4 o'clock P. M.

General Washington presents his Compliments to Col. Webb, & begs the Favor that he with Eight or Ten Officers of his Regt, will Dine with him To-morrow 3 o'clock.

Tuesday 22d.

HEADQUARTERS, 12th May. D'R SAM'L :- The General* requests the favor of your company at dinner on Saturday next, & that you will bring the field officers of your Reg’t & six others with you.

I am,

Col. WEBB.

Your friend,


A. D. C.

Governor Livingston presents his Compliments to Col. Webb & Lieut. Col. Huntington, and is much obliged to them for their kind Invitation to dine with them to-morrow, which he should have been happy to accept of, but is under an Engagement to go in the morning to Persippeny, from whence he has little Prospect of returning in season to do himself the pleasure of dining at Mount Pleasant, but should that be the case, he will wait on Col. Webb and Col. Huntington, precisely at the hour. Monday Morning


Lord Sterling presents his Compliments to Colonel Webb, requests the pleasure of his Company at Dinner on Thursday next at 3 o'clock.

Tuesday, 20th August, 1782.

Fisher Ames' Letter.

DEAR SIR :--I hope you have not forgotten that you prepared to gratify me with your & Mr. Barrell's company at dinner to-day. I remind you of it, because, tho’ I sought it earnestly, I had little of Mr. Barrell's company before he left the city. If you cannot comply, please to inform me.

Your very humble Serv't,

FISHER AMES. Thursday Morning.

G. G. Beekman, Jun'r, Letter.

PEEKSKILL, 29th Dec'r, 1787. Mr. Gerard G. Beekman, Jr., presents his Compliments to General Webb. Is very sorry to hear that he has been so very unwell, so that it has deprived him of the General's Company, whom he & Mrs. Beekman are always glad to see, She says she will be at Wethersfield this winter if there is snow. Papa who is here is sorry you have been unwell as well as himself. Gilbert is recovering fast. Nancy is as healthy as ever. Sunday afternoon,

Half-past 4 o'clock.

Mrs. Washington presents her compliments to Col. Webb, and thanks him for his polite invitation, but she will not have it in her power to wait upon him.


Gen'l Washington to Col. Webb (1781). Gen. Washington presents his Compliments to Col. Webb, and begs his acceptance of a salmon-herewith.

Tuesday Mor'g.

General Washington presents his Compliments to Col. Webb, and requests the fav’r of his Company at dinner to-morrow.

Middlebrook, 9th March, '74.

Mr. Watts presents his compliments to Gen'l Webb, and desires the favor of his company to pass the evening of Friday next.

Wednesday, 31st December.

Col. & Mrs. Biddle present their compliments to Col. Webb, & request the favor of his company to dinner on Tuesday.

Sunday Evening,

WAR OFFICE, June 19th, 1786. SIR :-Your attendance is requested at the coffee house on Wednesday evening, the 21st inst. at 6 o'clock, to meet the Baron de Steuben and Mr. Brooks, who, with yourself, are a committee to settle and arrange certain ceremonials to be observed in the delivery of the diplomas of this State Society. By order of the President,


N. York Cincinnati. Brigadier General WEBB.

Lord Sterling's Compliments to Colonel Webb, begs the favour of his Company to a family dinner & to meet Mr. Webb, &c., &c.

Thursday noon.

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