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Baron Steuben's Compliments to Gen’l Webb, requests the pleasure to see at Mrs. Danberry's at 12 o'clock this Day. But if it be not convenient for him to meet the Baron that hour, he is requested to favour the Baron with his company at his place tomorrow morning.

Monday, 10 o'clock A. M.

Presents his Compliments


GENERAL WEBB, and requests the favor of his Company at Dinner on Wednesday next at Four o'clock.

Please to ANSWER if Engaged.

16th April, 1788.

Major General Lord Sterling, presents his most respectfull Compliments to Colonel Webb, and begs the favour of his Company at Dinner this day.

Friday morning, 9 o'clock (July, 1781).

Major General Mannsell presents his compliments, requests the favour of Gen'l Webb, to take a family dinner with him, at three o'clock to-morrow, where he will meet his Claverack female acquaintances.

Tuesday, Sep. 15, '89.

Lord Sterling presents his Compliments to Colonel Webb, & asks the honor of his company at dinner on Tuesday next 3 o'clock. Sunday afternoon,

24 April, 1782.

The Consul of Sweden requests the Honor of the Hon'ble General Webb to attend the funeral of Mrs. Hans Spurgren at 4 o'clock this afternoon precisely-Broadway, No. 63.

The 28 Nov'r, 1785.

Le Cte de Moustier prie Monsieur le General Webb, de lui faire l'honneur de venir chez lui Mardi-le 16 Juin.

Le Diner sera servi a quatre heures.
A. H. Y. 9.
R. S. V. P.


It was the habit of my father at the beginning of the year, to place between the pages of an almanac blank sheets of paper; upon which, from time to time, he noted daily occurrences and events. Thus, in the almanac for 1802, my own birth is recorded; and also the fact that on that day, the 8th February, he placed under a speckled hen eleven eggs.

I copy the following extracts from the almanacs of 1787, '88 and '89, as furnishing an idea of the mode of travel in those days, in the oldest and most civilized portion of the country:


New York, Sunday, 9th September, 1787. Embarked on board Capt. Clark at half-past 1 o'clock P. M. for N. Haven in company with Alexander McComb, Daniel McCormic & Mr. Jos. Searight. We had a number of other passengers male & female: the day was passed cheerfully, a fine heading breeze from the S. W. brought us to the harbour of New Haven in 9 hours—we landed and lodged at Brown's tavern,

Monday, 10th Sept. 1787. We passed the day viewing the City, the College, the Library, &c., &c.

Tuesday 11th, this morning Col. Platt, Mrs. Lawrence & Miss Bostwick, arrived from N. York, they left it on Saturday the 8th Instant.

New Haven, Wednesday, 12th Septr., 1787. Commencement Day. At 1 o'clock we joined the Society of the Cincinnati, & fell in by Invitation of President Stiles, with the procession- went to the Church : attended the Ceremonies. I again returned at two o'clock to the College Yard. Dined with a number of gentlemen at Sam’l Broome's, the evening both at the City Ball & at that given by the Collegians at the State House, all agreeably genteel.

Thursday, 13th Inst., 1 o'clock, W. McComb, W. McCormack P. W. Searight and myself, took a coach & arrived at my Brother's in Wethersfield at half-past 1 o'clock, being 34 miles, where we dined, pass’d the remainder of the day & lodged.

Friday 14th, rode to Hartford, dined wh Jerre Wadsworth, returned and passed the eren’g at my Brother's. W. Largely added to our Company.

Saturday 15th, the gentlemen before mentioned, left us at 6 o'clock on their way to New York, spent the day at my Brother's, Iris Moore & Lady with us.

Sunday, 11th Septr., after Church my Brother Joe & myself rode to Hartford, drank tea at Jerre Wadsworth in comp'y w'h Mr. Mrs. & Miss Pintard, Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis, Jos. Livingston, Col. Platt, Mr. Joy & Chevalier, Jno. Paul Jones.

Monday, 17th Septr, 1787, this day Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis, Mr., Mrs. & Miss Pintard, Miss Wadsworth, Miss Bostwick, Col. Platt, Paul Jones and Jos. Livingston (10) dined with me at my Brother's.

Tuesday, 18th inst., Evening went to Hartford and lodged.

Wednesday 19th, intended this mon’g to have set off in the Stage for Boston. Its being full prevented; spent the day at Hartford & at evening returned to Wethersfield.

Thursday 20th, again returned to Hartford, & on Friday 21st, at 4 o'clock A. M., my B'r Joe & self set off in the Stage for Boston, rode to Hitchcock slat Suffield to Breakfast, 18 m. to Palmer & dined ; 21 m. to Masons of Spencer 28 m. & lodged.

Arrived in Boston, Saturday evening, 22d of September, 1787, & continued there, at my Brother-in-law, Joesph Barrell's until Wed’day, the 3d day of October, when Major Webb, Major Haskell and myself, took passage in the Stage, and that night lodged at Mason's in Spencer, 60 miles from Boston ; started about five o'clock, on Thursday, the 4th October, and got to my Brother's, 72 miles, the same evening. Continued until Monday, the 8th of October, when Major Haskell, Miss P. Duyokinck and myself, set off in the Stage. Dined at New Haren, spent the afternoon at W. Sam'l Broome's, & at 8 o'clock in the evening embarked on board Capt. Clark's.

Tuesday, 9th October, a head wind; got this night within about 20 miles of Hell Gate.

Wednesday, 10th of October, 1787, arrived in New York about one o'clock. This day New York, Thursday, Dec'r 18th, 1787, sailed at XI this morning for New Port on Board Capt. Browne in the Hancock Packet, Mrs. Parsons, myself and Servant the only passengers; at 6 o'clock in the Even'g came to anchor under Norwalk Island.

Friday, Dec'r 19th, weighed anchor at 10 o'clock, and stood for the passage between the Islands & the main, wind heading & snowing hard, came to again, having gone about 3 miles. N. B. Nonsalls abt. 30 miles from N. York; at half-past 3 o'clock P. M., a light breeze from the N. West; weighed Anchor and stood on our course with a moderate Breeze all night: at daylight in the morning of the 20th off New London. Wind about N. took the passage of Fisher's Island Sound, half-past 9 came up with Watch Hill 45 miles from Newport, the wind light & ahead, some appearance of a Snow Storm, at 6 in the evening, arrived at Newport, wind and tide being ahead prevents our proceeding for Providence.

New Port, Sunday, 21st Decr., The coldest day we have had the Season, & the wind very violent from the northwest, which renders it impossible for any of the Packets to Sail. At XI o'clock, set off in a Chaise for Providence; arrived at Bristol at about one, and in crossing came near sinking before we could reach the opposite shore. The Boat was half full of water. The sails & Rigging full of ice. Walk'd up to Bristol Town, hired another Chaise and proceeded on to the ferry one mile short of Providence. The Boats being on the opposite shore and aground, we could not cross. Hired eight men and launched a Scow which was 30 feet from the water, got over and arrived at Providence at eleven o'clock. Sup'd, hired a Stage and set off for Boston, at 4 o'clock, & arrived in Town at half-past one Monday, the 22d Decr. excessively fatigued—having been without Sleep since I left Newport, and but once undressid since I left New York.

Boston, Tuesday 23d, & Wednesday 24th, at Mr. Joseph Barrell's; and on Thursday morn'g at half-past 5 o'clock, Christmas Day, took passage in the Stage in Comp'y with Sam’l Broome for New York; arrived at Pease, in Worcester half-past 4 o'clock in the Evening.

Decr. 26. Rode to Spencer and met the Stage from Hartford and Dined ; arrived at Graves, of Palmer, about half-past 7 in the Evening and put up for the night. This day walk'd from Spencer to Brookfield, ten miles; a very mountainous Country.

Saturday, 27th Decr., 1787, at seven set off from Graves of Palmer, and rode to Parson Sprinfield, 14 miles to Breakfast, from there to my Brother's, Mr. Jos. Webb's in Wethersfield; where I arrived about 7 in the Even'g.

Sunday, 28th Dec'r, Spent this day with my brother & family at Wethersfield.

Monday 29th, Set off at 8 o'clock this morning in the Stage for New York; arrived at Brown's in New Haven at 6 in the Even'g & lodged.

Tuesday, 30th Decr, 1787, Set off at 7 o'clock from New Haven, Dined at Penfields in Fairfield at 12, arrived at Webb's of Stamford, at 7 in the Even'g & lodged.

Wednesday 31st, Breakfasted at the Wid’r Haviland's in Rye, Dined at Hoyt's, Kingsbridge, and arrived in New York half-past 6 in the Even'g.

1788. In '88, Boston was the fashionable watering place; and pleasure-parties frequently drove over to Saratoga, to drink of the pleasant waters of the Mineral Spring there. In that year or the one following, in digging to enlarge the Spring at Balston, the water suddenly disappeared. By constant digging another Mineral Spring was developed ; but never the original one. Hence the growth of Saratoga by the decay of Balston.

Continued at Ballston from Monday, 20 June to Wedndesday, 4th inst., set off at 5 o'clock A. M. To Schenectady to Breafast. To Albany and dined. Crossed the ferry & lodged at Judge Hogeboom's.

Thursday, 5th June, arrived at Claverack abt. 12 o'clock. Continued at Claverack until Wednesday, 11th June, rode to Peter A. Livingston's and dined, from there to the old Mansion House on the Banks of the Hudson & lodged.

Thursday, 12th June, from the Mansion to John Livingston, 4 P. M. & Dined.

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