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Mr. Jeremiah Platt, Hartford.
Mr. Ebenezer Platt,

Captain Caleb Bull, Jr., do
Captain Smedley,

do Mr. Joseph Bull,

do Mr. William Imlay,

do Captain Elizur Goodrich, Wethersfield. Captain Asbel Riley,

do A. Robbins,

do Captain C. Buckley,

Captain James Buckley, Jr., do Colonel John Chester,

Mr. James Lockwood, Mr. Leonard Chester,

Mr. William May, Captain Thomas Nelson (gone). Mr. Heplen Mitchell, Captain Elijah Wright,

Mr. Joseph Stillman, Mr. B. Deane,

Mr. Isaiah Deering, Mr. Joseph Webb,

Captain Allyn Stillman, Mr. John Wright,

Mr. Eben Wright, Mr. Alexander Hunt,

Mr. Joseph Butler, Mr. Justus Riley,

Captain Chester Willis, Mr. George Stanley,

Mr. William Beadle, Mr. Lucien Belden,

Mr. Peter Colt, Mr. Daniel Buck,

William Demming, Colonel Aaron Burr, Midl Captain Moses Lyon, Mr. George Starr, do

Lieutenant John Hanner, Mr. Nathan Saye, do

Mr. Josiah Buck, Captain Moses Williams,

Captain Luke Fortune (gone), Mr. William Griswold,

Mr. Du Cap, Mr. Goodrich, Glastonbury, Mr. Vidlacey.

Major Joshua Huntington,

Report of the guards mounted by the American Light Infantry, September 28th, 1782.

[blocks in formation]

Went the rounds, and found them in good order.


Offi. Day.
September 29th, 1782.
To Colonel Samuel B. Webb, Commander Light Infantry.

Remarks of the Inspector General on Colonel Webb's Regiment.

This regiment is in seven companies, and is too weak to form a battalion ; the only fault I find with it is being in the best order of any I have yet seen at the first review. The arms are really a model for an army. The regiment marches perfectly, and has a military air.

Colonel Webb deserves particular credit for the superior order in which he has kept his regiment.

Extract from the Report.


Aide De Camp. Headquarters, September 220, 1779.

First Order to 3d Conn't Reg't after Release as Prisoner of War.

REGIMENTAL ORDERS, 7th Feb’y, 1781. It is with singular satisfaction the Colonel has it in his power again to join his Reg't, the Honor and welfare of which has always been near his Heart. He takes the first opportunity of returning his most sincere thanks to the officers for the great care they have taken in supporting a Discipline, which has done Honor to themselves & to the Regiment at large, & in which he thinks himself an equal sharer. The cheerfulness with which the Soldiers have endured their many unavoidable hardships merits the approbation & Thanks of their officers and their Country.

He most earnestly recommends to officers a steady and constant attention to the Discipline of the Regiment. As the time is fast approaching when we shall again take the Field, let us exert ourselves that our Regiment may appear in superior order. To accomplish this, nothing is more absolutely necessary than the strictest attention by officers to the internal police of the Reg't—they must be answerable that the non-commissioned do their Duty, and that they are properly supported in the Execution of it. The Col. flatters himself the Soldiers will continue to behave in a manner becoming the characters of men who are exerting themselves in support of everything dear to freemen; they will continue to recollect they are not mercenaries fighting for a foreign Prince, or for extent of Dominion, but for that which is dearer than lifetheir Liberty. At the end of the War we trust a grateful Country will honorably reward their noble exertions, and hereafter they will be handed down to future generations as men who have delivered themselves and their Posterity from tyranny oppression and the vilest servitude.


Celebration of the Society of Cincinnati on the 4th July, 1789.

Order of Procession.
1. Two masters of Ceremonies.
2. Members two & two.
3. Chancellor as orator.
4. The new received members.

5. Standard Bearer.
6. Secretary
7. Two Treasurers,
8. Vice-President.
9. President.
10. Two Masters of Ceremonies.


1. United States.
2. His most Christian Majesty.
3. His Catholic Majesty.
4. United Netherlands.
5. Friendly powers in Europe.
6. Government & State of New York.
7. Excell’y George Washington Pres. General.
8. Our Brethren in America & France.
9. The glorious and immortal memory of all who have fallen

in defence of the Liberties of America.
10. The 17 of October, 1777.
11. The 19 of October, 1781.
12. The fair friends of the Cincinnati.
13. The day.

14. The convention ; may they have the boldness to purpose boldly what America should adopt kindly.

Visiting Cards for the Delegates, to Compliment the Mayor of the City, Governor & President of Congress.

Gen'l Washington to Col. Webb.

WEST POINT, July 25, 1779. DEAR SIR :-I shall be obliged by your care of the Enclosed. If you should not be able to deliver them yourself be so good as to send them by a safe hand as directed.

I am, D'r Sir,
Y'r most aff't Serv't,


Names of Men Enlisted in the year 1777 (from 1st June to 31st December, into a Regiment Commanded by Colonel Sam'l B. Webb, known by the name of one of the 11 additional Regiments, afterwards the 9th, and then the 3d Connecticut Regiment. Jonathan Arnold. Thomas Doyle. Lawrence Lewis. Abiel Allen, Daniel Davis.

Ebenezer Lee.
John Allen.
Nathan Dunning.

William Leach.
Eusebius Austin. Ebenezer Davis. William Laird
Ezra Andrews. Maitstill Dickerson. Nathan Miller.
Lewis Anjevine. Alexander Dorchester. Stephen Moulton.
Johon Andrus. Diarcha Elderkin. Seth Montague.
Christopher Avery. Sam’l Easton.

Jonathan Miller.
James Anderson. Ezra Edgecombe. James Miller.
Jacob Aror.
James Eurle.

William Martin.
Aaron Abercrombie. Thomas Fitch. Leonard Munroe.
Theodore Andrus. John Forbes.

John Book Miller.
Edward Browne. Stephen Fox.

Zebulon Mygatt.
Thomas Bidwell. James Foster. Benjamin March.
Jared Bunce.
Isaac Ford.

Cypersan Merrill.
Stephen Bulkley. Elijah Flowers.

Roger Merrill. Abraham Blinn.

Benjamin Mix. Elijah Boardman. Jacob Ferries.

Comfort Marks. Jabez Bennet.

Alexander Fulton. Benjamin McInbur. Hezekiah Blinn. Ebenezer FrothinghamJeddcdiah McInbur. Justus Blinn. Ebenezer Forquar.

Bryan Montague.
Abraham Belding. Timothy Fay. Thomas Marshull.
Timothy Brainard. Ithuriel Flowers. Abel Munroe.
Caleb Benjamin. Remembrance Filly. Mathew Melony.
Joseph Brewer. Gershorn Fav. Gurdon Munsill.
Stephen Butler.
William Fay.

Aaron Merrill.
Nath'l Browne. Asa Fox.

Adam Mott. Zebedee Browne. John Frazier.

Patrick McDonald. Jonathan Butler. Vaniah Fox.

Sam’l Meers. Samuel Beaman. John France,

John McLean. Allen Bradley. Moses Griswould. Elisha Mygatt. John Benham. Icubd Goodrich. Thomas Morey. Solomon Buck. Gideon Goff.

Thomas Morgan. Walter Booth.

Jacob Griswould. John McEnnies. Joseph Bacon. Thomas Gerall. Hezekiah Nott.

John Fay.

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