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Thomas Barnes. Azariah Grant. Samuel Norton.
Peter Butler.

John Graves. Epaphras Nott.
Isaac Browne. John Gavles.

Thomas Norton. John Bennet.

Joseph Gilbert. Jabez Norton.
John Namum. Theodore Gilbert. Nounan Newell.
Wm. Beeder.
Josiah Gaylor.

Francis Nichollson. Josiah Burrows. Solomon Goodrich. Riveisus Newell. John Bassett.

Alexander Grabam. Timothy Olmsted. Joel Beers.

Simon Griffen. Guambiel Olmsted. John Beers.

James Goodrich. George O'Bryan. Sam'l Blackman. Gurdor Geer.

John F. Ockerman. David Blackman. Daniel Gilman. William Oaks. Charles Bulkley, John Goodrich. Francis Olmsted. Ebenezer Bradley.

Samuel Grant. Wyman Parker. Daniel Brewer. Joseph Goldsmith. John Parker. Daniel Bostwie. Simeon Holmes. Richard Price. Amherst Bartlett. Jonathan Hand. George Price. Hosea Birge.

Thomas Holmes. Amos Porter. John Burrows. Moses Hatch.

Moses Porter. Timothy Bevins.

Joseph Hand. Elijah Porter. Dan'l Butterfield. Aumna Hackley.

David Pratt. Joseph Bently. Eliphalet Hills.

Peter Phillips. Daniel Bushnell. Wm. Hooker.

Willm. Patterson. Sam’l Brooks.

Samuel Hanson. Samuel Phillips. Noah Bamum. Timothy Hulburt.

Richard Perry.
Richard Bacon. Ebenezer Hoadley. Samuel Parker.
John Burnham. Prosper Hosmer. Samuel Pufford.
Asa Butler.
Sam'l Hull.

Zera Page.
Jacob Browne. Hiland Hull.

Daniel Pufford. John Barnes.

Roderic Hopkins. William Prior. Willm. Browne—10 George Hopkins. John Phillips. Chas. Churchill, Joshua Howe. Simeon Puffer. Caleb Curtis.

Timothy Higgins. William Predox. Felix Curtis.

Titus Hubbard. William Powell. Samuel Cole.

Daniel Hamlin. James Pratt. James Chadwick. Elisha Hubbard. Isaac Payne. Willm. Chapman. John Hopkins. Robert Patterson. John Chapman. Joel Hoyt.

Thomas Quigley. Jesse Chalker. Sam'l Holmes.

Asher Russel.

Benj. Cirecum. Asa Hull.

Sam'l Roberts. Cotton Chittendon. George Hayward. Amos Raymond. Adam Cramer. Walter Harris. Moses Ritter. Wm. Circum. Will’m Hall.

Stephen Risley. Phineas Chapin. Icabud Hawley.

James Ready. Phineas Cadwell. Stephen Hulburt.

Joseph Reed. Will Chadwick. George Hills.

Joseph Robbins. David Covil. Alexander Hay.

Elijah Roberts. Levi Crowell.

Bazaleel Hamlin. Daniel Roberts.
Gideon Chittendon. Edward Harrington. Joseph Rowlandson.
Timothy Cole.
John Harrison.

Stephen Robert.
Robert Colefax. James Hiskett. Josiah Robbins.
John Circum.
John Hull.

Agwell Rockwell.
Amaziah Chappell. Stephen Ingham. Noah Roberts.
Brewster Chappell. Sam'l Ingham. Roswell Richardson.
Moses Clarke.
Eppa Jones.

Amos Rose. James Clarke.

Frederick Jackson. David Roberts. Joshua Cone.

Richard Jones. Thomas Raymore. Thomas Case. Wm. Jefson.

Ephriam Robertson. Joshua Carpenter. Aaron Jones.

Daniel Syzer. Willm. Clarke. Wm. Jones.

Daniel Stoddard. James Christie. Thomas Johnson. Samuel Spencer. Mathew Cadwell. Ebenezer Judkins. Thomas Scott. Reuben Cadwell. Jonathan Johnson. Asaph Smith. David Chapin. Stephen Kellogg. John Steel Joel Couch.

Seth Kellogg. John Swaddle. Curtis Crane.

James Kirtland. Bela Scovil.
MalickiComing Ony King

Ely Simons.
Elisha Cole.
Isaac Kellogg.

Joseph Simons.
Timothy Chapin. Christopher Kilby.

James Spencer. Thomas Colvin.

George King. Stephen Scovil. Joel Clarke.

Joseph Lamb. Thomas Stone. David Curtis.

Thomas Loveland. Phineas Shepard. James Charleton. Levi Latimer. Elias Seymour. Benjamin Dix. Israel Loomis. Aaron Stevens. Zebulon Dudley.

Jeremiah Lord. Jehosaphat Starr. Westbrook Day.

David Lounsbury. Amy Sperry. Joseph Day.

Fitch Lamppere. Israel Starks. Stephen Dormant. William Lewis. Joseph Sharps.

Martin Dibble.
Phillip Lewis.

Samuel Smith.
David Day.

Michael Loma. Prentice Stoors. Zacheriah Seymour. Josiah Treadway. Prosper Wetmore. David Scribner. Jacob Teal.

James Whayland. Ebenezer Sawyer. William Thrawl. Jonathan White. John Sweet.

Matthew Thompson. Gideon Welles. Jessy Starr.

John Taylor. Jonathan Waterman. Barnabus Stevins. Thomas Turner. Darius Waterman. Seth Staynard.

David Vibbard. William Winnans. Samuel Sperry

John Vibbard. Amos West. Thomas Stanley Jesse Vibbard (3). Thomas Wattles. Elihu Stowe.

Samuel Weaver. Joel Welton. William Sutton. Daniel Ward.

Jesse Wilkinson.
William Syles.

Daniel Williams. John Wright.
George Smith. William Warner. Ezekel Winchell.
John Scroder. Ralph Williams. Joshua Welles.
Joseph Treat.
William Whiting.

Elihu Waters.
Ezra Tyron.
David Wood.

George Warden.
John Treat.

Jonathan Wood. Valentine Wilmot. Phillip Tabor. Thomas Welch. Rayoliel Washburn. John Turner. Alvah West.

Benjamin Weston. John Tucker. Hugh White.

Thomas Warner.
John Tucker, 2d. Isaac Warden.

John White.
John Thomas.
Moses Ward.

Asa Wright.
Bates Tinner. Thomas Woodward. Total........ 414.

I do hereby certify that the above-named 414 men were enlisted into my regiment in the year 1777, and that they all received their full bounty.


Col. of 3d Conn't Reg’t.

I, Amnah Hackley, have this day voluntarily enlisted myself as a soldier in the Army of the United States of America, in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Samuel M. Webb, to serve during the war, unless sooner discharged. And I do bind myself to conform in all instances to such rules and regulations as are, or shall be published for the government of said Army. Witness my hand, the 9th day of December, 1777.


Extract from the Orders of his Excellency.

Jan'y 10th, 1782. As it is expected that in the course of the present winter, many of the officers and men belonging to the Army of the United States, will be indulged with leave of absence from their corps for a limited time; and it is absolutely necessary that the strictest punctuality should be observed in returning at the expiration of the time to which their furloughs are granted; the commander-inchief has thought proper thus early in the season to signify his first determination to all concerned, that every officer or soldier who shall absent himself beyond the limitation of his furlough, unless he shall be prevented from returning by some inevitable misfortune or other casualty which shall be deemed a sufficient reason for his detention, shall, for such conduct, be brought to trial before a court martial. Upon the return of any officer, who may have violated this order, by absenting himself beyond the time of his furlough, report is immediately to be made thereof to the Adj't General or deputy Adj't General, who is to represent the same to the General or Commanding officer, that the necessary steps may be taken without delay.

The mode of proceeding against officers as pointed out by a resolution of Congress is to be invariably pursued.

Soldiers are also to be tried and punished in the most summary manner, if they will be guilty of crimes so injurious to the public service as well as to the interest and feelings of their brother soldiers who may, in consequence of the absence of such delinquents, be unavoidably debarred the gratification of visiting their friends before the opening of the campaign.

The General, however, cannot but hope by the taking the precaution of causing this public notice of his intention to be given to the army, the disagreeable consequences will be prevented which might otherways take place, for he is pursuaded who ever will give himself the trouble to reflect, will find that as great indulgences as are consistent with the public good and justice to individuals are granted in the first instance ; that as a certain number of officers must be constantly kept in Camp-every trespass upon those indulgencies is an act of injustice to the individual who is detained, in consequence of it; probably in the issue to the public the

mest pointed exactness is indispensably requisite in all military affairs, events unknown frequently of the greatest magnitnde, depending upon it, and that those men who have attached themselves to the service of their country, should consider that the public has a constant claim upon their services, which can only be dispensed with under certain circumstances, and for definite periods, of which those interested with the regulations of the army, must be supposed to be the competent judges. No officer or soldier is to be permitted to be absent on furlough, after the 10th day of April next, on any occasion whatever.


Adj't General

Xames & Rank of Officers in the 3d Connecticut Regiment.

June, 1782.



Sam'l B. Webb, Col. Jan'y 1st, 1877.
Eben'r Huntington, Lt. Col. October 10, 78.
John P. Wyllys, Major. Oct. 10,78.
Edward Bulkley,


Jan'y 1st, 77. Stephen Betts,


do 1st, 77. Joseph Walker,


Aug. 22, 77. Sam'l W. Williams, do. Mar. 230, 78. Elisha Hopkins,

do. Oct. 10th, '78. John Riley,

do. July 11th, '79. Roger Welles,


Ap'l 9th, '80. Timothy Allyn,

do. Feb. 10th, '81. Hezekiah Rogers, do. Nov. 15th, '81, Nathan Beers, Lieut. Mar. 23d, '78. John Meigs,

Lt. June 1st, '78. John Mix,

Lt. do. 1st, 178. Eben’r Frothingham, Lt. May 27th, '79. Isaac Keeler,

Lt. Aug. 1st, 79. Eli Barnum,

Lt. Sept. 1st. 779. William Linn, Lt. Ap'l 9th, '80. Daniel Bradley,

Lt. July 20th, '80. Nathan II. Whiting, Lt. Fel’y 10th, '81.

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