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Jacobin club, or at least from the time they deprived the king of his authority. It was then and there finally determined upon, organized, and formed into a system, composed of themselves, and millions of men devoted to it, and its powers essentially existed in that system. That club was then all powerful within, as well as out of the public councils of the nation, and might have openly announced the revolution at that time; and yet, from a variety of motives, they took great care to conceal it from the eyes of the world. They contented themselves with adding to it strength, and placing it in a state which should appal all opposition when they should say the word; and after a variety of manæuvres, too prolix to enumerate here, when they saw their mine ripe for explosion, they revealed” their project in their new “ declaration of the Rights of Man," upon which I have already commented. The revolution, " the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition," clothed in all its terrors and horrors, now reared its monstrous head from the dark abyss of atheism. Its grand design of revolutionizing heaven and earth ; of not only dethroning all kings, but even the God of the universe ; of not only destroying all monarchies, but all governments and all social order; of not only abolishing the Christian religion, but all religion; of not only smothering, in the minds of mankind, all the dictates of reason, and the admonitions of conscience, but all sense of nature and humanity, VOL. ii.



and of seducing and betraying mankind into atheism and anarchy, now became clearly manifested and “revealed" to the astonished world.

« The Man of Sin" is moreover to be “ revealed,” according to the text, in his time.But when is that time? We have already answered this question ; but as it is a question of importance, I will again briefly recapitulate the substance. The apostle has told us, in language as plain as can well be, that the apostacy shall come first,and prevent it for a time; that the apostacy shall be taken out of the way," and then that he shall be revealed in his time.” Now, the apostacy, or the Mohamedan and Papal hierarchies have come: they have continued nearly during the period limited for their “ treading the holy city, or church of Christ under foot;" and they have performed the dreadful work. And we have seen their powers, during the last century, rapidly declining. In the East we have seen the former, during the last century, declining from its ancient ferocity, and overwhelmed with luxurious and effeminate lasciviousness; sinking into a lethargic indifference respecting its peculiar superstition; and indeed prepared to make way for any power that shall seriously invade it, and to receive any opinions that shall be proposed to it. And as to the apostacy in the West, which all Protestant interpreters of the prophecies agree is the church of Rome, we have seen her, within the same space of time, gradually falling from the summit of pride and ambition, into an effeminate gratification of every lustful passion, and equally indifferent as to the preservation of her late immense power as of her idolatrous superstition, Tired of her despotism, her frauds, and abominable mysteries, we have seen millions upon millions, an innumerable host of her devotees, in France, Holland, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and even in Rome itself, rejecting her doctrines, and forsaking her power; and thus ceasing to prevent, and actually taken out of “the way” of “the Man of Sin." Yet more; this same class of mankind have not only been “ taken out of the way, in strict verification of the text; but they have been the introducers of “ the Man of Sin," upon the stage of the world; for deserting the doctrines of the apostacy, they had embraced his horrible and blasphemous tenets even before he came, and since have led him triumphant to all his conquests, and enabled him to plant his banners upon the capital of the apostacy itself. Now if these facts be so notorious that they cannot be denied (as they really are, for they have come to pass as it were in our own sight,) then this is the time for the power typified by “ the Man of Sin to be revealed,” and for him to perform the impious and dreadful exploits so accurately described and foretold by St. Paul in this chapter, and upon which I have briefly commented in this dissertation.

As to the Eastern or Mohamedan apostacy (if I read the Apocalypse aright,) it is not, like the Western, to fall by the hands of " the Man

of Sin," nor before he himself shall fall. These . two great events, of the highest importance to the Christian church, are to take place within less time than half a century. But how far this revolutionary monster is to extend its blasphemous principles and destructive power in the mean time, or when it shall please a God of infinite wisdom and goodness to say, “ Hith“erto shalt thou come and no farther, and here “thy proud waves shall be stayed,” the apostle does not inform us : however, he explicitly declares, that, on account of its extreme sinfulness and consummate blasphemy, “ the Lord “ shall consume it with the spirit of his mouth, "and destroy it with the brightness of his com“ing.”


As treated of Daniel, in Chap. VII. DANIEL

one of the most eminent of the Jewish prophets, was born upwards of 600 years before the coming of Christ; or more than 2400 years before the present æra.

It pleased a God of infinite wisdom, who sees all things past, present and to come, to reveal to him, in a brief manner, all the most prominent and important events which were to come to pass in the world between this day and the end of time. Daniel committed these to writing in the exact order of their intended accomplishment: and his narrative of them has been preserved for the profitable instruction of future times, both by the Jewish and Christian church.

In this chapter he foretels the rise of the four great empires, under the symbols of four great beasts, the Babylonian, Persian, Grecian and Roman. The prophecies relating to the three first have so fully been explained, and the corresponding events so well applied, that it is not my intention to dwell upon any of them, except those that are connected with my present subject; which is “ The LITTLE HORN," and its prototype. But before I enter upon a particular consideration of it, I shall state some preliminary facts, to which I shall often have occasion to recur, in the course of explain

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