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to Mr. QUARITCH, 15 Piccadilly; or to the Bookseller from whom this
Catalogue was received. The Books are warranted perfect, and in fine condition.



Lately published or nearly ready.

Revised Series of Entire Works, in Bound Volumes,

I. Sesame and Lilies, (Three Lectures, with new Preface). 1. Of
Kings' Treasuries. 2. Of Queens' Gardens. 3. Of the Mys-
tery of Life

II. Mundera Pulveris, Six Essays on the Elements of Political

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III. Aratra Pentelici, Six Lectures on the Elements of Sculpture,
given before the University of Oxford, in Michaelmas Term,

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IV. The Eagle's Nest, Ten Lectures on the Relation of Natural
Science to Art, given before the University of Oxford, in Lent
Term, 1872

V. Time and Tide
VI. The Crown of Wild Olive, Four Essays on Work, Traffic, War,
and the Future of England; with added Article on the Eco-
nomies of the Kings of Prussia

VII. Ariadne Florentina, (as soon as the seven parts are complete)
VIII. Val d'Arno, Ten Lectures on Art of the 13th Century in Pisa

and Florence; with Twelve Plates

IX. Queen of the Air, (in the press)

Love's Meinie, Six Lectures on Greek and English Birds, given before
the University of Oxford: :-

I. The Robin, Now Ready, post free

II. The Swallow, Now Ready

III. The Chough, in preparation

Ariadne Florentina, Six Lectures on Wood and Metal Engraving,

given before the University of Oxford :

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I. Definition of the Art of Engraving, Now Ready, post free

II. The Relation of Engraving to other Arts in Florence, Now
Ready, post free

IV. The Technics of Metal Engraving, Ready, post free

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1II. The Technics of Wood Engraving, post free

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V. Design in the German Schools of Engraving, (Holbein and
Durer.) In preparation, post free


VI. Design in the Florentine Schools of Engraving (Sandro
Botticelli.) In preparation, post free

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VII. Appendix, with plates

The Relation between Michael Angelo and Tintoret, Seventh of the
Course of Lectures on Sculpture, delivered at Oxford, 1870-71,
post free
Fors Clavigera, Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great
Britain, Nos. 1 to 47

+27 12 1310

"The Series of which this volume forms a part will contain all that I think useful of my former writings, so joined to my present work as to form a consistent course of teaching. I do not mean by "consistent'' that the progress or arrangement of it will be on any regular system, but that I will not, so far as I can help, say the same thing oftener than is necessary to gain attention for it; and that I will indicate the connection of each subject with the rest, as it, indeed, existed in my mind always, though I have been forced by mischance to write copiously sometimes on matters about which I cared little, and sparingly of what was, indeed, much in my thoughts.

The volumes will each contain, on the average, two hundred pages of text, and those which are illustrated never more than twenty-one plates, rarely so many."

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** This Collection of recently purchased MSS. forms a SUPPLEMENT to those described in my GENERAL CATALOgue.

ALCHIN-See Kelham.


Liber Moralium de Regimine Dominorum qui dicitur SECRETUM SECRETORUM, editus ab Aristotile phylosopho phylosophorum, small 8vo. neat Italian Manuscript on vellum, the first page and the initials ornamented with gold, bound in vellum, £2. 2s Hunc librum scribi fecit S. Dns. Rodulphus

de Feusigniaco-Hoc opus fuit rescriptum

prout in exemplari fuit repertum. (About A.D. 1460.)

A curious little book on the duties of government by princes, dedicated to " Guido de Valentia Trippolis pontifex" (Gui de Valence, Bishop of Tripolis in Syria) by "Philippus suorum minimus clericorum,"-who professes to have translated it from the Arabic original, found by him when with the Crusaders in the Holy Land. 1*ARMORIAL: An Ordinary of Arms, containing several hundred Coats of Arms, many in colours, in one thick volume, 4to. hf. morocco, £2.

A good beginning of a valuable work: an industrious Herald would find plenty of occupation in completing it.

2 AUTOGRAPHS OF DISTINGUISHED CHARACTERS. A COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPHS, by most distinguished Characters in all classes of life, including Sovereigns, Statesmen, Divines, Lawyers, Naval and Military Officers, Physicians and Surgeons, Authors, Men of Science, Artists and Actors, Musicians, Eminent Foreigners and Celebrated Women, illustrated with Portraits and Biographical Notices by William Upcott. The collection consists of Two Thousand and Seventy-eight Autographs, illustrated with One Thousand Portraits, many of which are proof impressions, and some are private plates, 13 volumes, folio, with printed titles, red morocco, with joints, richly gilt, £400. 1537-1830

Amongst the writers whose signatures or holographs are comprised in the above grand collection, are the names of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Charles I, (an interesting letter) Oliver Cromwell, Charles II, Prince Rupert, James II, William and Mary, Queen Anne, the Georges, Queen Caroline, Princess Charlotte; Francis I, Charles IX, Louis XIII, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Bonaparte before Marengo, Napoléon, 1806; Frederick the Great: Cowley, Davenant, Herrick, Waller, Addison, Pope, Congreve, Vanbrugh, Swift, Dr. Johnson, Colley Cibber, George Colman, Foote, Edmund Burke, R. B. Sheridan, Gibbon, Lord Clarendon, Hume, Gay, Goldsmith, Grey, Cowper, Sterne, the Wesleys, Southey, Coleridge, Burns, Byron, Campbell, Moore, Sydney Smith, Caroline Lamb; Washington, Wellington, Gen. Woulfe; Sir Philip Francis, Algernon Sydney; Nelson, Rodney, Ruyter, Shovel, Van Tromp; Sir Jas. Mackintosh, Lord Bacon, Franklin, Blücher, Buffon, Lafayette, Goethe, Schiller, the elder Disraeli, the Walpoles, Voltaire (to the Duc de Richelieu on the loss of Quebec) Talleyrand, Vasari, Flaxman, Canova, Hogarth, Turner; Priestley, Faraday, Abernethy, Davy; Garrick, Kean, Kemble, Matthews, Macklin, Siddons, Miss O'Neill; Miss Edgworth, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, Duchess of Marlborough, Madame de Stael, &c. &c.

2*BARTOLOMEI de Sancto Concordio Summa de Casibus, sm. 8o. MS. on fine tellum, minutely written in an Italian hand, with illuminated initials, one


page decorated with an arabesque border, and another having a small portrait of the author, ancient calf binding, £4, 10s

circ. A.D. 1400

A famous Casuistic Dictionary completed in the year 1338 by its author who died soon afterwards. He was a Dominican friar, a native of Pisa.

3 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA, cum Interpretationibus Hebrcorum Nominum, &c. FINE Manuscript on extremely delicate Vellum, ornamented with initial letters and borders, with painted figures in the Old English style, and illuminated in gold and colours, gilt edges, £15. 15s cir. A. D. 1300 4 CHRONICLES of ENGLONDE, small folio, English MS. on VELLUM, without the beginning, but commencing with the reign of Knoght (Canute) and Edmond Irensyde, and proceeding to the fifth year of the reign of Henry IV (1404), bound in half morocco, £25. written about 1420

This is the celebrated Chronicle of Brute, which Caxton printed in 1480, and corresponds with tolerable accuracy to the printed edition, except of course in the orthography and occasional turns of phrase which Caxton modernized in his book. There are few copies of the MS. now in existence, especially on vellum, and so far as they seem to be known, most of them are locked up in public libraries.

5 CICERONIS RHETORICORUM NOVORUM AD HERENNIUM LIBER, (libri quatuor) sm. 8vo. FINE Manuscript on Vellum, with border, initial letter containing miniature and numerous capitals, finely illuminated in gold and colours, velvet, gilt edges, £15. 158 SEC. XV

6 COLLECTION of the ALTERATIONS in and Variance between the COMMON PRAYER Bookes of 2 Edw. VI, 5 Edward VI and 1 Elizabeth and the Scottish Liturgie of 1637. With some Observations or Notes uppon severall Passages in the same Bookes; A° Dōni 1650, 12mo. neat Manuscript on paper, blue morocco, gilt edges, £8. 8s 1650


A very interesting little volume forestalling by a couple of centuries the labours of modern scholars in the same direction.

COSMOGRAPHIA, a Latin Manuscript, in Two Books, with 34 Drawings and Diagrams, vellum, £5. about 1680

8 ENGLISH POETRY (Unpublished) of the Seventeenth Century, folio, a very curious volume in neat MS. including Epigrams, Riddles, Epitaphs, Love Songs, and other amatory Pieces, some very free and at least half of them UNPUBLISHED, £20. circa 1630

On the inside of the cover is written: "My cousin Chute gave me this book out of his father's study at the Vine, Hampshire."

An alphabetical table will be found at the end, in the same handwriting as the rest of the volume. Some of the pieces possess high poetical merit, and deserve consideration from students of English literature in the early days of Charles I. Amongst the writers are Francis Beaumont, James Shirley, Robert Herrick, Thomas Carew, Richard Corbet, William Stroud, (Sir) Henry Blount, Henry King, Jasper Mayne, John Grange, Humphrey Hide, (Sir George) Chudleigh, Alexander Gill, Barton Holiday, George Morley, Walter Poole, Nicholas Oldisworth, Will Davenant, (Bishop) Juxon, and Thomas May. It will be observed that many of these name are unknown in published literature; and that the bibliophile who secures the above volume, will add a book of signal value to a collection of old English poetry. One of the pieces by William Stroud is upon the beauty of Fairford Windows. An unsigned one, begins as follows, with a phrase which brings Lord Byron to one's memory:

"I lovd thee once, Ile love no more

Thine be the griefe as is the blame;"

and, if unpublished, deserves to be given to public notice as a very beautiful lyric. 9 EVANGELISTARIUM Græcum, small 4to. Byzantine MS. on vellum, slightly defective, bound in russia neat, £2. 16s about A. D. 1100 9*GETIJDENBOEK. Book of Hours (in Dutch), with Calendar, 12mo. Manuscripts beautifully written on 221 leaves of Vellum, with TEN MINIATURES and borders in gold and colours, initial letters, etc. a fine Manuscript in contemporary calf binding, with silver clasps, £12. Sec. XV

The Miniatures in this volume demand attention, both for the beauty of execution and their uncommon style, most of them being in an elegant kind of grisaille rarely seen and differing from the French camaieu-gris, with slight reliefs in gold and the deeper shadows in black.

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10 EVANGELIA IV, LATINE. Item Eusebii Canones, Hieronymi Epistolæ ad Damasum, Argumenta et Prologi, &c. square folio, Manuscript on Vellum, finely written in French-Roman Minuscules, with Rubrics and plain Roman marginal initials in scarlet and green, having the Canons of Eusebius written between elegant columns supporting arches of painted Architecture, in which even the kinds of stone or marble are represented, several of the bases and capitals being ornamented with human and animal figures. At end in a different but almost contemporary hand-writing are added "Benedictio Vestimentorum; Oracio quando Abbas ordinatur in Monasterio; Consecratio Manuum;" and a list of Rents due from various places in Lorraine, calf, £120. SÆc. X

One of the most ancient and interesting copies of the Latin Evangelists ever offered for sale. 11 HENRY VIIITH'S ROYAL WARDROBE. In this Booke is conteigned al manor of the Kyng hys Majestes Guarderobe stuff remaynyng and being within his highnes CASTELL AT WYNDESOR in the saulf custody keping and charge of William Tildesley Perticulerly surveid, viewid and geven in charge in due order unto the said William by the Kyngs commandement by Nicholas Bristowe his highnes Clerke. 34 Hen. VIII; folio, the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT, 1542, with additional notes of the state of the said Wardrobe on its being delivered unto the keeping of Rauf Rowlandson, 5 Eliz. 1562, interleaved with a fair transcript, £20. 1542

A very curious and interesting record, containing particular descriptions of the HANGYNGS OF ARRAS, illustrating the Siege of Jerusalem, Assuer and Hester, Charlemagne, Mountalbon, &c. &c.; HANGYNGS OF TAPESTRYE, illustrating the Siege of Troye, Hawking and Hunting, the History of David, the Story of Ladyes, &c. Clothes of Estate, Chairs richly embroidered, Cushions, Sparvers (four pieces of which were stolen at the burial of King Henry VIII), Testers, Carpets, Beds, Counterpoynts, and sundries.

Inventory of "Stuff receyvid owte of the standy ng Guarderobe at Westminster, by thands of John Rede 20 Nov." 34 Hen. VIII.

Inventory of Furniture, etc. received from Sir Anthony Denny, Keeper of the King's Palace of Westminster, by Humfrey Orme, keeper of the Standing Wardrobe in the Tower of London, for the use of the King (Edward VI) by command of the Lord Proector, 9 July. 1 Edw. VI.

This is a very interesting record, describing the various pieces embroidered with the King's Arms, the King and Queen Jane's arms together crowned within a garland of Roses, the History of Joseph, of the 12 Months, of David and Absalom, of our Lady and Angels playing upon Instruments, of the Acts of the Apostles, etc. The CLOTHS OF ESTATE, garnished with precious stones; the CARPETS and CUSHIONS of gold, silver and silk needlework, with Queen Anne Bullen's Cyphers, the letters H. and A., roses of red and white, etc.; a carpet of arras "with woodewithes and men of Inde with the Dukes Armes in thre places;" a cushion embroidered "with Scallop Shells with Quene Katheryns Cognizance and this worde, I like as he loveth," etc.

These Manuscripts are worthy of publication, the marginal notes made subsequently as to the state and disposal of the different articles are very interestingcertain cushions used by the King and Queen (Philip and Mary) at the Church door at Winchester, a bedstead altered for King Edward VI, various articles specified as having been given to Lord W. Howard, then Lord Admiral, Sir Edward Waldegrave, Sir Henry Jernegan, and others.

12 HORÆ BEATE MARIÆ VIRGINIS, in usum Romanum, cum Calendario, sm. 4to. Manuscript on Vellum, by a North French Scribe, ornamented with numerous capital letters, elegant borders, and 24 MINIATURES, richly illuminated in gold and colours, some leaves cut out, old French red morocco, covered with gold tooling, £35. circ. 1400

The Calendar is unusually full of Saints' names, many of them English and little known. Some of the Miniatures display considerable artistic skill, and do not belong

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