Owen Gwynne's Great Work

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Harper & Brothers, publishers, 1876 - 119 pagine

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Pagina 121 - The writers accepted as authorities for the obscurer portion are found to be practically worthless, and the defect is not supplied by the later and greater biographers. Johnson did him no kind of justice because of too little liking for him ; and Scott, with much hearty liking as well as a generous admiration, had too much other work to do. Thus, notwithstanding noble passages in both memoirs, and Scott's pervading tone of healthy, manly wisdom, it is left to an inferior hand to attempt to complete...
Pagina 71 - Papa's illness makes him a little melancholy," said Clara. " Of course ; — of course. It always does," said Will. " I think he will be better when the weather becomes milder," said Clara. " I suppose I may be allowed to know how I feel myself," said the squire. " But don't keep Will up here when he wants his dinner. There ; that'll do. You'd better leave me now.

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