Bentley's Miscellany, Volume 13

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Richard Bentley, 1843

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Pagina 183 - This opinion, which perhaps prevails as far as human nature is diffused, could become universal only by its truth; those that never heard of one another would not have agreed in a tale which nothing but experience can make credible. That it is doubted by single cavillers can very little weaken the general evidence; and some who deny it with their tongues confess it by their fears.
Pagina 605 - My never-failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day. With them I take delight in weal, And seek relief in woe ; And while I understand and feel How much to them I owe, My cheeks have often been bedewed With tears of thoughtful gratitude.
Pagina 313 - With a slice of cold sirloin from yesterday's roast. And then — let me see ! — He had two — perhaps three Cups (with sugar and cream) of strong Gunpowder tea, With a spoonful in each of some choice eau de vie, — Which with nine out of ten would perhaps disagree. — — In fact, I and my son Mix " black " with our " Hyson," Neither having the nerves of a bull, or a bison, And both hating brandy like what some call
Pagina 606 - My hopes are with the Dead ; anon My place with them will be, And I with them shall travel on Through all Futurity; Yet leaving here a name, I trust, That will not perish in the dust.
Pagina 605 - MY days among the Dead are past ; Around me I behold, Where'er these casual eyes are cast, The mighty minds of old: My never-failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day.
Pagina 61 - It will have blood, they say ; blood will have blood : Stones have been known to move, and trees to speak ; Augurs, and understood relations, have By magot-pies, and choughs, and rooks, brought forth The secret'st man of blood.
Pagina 312 - twas in May, — 'Twas, I know, in the Spring-time, — when " Nature looks gay," As the Poet observes, — and on tree-top and spray The dear little dickey-birds carol away ; When the grass is so green, and the sun is so bright, And all things are teeming with life and with light, — That the whole of the house was thrown into affright, For no soul could conceive what was gone with the Knight ! It seems he had taken A light breakfast — bacon...
Pagina 308 - O'er a weed or a flower, Or the slugs that come crawling out after a shower; Black beetles, and Bumble-bees, — Blue-bottle flies, And Moths were of no small account in his eyes; An "Industrious Flea" he'd by no means despise, While an "Old Daddy-long-legs...
Pagina 160 - It is good so far as it goes, but it does not go far enough and undue crowding still exists in the steerage of many steamers.
Pagina 318 - last dinner-bell ' 's rung, he is late, To insure better manners in future — Don't wait ! — If of husband or children they chance to be fond, Have a stout...

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