Writer at Work: Reflections on the Art and Business of Writing

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iUniverse, 25 apr 2005 - 250 pagine
Writer at Work is the book about writing that somebody had to write. It's a report from the front lines by a working writer with a lifetime of experience in everything from literary fiction to radio and newspaper reporting. Writer at Work is full of provocative opinions and unexpected diversions. It combines practical advice, based on the author's long experience as a writing instructor, with lively and often funny reflections on the writing life.

Writer at Work gives you the information, the excitement, the debates and the inspiration that you would find at a first-class writers' conference. This is the guide book you need to step up from being an amateur to being an professional writer.


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David Bouchier is the award-winning essayist for National Public Radio Station WSHU, and a popular workshop leader at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. He is the author of five books including The Cats and the Water Bottles and The Accidental Immigrant, and has contributed a regular humor column to the Sunday New York Times. David lives in Stony Brook, Long Island with his wife and two cats.

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