Bellum Catilinarium Et Jugurthinum: Cum Versione Libera. Pręmittitur Vita Sallustii

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R. Raikes, and sold by J.F. and C. Rivington ... and James Evans ... London, 1789 - 226 pagine
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Pagina 4 - Quod si regum atque imperatorum animi virtus in pace ita ut in bello valeret, aequabilius atque constantius sese res humanae haberent, neque aliud alio ferri neque mutari ac misceri omnia cerneres.
Pagina xx - Boys talking barbaroully amongft themfelves ; if it is at all attainable at School. For my Part I never yet knew fo much as one Inftance of its being attained there, in any School that has come within the Reach' of my Obfervation, or indeed any thing like it.
Pagina 11 - Atheniensium res gestae, sicuti ego aestumo, satis amplae magnificaeque fuere, verum aliquanto minores tamen quam fama feruntur. Sed quia provenere ibi scriptorum magna ingenia, per terrarum orbem Atheniensium facta pro maxumis celebrantur. Ita eorum, qui ea fecere, virtus tanta habetur, quantum ea verbis potuere extollere praeclara ingenia. At populo Romano numquam ea copia fuit, quia prudentissumus quisque maxume negotiosus erat; ingenium nemo sine corpore exercebat; optumus quisque facere quam...
Pagina xx - Tranftations has no Difficulty in it, and employs nothing but Memory The Boys have proper Words all ready at Hand, without the tedious and oftentimes fruitlefs Labour of hunting and poring in a Diftionary, or that cf troubling their Matters or School-fellows for them...
Pagina 4 - ... says Sallust, noticing the similar consequence of increased refinement among the ancients, "magnum inter mortales certamen fuit, vine corporis an virtute animi res militaris magis procederet. . . . Tum demum periculo atque negotiis compertum est, in bello plurimum ingenium posse." Bellum Catilinarium, cap. I, 2. * Machiavelli's political treatises, his " Principe " and " Discorsi sopra Tito Livio," which appeared after his death, excited no scandal at the time of their publication.
Pagina xvi - Tranflations dircCt them immediately to the Order, in which Words are to be taken, and at the fame Time immediately fupply them with the Meaning of fuch Words as they want to know the Meaning of. All that has been faid upon this Head, appears to me fo very evident and inconteftable, that for my Part, I fee not how it can be difputed by any one.
Pagina xxiv - Tranflations, wherein' a good deal of Freedom is taken of departing from the Letter or Words of the Original, are at all for the Purpofe of fuch as have but little or no Knowledge of the Latin Tongue to begin with, in order to their learning of that Language. No. Such ought, in the firft Place,- to make Ufe of Literal Tranflations 'till they have got a pretty general Acquaintance with Words; after which, they may proceed to fuch as are free and proper, by the Help whereof they will re.
Pagina xix - I am fure, having received myfelf a great deal of Benefit from the Ufe of it in learning that Language. And Mr. Locke was fo fenfible of the vaft Help to be had from Literal...
Pagina xx - Tranfiations of Latin Authors ufeful only for the lower Forms of a School, but likewife for the higher, or fuch as can read them pretty well, without any fuch Help, as well to bring them to a more...
Pagina xxi - I fay, will be the moil ready expeditious Method that can be taken, at School however, to furnifh the Mind with a Plenty of Words, and a Variety of Phrafes and Expreffions for the fame Senfe, and that without any Danger of Error, which the Ufe of Dictionaries and Phrafe- books would be attended with.

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