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It warms me, it charms me,

To mention but her name:
It heats me, it beets me,

An' sets me a' on flame!

O all ye Pow'rs who rule above!
O Thou whose very self art love!
Thou know'st my words sincere!
The life-blood streaming thro' my heart,
Or my more dear immortal part,
Is not more fondly dear!
When heart-corroding care and grief
Deprive my soul of rest,

Her dear idea brings relief,

And solace to my breast.
Thou Being, All-seeing,

O hear my fervent pray'r;
Still take her, and make her
Thy most peculiar care!

All hail! ye tender feelings dear!
The smile of love, the friendly tear,

The sympathetic glow!

Long since, this world's thorny ways.
Had number'd out my weary days,

Had it not been for you!

Fate still has blest me with a friend,
In ev'ry care and ill;

And oft a more endearing band

A tie more tender still.

It lightens, it brightens
The tenebrific scene,

To meet with, and greet with
My Davie, or my Jean!

O, how that name inspires my style!
The words come skelpin, rank an' file,

Amaist before I ken!

The ready measure rins as fine,
As Phœbus an' the famous Nine

Were glowrin owre my pen.

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O Tron, who in the heavens does Swel

Who, as it pleases best Thysel,

Sends ane to heaven an' ten to bell

A' for Thy glory,

And no for any gude or

They've done afore Thee!

I bless and praise Thy matchless might.
When thousands Thou hast left in night,
That I am here afore Thy sight,

For gifts an' grace

A burning and a shining light

To a' this place.

What was I, or my generation,
That I should get sic exaltation,
I wha deserve most just damnation
For broken laws,

Five thousand years ere my creation,
Thro' Adam's cause?

When frae my mither's womb I fell, Thou might hae plungèd me in hell, To gnash my gums, to weep and wail, In burnin lakes,

Where damned devils roar and yell,

Chain'd to their stakes.

Yet I am here a chosen sample,

To show thy grace is great and ample;
I'm here a pillar o' Thy temple,

Strong as a rock,

A guide, a buckler, and example,

To a' Thy flock.

O Lord, Thou kens what zeal I bear, When drinkers drink, an' swearers swear, An' singin there, an' dancin here,

Wi' great and sma';

For I am keepit by Thy fear

Free frae them a'.

But yet, O Lord! confess I must,
At times I'm fash'd wi' fleshly lust:
An' sometimes, too, in warldly trust,
Vile self gets in;

But Thou remembers we are dust,

Defil'd wi' sin.

O Lord! yestreen, Thou kens, wi' Meg

Thy pardon I sincerely beg,

O! may't ne'er be a livin plague

To my dishonour,

An' I'll ne'er lift a lawless leg

Again upon her.

Besides, I farther maun allow,

Wi' Leezie's lass, three times I trow

But Lord, that Friday I was fou,

When I cam near her;

Or else, Thou kens, Thy servant true

Wad never steer her.

Va Ta es mis festiv thorn kufr Theraet and morn,

laxmi taut and high shou'd turn, That he's sae gifted:

b. That maur e er be borne, Tai That it it.

Ira nes The chosen in this place,
For here That has a chosen race:
But Gac contain: ter stubborn face,
Ar has their name,

W being The ears sgrace
Ar pubic shame.

Lord mind Gra Hamion's deserts; He drinks an swears an plays at cartes, Yet zas sie mor ZEZ KA

W great and sma',

Frae God's an prest the people's hearts He steals aw

An' when we dusend him therefor,
Thou kens bow be bred sic a spiore,
An' set the ward in a roar

O'laughing at us;—

Curse Thou his basket and his store,
Kai an' potatoes.

Lord, hear my earnest cry and pray't,

Against that Presbyt'ry o' Ayr;

Thy strong right hand, Lord, make it bare Upo' their heads;

Lord visit them, an' dinna spare,

For their misdeeds.

O Lord, my God! that glib-tongu'd Aiken,
My vera heart and flesh are quakin,
To think how we stood sweatin', shakin,
An' p-'d wi' dread,

While he, wi' hingin lip an' snakin,

Held up his head.

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