Global Social Policy and Governance

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SAGE, 6 apr 2007 - 223 pagine
"This book is very timely and addresses many issues that are en vogue at the moment. It relates social policy studies to other fields such as global governance and development studies and thus opens up new discussions in the subject area." --Dr. Antje Vetterlein, University of Oxford How do global actors contribute to national and international social policy? How have the terms of global social policy discourse shifted in recent years? Global Social Policy and Governance explores these issues and presents a critical analysis of policy-making in an interconnected world. The chapters caution against a superficial account of understanding global social policy and instead discuss the complexities and controversies surrounding the global actors shaping international policy. Key Features: Evaluates policies for social protection, health services and education put forward by global institutions Looks at policies addressing the essentials of global redistribution, global regulation, and global social rights Highlights the complexity of the networks of global actors; including NGOs, consultants, think tanks, task forces, and policy advocacy coalitions Explores the political obstacles to reforms in global social governance, and the growing importance of global social movements Presents arguments for a more effective development of global social policies Includes case studies, further reading sections, and a glossary Overall the book presents an authoritative understanding of the way social policies at national and supra-national level are shaped in the context of globalization. It is an essential text for students of Social Policy, Development Studies and International Relations. It will also be invaluable reading for those shaping social policies in international organizations and those in social movements seeking to influence them.

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The social policy of the World Bank
The social policy of the IMF the WTO and the OECD
The social policy of the UN and its social agencies
The social policy of international nonstate actors
Global redistribution regulation and rights
The governance of global and regional social policy
Conclusions and implications for the analysis

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Bob Deacon is Professor of Social Policy, Director of the International Social Policy Research Unit (ISPRU) and manages the Globalism and Social Policy Programme (GASPP) which is based both in Finland and the UK. Michelle Hulse and Paul Stubbs are both research assistants with ISPRU.

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