Memorial of the Most Reverend Father in God Thomas Cranmer, Sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury: Wherein the History of the Church, and Reformation of It, During the Primacy of the Said Archbishop, are Greatly Illustrated; and Many Singular Matters Relating Thereunto, Now First Published (1694.)

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Clarendon Press, 1812

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Pagina 827 - any graven image, nor the likenes of any thing, that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor in the water under the earth. Thou
Pagina 823 - even, until this time, the Fonts were hallowed in every church, and many Collects and other prayers were read for them that were baptized. But alas ! in vain, and as it were a mocking with God. For at
Pagina 1031 - and perceived of every reader : ' which was nothing but the edification or amendment of ' the life of them that read or hear it. Who is it, that ' reading, or hearing read in the
Pagina 964 - The effects of falvation they fo mingle and confound with the caufe, that if it be not feen to, more hurt will come by them, than ever came by the
Pagina 1028 - and read in the Saxons tongue, which at that time was our mother tongue : whereof there remain yet divers copies, found lately in old Abbies, of
Pagina 973 - he was, in this thing to be of a contrary opinion. If then it were a truth of Gods word, think you, that the Alteration of the world can make it now an untruth ? If it cannot, why do
Pagina 964 - pray you to cry to God for us, as we, God willing, do and wil remember you. My brethren here with me have thought it their duty to fignify this need to be no lefs,
Pagina 881 - commonly through the world. Thus would it grieve any one, that good is, to hear tel. For al the homilies and good books, yet their hearts be
Pagina 880 - III. Its meet for every man on this matter to talk, And the glorious gofpel ghoftly to have in mind, It is fothe faid that
Pagina 833 - you wot not [what. The Scripture maketh mention of two places, where the Dead be received after this life. Viz. of Heaven, and of Hel : but of Purgatory is not one word

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