The Coast Artillery Journal, Volume 57

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Coast Artillery Training Center, 1922

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Pagina 93 - I am no travelor for I neaver was 50 Miles from whare I was born in no direction, & I am no grate reader of antiant history for I always followed hard labour for a living. But I always thought it My duty to search into & see for my selfe in all maters that consansed me as a member of society...
Pagina 222 - York, be for the future annexed to and continued under the government of our territory and dominion of New England, our will and pleasure is that you forthwith deliver or cause to be delivered our said fort and country of Pemaquid with the great guns...
Pagina 222 - Governm' of our territory & dominion of New England our will & pleafure is that you forthwith Deliver or caufe to be delivered our faid fFort & Country of Pemaquid with the Create...
Pagina 5 - ... fell down with the tide to Hogg Island, and the next morning the tide brought them to Mulberry Island, where they met the Virginia, in which Lord De la Warr had sent Captain Edward Brewster, with letters to Sir Thomas Gates, instructing him to return to Jamestown. " And Gates the very next day, to the great grief of all his company (only except Captain John Martin), as wind and weather gave leave, returned his whole company with charge to take possession again of those poor ruinated habitations...
Pagina 222 - Chief there, for the time being, or to such person or persons, as they shall impower to receive the same, and for so doing, this shall be your warrant.
Pagina 407 - The property at stake exposed to easy capture and destruction would amount to billions of dollars, and the contributions which could be levied by a hostile fleet upon our sea-ports should be reckoned at hundreds of millions. It is impossible to understand the supineness which has kept this nation quiet — allowing its floating and shore defenses to become obsolete and effete — without making an effort to keep progress with the age, while other nations, besides constructing powerful navies, have...
Pagina 6 - Riuer ; they stand in a wholsome aire, hauing plentie of Springs of sweet water, they command a great circuit of ground, containing Wood, Pasture and Marsh, with apt places for Vines, Corne and Gardens ; in which Forts it is resolued, that all those that come out of England, shall be at their first landing quartered, that the wearisomnesse of the Sea may bee refreshed in this pleasing part of the Countrie.
Pagina 270 - In undertaking a reconnaissance an artillery commander should have a clear idea in his mind of the general plan of action and of the task to be accomplished by the force under his command. Unembarrassed by details, he should study the tactical situation and the lay of the ground, select the position with a view to carrying out his special mission, and arrange for the necessary preparatory dispositions. The details of securing information, etc., should be performed by reconnaissance officers and scouts.
Pagina 12 - ... of the fort at Point Comfort into the river and most of our Timber which was very chargeably brought thither to perfect it, had it been finished and a garrison in it they had been stormed by such an enemy as no power but God's can restrain and in all likelyhood drowned.
Pagina 5 - ... to gather other fire-wood; and, it is true, the Indian as fast killing without as the famine and pestilence within.

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