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ź Here consummate in joy and peace,

We hail that wounded, bleeding heart,
Where, fav'd from fin, we'll never cease

To praise the Lamb, our better part. 3 Now all things in one period turn; Sin dares no more to show its head

; No morë' we want, nor sigh, nór mourn;

On ev'ry foe, we conq'ring tread.
4 The end is come, God hath appear'd,

Assum'd our flesh, and blood, and bone ;'
The body in his love, prepar'd,

Is that, where Christ and we are one. 5 O death ! where's now thy fting and curse?

Where's now thy boasted pow'r and might? We feel no more the dread remorse,

Nor can thy terrors us affright. 6 Glory to our incarnate God!

We're fav'd in him ; the work is done ;
He leads us, by the Saviour's blood,
Up to the glories of his throne.
HYMN CXLIV. s. M. [weszer's coit.]

Way, Truth and Life.
I AM, faith Chrift, the Way :

Now if we credit him,
All otħer paths must lead astray,

How fair foe'er they seem.
9 I am, faith Christ, the Truth :

Then all that lacks this test,
Proceed-it from an angel's mouth,
Is but a lie at beft,

3 I am, faith Christ, the Life :

Let this be seen by faith ;,
It follows, without further strife;

That all besides is death.
4. If what those words ave!,

The Holy Ghoft apply;
The fimple christian shall not err,
Nor be deceiv'd, nor die.

HYMN CXLV. L.M. (DODDRIDGE.] Wisdom, Righteousness, San£tification and Redemp.

tion. My God, afîit me, while I raise

An anthem of harmonious praise ; My heart thy wonders shall proclaim,

And spread its banners in thy name. 2 In Chrift, I view a store divine ;

My Father, all that store is thine ;
By thee prepar'd, by thee bestow'd ;

Hail to the Saviour, and the God !
3 When gloomy shades my soul o'erspread,

“ Let there be light,” th' Almighty faid ; And Christ, my fun, his beams displays,

And fcatters round celestial rays. 4 Condemn'd, thy criminal I stood,

And awful justice ask'd my blood;
The welcome Saviour from thy throne,
Brought righteousness and pardon down.
5 My soul was all o'erspread with fin,

And lo, his hath made me clean :
He rescues from ch' infernal foe,
And full redemption will bestow.


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6 Ye faints, afff my grateful tongue :

Ye angels, warble back my song :
For love like this, demands the praise
Of heav'nly harps, and endless days.

By Jesus, we have received the atonement.

W is our nature spoil'd by lin!

Yet nature ne'er hath found
The way, to make the conscience clean,

Or heal the painful wound.
2 In vain we feck for peace with God,

By methods of our own :
Jefus, there's nothing but thy blood,

Can bring us near the throne.
3 The threat'nings of the broken lav

Impress our fouls with dread:
If God his fword of vengeance draw,

It strikes our fpirits dead.
4 But thine illustrious facrifice,

Hath answer'd these demands :
And peace

and pardon from the skies
Come down by Jesus' hand.
5 Here all the ancient types agree,

The altar, and the Lamb:
And prophets in their visions see

Salvation, through his name.
6 'Tis by thy death, we live, O Lord;

'Tis on thy cross we rest : Forever be thy love ador'd, Thy name forever blelta


L. M.


Acceptance in the atonement of the Beloved.


Great God, before thine awful bar? How may the guilty hope to find

Acceptance with th' eternal mind ?
2 Not vows, nor groans, nor broken cries,

Not the most costly facrifice,
Not infant blood profusely spilt,

Will expiate a finner's guilt.
3 Thy blood, dear Jesus, thine alone,

Hath fov’reign virtue to atone :
Here we will rest our only plea,
When we approach, great God to thee.

The Counsels of Redeeming Love.
'HE Eternal speaks : All heav'n attends ;

Who that unhappy race defends,
While justice aims the blow?
See nature tremble at their fates :
Death with his iron sceptre waits :

her adamantine gates,
And triumpks at their woe.
2. Which of the bright celestial throng,

With love so warm, and heart so strong,
Dares languish on a crois ?
Who can leave liberty for chains ?
Abandon ecitacy, for paits ?
What angel fortitude sustains
Th'inestimable lofs.'



Hell opes

3 He said: And death-like silence reign’d:

Deep was their awe : The radiant band,
The mighty talk' declin'd.
Ai once, heavin's Prince the silence broke,
And ardent, thus, the Sire bespoke,
“None, but shy Son can ward the stroke ;
Then let the task be mine.
Mine, be the feeble infant state ;
Mine, in return for love, be bate;
A manger be my throne.
Pain, when thy glory calls, is bliss ;
When man's in danger, torture's peace ;
Shame praise ; a paradise th' abyís :

Then yield thy darling Son."
s Th' Almighty radiance smil'd affent :

Loud was the thout that ether rent:
All hear'a was in amaze.
Go, my lor'd image, said the Sire ;
Be born, in anguish to expire :"
Earth triumph : Angels Atrike the lyre,
To everlasting praise.

Jefus Christ, the Redeemer.
N mine own fiesh I see

My dear Redeemer, God :
And in that body he
Redeem'd me, by his blood :
Made one, no more to part again,

With him I ever shall remain. 2 Bone of his bone I am,

And evermore shall be ?

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