Medical and Philosophical Commentaries, Volume 5

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Pagina 12 - ... system ; whence, by the intervention of the cold stage and spasm connected with it, the action of the heart and larger arteries is increased, and continues so, till it has had the effect of restoring the energy of the brain, of extending this energy to the extreme vessels, of restoring...
Pagina 315 - Nitrous acid diffolves both pus and mucus ; water added to the folution of pus, produces a precipitate, and the fluid above becomes clear and green, while water and the folution of mucus form a dirty coloured fluid. 5. Alkaline lixivium diffolves (though fometimes with difficulty) mucus, and generally pus. 6. Water precipitates pus from fuch a folution, but does not mucus.
Pagina 124 - Drew╗) the other the air was sucked out which had been ' v thrown in by the former, without mixing them together. The muzzle of these bellows was fixed into the trachea of a dog, and by working them he was kept perfectly alive. While this artificial breathing was going on, the sternum was taken off, so that the heart and lungs were exposed to view.
Pagina 316 - ... of fea fait. 4. Nitrous acid diffolves both pus and mucus. Water added to the folution of pus, produces a precipitate, and the fluid above becomes clear and green, while water and the folution of mucus form a turbid dirty-coloured fluid.
Pagina 94 - The frequency and feverity of the fits abated confiderably ; and he continued *.• . . . i .. . x m ' ╗, improving gradually until, at the end of eighteen .months, he was reftored to perfect health; which he has enjoyed, without the leaft interruption, till now, except when he has been tempted (perhaps once in a twelvemonth) to tranfgrefs rules, by making a large meal on...
Pagina 129 - ... be thrown into the lungs, and that sucked out of the lungs discharged into the room. The pipe of these should be flexible, in length a foot or a foot and a half, and at least...
Pagina 30 - Some late experiments in the small pox and in continued fevers, show that the free admission of cool air to the body, is a powerful remedy in moderating the violence of reaction ; but what is the mode of its operation, to what circumstances of fever it is peculiarly adapted, or what limitations it requires, I shall not venture to determine, till more particularly instructed by further experience.
Pagina 359 - In fome perfons there is a certain vigorous and plethoric ftate of the fyftem, which, at a certain period of life, is liable to a lofs of tone in the extremities. This is, in fome meafure, communicated to the whole fyftem, but appears more efpecially in the functions of the ftomach. When this lofs of tone occurs while the energy of the brain ftill retains its vigour, the vis...
Pagina 92 - Once or twice it came on in bed, but did not o* blige him to fit up, as it was then attended with no great difficulty in breathing. In the afternoon fits, his greateft eafe was from a fupine pofture ; in which he ufed to continue motionlefs for fome hours, until, quite fpent and worn out with...
Pagina 23 - ... and very constantly upon one or other of the critical days which fall within that period : but it is very rare, in this climate, that cases of either the typhus or synochus terminate before the eleventh day ; and when they do terminate on this day, it is for the most part fatally. When they are protracted beyond this time, I have very constantly found, that their terminations were upon the fourteenth, seventeenth, or twentieth day.

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