What's the Point?

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Kevin S. Gallagher, 11 apr 2007 - 130 pagine
Inspiring and deeply moving, Kevin S. Gallagher presents life as if it were a bible story waiting to be interpreted and learned. He examines the world around him and shares his strength and guidance from his relationship with the Lord in What's the point? (A Short Attention Span Journey to the God You Never Knew You Had) his debut collection of over thirty spiritual essays with themes ranging from child abuse to war to the folly of youth. Ultimately, he shares a powerful message of inspiration and hope.

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Wounded Victory
Dare to Dream
Tasting Success
Stretching Your Faith
Hidden Treasure 15
Influence 19
No More 21
Forgiven 25
Exit Strategy 59
Untamed Priorities 61
Freedoms a Fraud 63
Long Road Home 67
Cocoon 71
Driving Blind 75
Politics and Religion 77
Empty Nest 81

Deep Fried Repentance 29
Ignorant Faith 33
Mountain Molding 37
Redemption 41
Inside Out 45
Follow The Leader 47
The Prodigal Toddler 83
Who Am I? 87
When the Clouds Roll In 91
Looks are deceiving 93
Growing Old Early 97

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Informazioni sull'autore (2007)

With ceaseless faith, Kevin Gallagher is a proud father and grandfather. Currently he and his wife reside in Ft. Worth, Texas. This is his first collection of essays.

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