Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace: From the University to the Workplace

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Lowry, Glenn R., Turner, Rodney L.
Idea Group Inc (IGI), 31 mag 2007 - 442 pagine
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Since its beginnings, the growth and development of the information systems and technology industry has been limited and shaped by the availability of sufficient numbers of skilled technical and professional workers.Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace presents a multifaceted, global view of the human dynamics of education, supply, demand, and career development in the information systems and technology industry.

Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace exhibits a range of cultural and stakeholder perspectives, focusing on the profession, the professionals, the perspectives of students and new graduates, and common issues and challenges ahead. Information Systems and Technology Education: From the University to the Workplace provides an improved synopsis to understand and meet the challenges of providing improved integration between the stakeholders in planning, and improving their contribution to educating and employing an optimal supply of information systems and technology graduates in the decades to come.


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Perspectives Across Gender and Time
Chapter II Leveraging Diversity in Information Systems and Technology Education in the Global Workplace
Information Systems Academics Core Competency?
Aligning Curriculum with Industry Requirements
Chapter V Globalising Software Development in the Local Classroom
Getting the Process Right for Information and Communication Technology Students
The Student Perspective
Chapter VIII Aligning Learning with Industry Requirements
Chapter XII IndustryAcademic Partnerships in Information Systems Education
An Exploratory Study of a Management Model
Issues Needs and Approaches
What is Required by Information Systems Graduates to Work in a Collaborative Information Systems Workplace?
ConceptOriented Course Architecture Towards a Methodology for Designing and Teaching Information System Courses
Insights from a UK Survey with Small Business Managers
Chapter XVIII Teaching Business Intelligence in Higher Education
Compilation of References

Chapter IX Relevance of Computing Programmes to Industry Needs in Jordans Higher Education Institutes
Is Education the Bridge?
Chapter XI Experiential Group Learning for Developing Competencies in Usability Practice
About the Contributors

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Glenn Lowry is a professor of management information systems at the College of Business and Economics, United Arab Emirates University, where he was the Foundation Executive Director of the MBA program. He holds a PhD from Rutgers University. A charter member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS), Dr. Lowry has held a number of senior academic posts in Australia and the U.S. His research and teaching interests include software engineering, systems development, organizational technology uptake and change management, diffusion of innovation, and research methods. An editor of the Journal of Information Technology Education and member of the editorial board of the Journal for Information Technology Theory and Application, Dr. Lowry has authored or edited six books and more than 80 refereed papers in the discipline.

Rodney L. Turner is a lecturer in information systems at Victoria University in Melbourne. He holds a PhD in information systems from Monash University, as well as master?s degrees in education from Monash and in information systems from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. Apart from Victoria University, he has held teaching positions at RMIT and at Swinburne University. He has also worked on Australian aid projects in the Philippines and in China involving information technology (IT). His research interests are in information systems education and technology (IS&T) acceptance in developing nations. He has authored more than 20 papers. [Editor]

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