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"The professed design of the editor is excellent; to illustrate only the real difficulties and peculiarities of the language, and give such historical information as is necessary for schools. In very concise notes, the peculiar style of Sallust is illustrated, grammatical difficulties resolved, geographical and historical aid given, orthographical archaisms noted, and the different readings of other editions occasionally mentioned and estimated. The text which this editor has followed is that of Cortius, as it is given in Hunter's edition.

"The notes are in English, and, we think, properly; for boys will seldom be persuaded to take the pains necessary for understanding the meaning of the best commentary if written in Latin. They appear to be judiciously made; when selected from Cortius they cannot be useless.

"It is not easy to give a specimen of this work; but we hesitate not to say, that for the use of schools it is the most useful and correct edition, which we have yet seen, of this pular and excellent author."

Monthly Anthology, for July, 1809.


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