History of Europe (from 1789 to 1815).

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Pagina 305 - We swear to be faithful to the nation, to the law, and to the king ; and to maintain with all our power the constitution decreed by the National Assembly and accepted by the king ; and to remain united to all Frenchmen, by the indissoluble ties of fraternity.
Pagina 345 - ... destroyed every hold of authority by opinion, religious or civil, on the minds of the people. By this mad declaration they...
Pagina 412 - Sire," replied the President Vergniaud, "you may rely on the firmness of the National Assembly ; its members have sworn to die in defence of the rights of the people, and of the constituted authorities ; it will remain firm at its post : we will die rather than abandon it.
Pagina 86 - In this choice of inheritance we have given to our frame of polity the image of a relation in blood; binding up the constitution of our country with our dearest domestic ties; adopting our fundamental laws into the bosom of our family affections...
Pagina 590 - ... their discontent and the repugnance which they have to bear arms against their brothers, the French. Well ! we will fly to their succour ; we will make a descent on the island ; we will lodge there fifty thousand caps of liberty ; we will plant there the sacred tree, and we will stretch out our arms to our republican brethren ; the tyranny of their Government will soon be destroyed. Let every one of us be strongly impressed with this idea ! — MONGE.
Pagina 587 - ... which have appeared there, of an intention to excite disturbances in other countries, — to disregard the rights of neutral nations, and...
Pagina 289 - They certainly never have suffered and never will suffer the fixed estate of the church to be converted into a pension, to depend on the treasury, and to be delayed, withheld, or perhaps to be extinguished by fiscal difficulties...
Pagina 5 - Exsequi sententias haud institui nisi insignes per honestum aut notabili dedecore, quod praecipuum munus annalium reor, ne virtutes sileantur, utque pravis dictis factisque ex posteritate et infamia metus sit.
Pagina 86 - Parliament, do pray that it may be declared and enacted that all and singular the rights and liberties asserted and claimed in the said declaration are the true, ancient and indubitable rights and liberties of the people of this Kingdom...
Pagina 589 - ... previous to the commencement of hostilities, and with a view, if possible, to avert them ; and the nature and amount of the forces which the powers engaged in this concert might be enabled to use, supposing such extremities unavoidable.

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