The Art of Preserving the Hair: On Philosophical Principles

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Pagina 3 - How charming is divine Philosophy! Not harsh and crabbed, as dull fools suppose, But musical as is Apollo's lute, And a perpetual feast of nectar'd sweets, Where no crude surfeit reigns.
Pagina 201 - If a man also or a woman have in the skin of their flesh bright spots, even white bright spots...
Pagina 242 - When Louis VII, to obey the injunctions of his bishops, cropped his hair, and shaved his beard, Eleanor, his consort, found him, with this unusual appearance, very ridiculous, and soon very contemptible. She revenged herself as she thought proper, and the poor shaved king obtained a divorce. She then married the Count of Anjou, afterwards our Henry [I.
Pagina 228 - ... makes it look like white wool! and on their cheeks to their chins, unmercifully laid on, a shining red japan, that glistens in a most flaming manner, so that they seem to have no resemblance to human faces, and I am apt to believe took the first hint of their dress from a fair sheep newly ruddled. 'Tis with pleasure I recollect my dear pretty countrywomen...
Pagina 149 - The trouble, also, of keeping long hair sufficiently clean, and the length of time necessary for this . purpose, is often a cause of much ill humour, and many cross words, which would be better avoided, between children and their attendants.
Pagina 258 - twere vain to tell, But gaze on that of the Gazelle, It will assist thy fancy well, As large, as languishingly dark, But Soul beam'd forth in every spark...
Pagina 243 - Mrs. Thomas, the Corinna of Cromwell, the literary friend of Pope, by her account, " was very nice in the mode of that age, his valet being some hours every morning in starching his beard and curling his whiskers; during which time he was always read to.
Pagina 257 - ... does so, it never grows any longer, but remains stationary. The Circassian method of treating the eyelashes is founded on this principle. The careful mother removes with a pair of scissors the forked and gossamer-like points (not more) of the eyelashes, and every time this is done their growth js renewed, and they become long, close, finely curved, and of a silky gloss.
Pagina 108 - The lark, partridge, hare, are the colour of the dry vegetables or earth on which they rest. And frogs vary their colour with the mud of the streams which they frequent; and those which live on trees are green. Fish, which are generally suspended in water, and swallows, which are generally suspended in air, have their backs the colour of the distant ground, and their bellies of the sky. In the colder climates many of these become white during the existence of the snows. Hence there is apparent design...
Pagina 236 - The ladies' hair was curled and frizzled with the nicest art, and they frequently set it off with heartbreakers.! Sometimes a string of pearls, or an ornament of riband, was worn on the head ; and, in the latter part of this reign, hoods of various kinds were in fashion.

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