Athenian Sport: Or, Two Thousand Paradoxes Merrily Argued, to Amuse and Divert the Age ...

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B. Bragg, 1707 - 544 pagine

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Pagina 352 - And well fixed, art alone of ending not afraid. Ere Time and Place were, Time and Place were not, When primitive Nothing Something straight begot; Then all proceeded from the great united What.
Pagina 386 - Lets in new light through chinks that Time has made: Stronger by weakness, wiser, men become As they draw near to their eternal home. Leaving the old, both worlds at once they view That stand upon the threshold of the new.
Pagina 26 - And the city had no need of the sun neither of the moon, to shine in it ; for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it : and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.
Pagina 242 - From fix i' th' hundred, to fix hundred more ? Indulge, and to thy genius freely give ; For, not to live at eafe, is not to live ; Death ftalks behind thee, and each flying hour Does fome loofe remnant of thy life devour. Live, while thou liv'ft ; for death will make us all A name, a nothing but an old wife's tale. Speak ; wilt thou Avarice, or Pleafure, chufe To be thy lord ? Take one, and one refufe.
Pagina 84 - Hail, the poor muse's richest manor seat! Ye country houses and retreat, Which all the happy gods so love, That for you oft they quit their bright and great Metropolis above.
Pagina 96 - ... ignorant : Active and Experienced men rail against them, because they love in their liveless and decrepit age, when all goodness leaves them. These envious Libellers ballad against them, because having nothing in themselves able to deserve their love, they maliciously discommend all they cannot obtain, thinking to make men believe they know much, because they are able to dispraise much, and rage against Inconstancy, when they were never admitted into so much favour as to be forsaken. In mine...
Pagina 388 - And, to relieve their weariness, By turns give one another ease ; So all those false alarms of strife Between the husband and the wife, And little quarrels, often prove To be but new recruits of love ; When those who 're always kind or coy, In time must either tire or cloy.
Pagina 176 - O ye papists, behold ye look for miracles, and here now you may see a miracle : for in this fire I feel no more pain, than if I were in a bed of down ; but it is to me as a bed of roses.
Pagina 181 - Out, out, hyaena ! these are thy wonted arts, And arts of every woman false like thee, To break all faith, all vows, deceive, betray, Then as repentant to submit...
Pagina 220 - When Providence our sire did cleave, And out of Adam carved Eve. Then did man 'bout wedlock treat To make his body up complete. Thus matrimony •speaks but thee In a grave solemnity ; For man and wife make but one right Canonical hermaphrodite. Ravel thy body, and I find In every limb a double kind. Who would not think that head a pair, That breeds such...