G-spot (Punto G - Point G) does not exist: claims published by Beverly Whipple, Emmanuele Jannini, Odile Buisson, Helen O’Connell et al. have no scientific basis: Journal sexual medicine and Irwin Goldstein vs women sexual health. G-spot is only a business: is it a scientific fraud?

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Vincenzo Puppo, 25 apr 2014 - 150 pagine

Lesson with 150 pages and 30 figures. G-spot (Punto G - Point G) does not exist: is it a scientific fraud?

Grafenberg did not describe a vaginal spot or the G-spot in his 1950 article. Grafenberg did describe some cases of female and male urethral masturbation. The claims that were made in the numerous articles that have been written by Beverly Whipple, Emmanuele Jannini, Odile Buisson, Helen O’Connell, Stuart Brody, Adam Ostrzenski, Irwin Goldstein, Chiara Simonelli, and others have no scientific basis. G-spot amplification is an unnecessary medical procedure, and the supposed G-spot should not be identified with Grafenberg’s name. Vaginal orgasm does not have any scientific basis and is a theory that was invented by Freud. Clitoral/vaginal/uterine orgasm, G-/A-/C-/U-/K-/O-/DVZ-spot orgasm, female ejaculation, persistent genital arousal disorder, premature female orgasm, clitoral bulbs, clitoral complex, internal clitoris, Halban’s fascia and vaginal anterior fornix erogenous zone, genitosensory component of the vagus nerve, pubococcygeus muscle, premature ejaculation, FSFI, are terms that must not be used by gynecologists, urologists, sexologists, sexual medicine experts and mass-media. Sexologists must to teach boys how stimulate the clitoris and labia minora, and that the clitoral stimulation with a finger simultaneous with vaginal/anal intercourse facilitates or allows the female orgasm. G-spot is only a business: is it a scientific fraud? Over the past years there have been articles published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine claiming to have proved the presence of G-spot in women. Are Helen O’Connell, Emmanuele Jannini, Odile Buisson, Beverly Whipple, Stuart Brody, Adam Ostrzenski et al. articles passed really from a peer review process? The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Editor: Dr. Irwin Goldstein) appears fixated on this topic, but these articles can to promote unnecessary cosmetic genital procedures or sex toys, and they makes women anxious about their bodies and sexual experiences. Irwin Goldstein vs women sexual health: The Journal of Sexual Medicine rejected, without scientific motivations, 32 manuscripts submitted by Vincenzo Puppo (but then they have been accepted by other Journals: see in Pubmed or in ResearchGate http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vincenzo_Puppo/ ). Emails from Irwin Goldstein to Vincenzo Puppo.


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