Super-state: Britain and the Drive to a New Europe

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Bloomsbury Academic, 23 lug 2004 - 212 pagine
Europe's divergence from America, on issues like war with Iraq and trade competition, is becoming increasingly ill-tempered. With the Euro flourishing and a European defence force a real prospect, Europe is now a recognizable political entity on the world scene. A population of over 300 million and the world's largest economy have already turned the EU into a super-power, but it is now on the verge of being a super-state. Haseler examines why the new European super-state has emerged, how it will inevitably rival the USA and how the Americans are reacting to this new world player. Super-State explores what this new EU super-state means for the citizens of Europe and their attitudes to America, looking specifically at how Eurosceptic Britain will fit into this new structure.

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Stephen Haseler is Professor of Government Studies at London Guildhall University. He is the author of The End of the House of Windsor and The Battle for Britain (both I.B.Tauris).

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