Subversion of Immune Cell Signalling by Parasites: Volume 41, Symposia of the British Society for Parasitology

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William Harnett, Les Chappell
Cambridge University Press, 30 gen 2006 - 69 pagine
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One of the most studied fields within the discipline of parasitology is immunoparasitology. The main emphasis is understanding the interaction between the host immune system and the invading parasite in order that information can be gained to aid parasite control and hence improve human health. The articles contained within this volume were produced by speakers (and their colleagues) at the 2004 British Society for Parasitology Autumn Symposium on 'Subversion of immune cell signalling by parasites'. Together they provide an introduction to the topic as well as detailed insights into the immune subversion mechanisms employed by eukaryotic parasites.

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List of contributions
ES62 a phosphorylcholinecontaining
Constitutively activated CK2 potentially

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