A Provincial Glossary: With a Collection of Local Proverbs, and Popular Superstitions

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S. Hooper, 1790 - 57 pagine

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Pagina 33 - All hail to the moon, all hail to thee ; I prithee, good moon, reveal to me This night who my husband shall be.
Pagina ccxlvii - A gammon of bacon you shall receive, And bear it hence with love and good leave ; For this is our custom...
Pagina cclxi - Among others came in before him an old man with a white head, and one that was thought to be little less than a hundred years old.
Pagina 32 - This knot I knit, To know the thing I know not yet, That I may see The man that shall my husband be: How he goes, and what he wears, And what he does all days and years.
Pagina cclxi - More saw this aged man, he thought it expedient to hear him say his mind in this matter, for, being so old a man, it was likely that he knew most of any man in that presence and company. So Master More called this old aged man unto him, and said, father...
Pagina 19 - ... charm, or sorcery, whereby any person shall be killed, destroyed, wasted, consumed, pined, or lamed in his or her body, or any part thereof...
Pagina 19 - ... wicked spirit to or for any intent or purpose; or take up any dead man, woman, or child out of his, her, or their grave, or any other place where the dead body resteth, or the skin, bone, or any other part of any dead person...
Pagina cccxiii - And when he was Governor of the Low Countries, with the high title of his Excellency, disusing his own coat of the green lion, with two tails, he signed all instruments with the crest of the bear and ragged staff. He was then suspected by many of his jealous adversaries to hatch an ambitious design to make himself absolute commander (as the lion is king of beasts) over the Low Countries...
Pagina 30 - ... be seen to turn aside, through some by-path leading to the church, the following corpse will be found to take exactly the same way. Sometimes these candles point out the places where persons shall sicken and die. They have also appeared on the bellies of pregnant women previous to their delivery; and predicted the drowning of persons passing a ford.
Pagina 46 - When the corpse is lifted, the bed-straw, on which the deceased lay, is carried out and burnt in a place where no beast can come near it ; and they pretend to find next morning-, in the ashes, the print of the foot of that person in the family who shall first die.

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