The Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America

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Railway Age Publishing Company, 1885

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Pagina 7 - Library on or before the last date stamped below. A fine of five cents a day is mcurr by retaining it beyond the specif time.
Pagina 236 - Quartermaster, Louisville, Ky., and in charge of the examination and payment of all railroad accounts for transportation of Government supplies.
Pagina 22 - RR, by virtue of his office as governor of Georgia, the road being owned by the state; from 1870 to date has been president of the company.
Pagina 47 - Wie.; 1862 to 18T3, chief train dispatcher, and 1873 to 1874, assistant superintendent Chicago division, same road; 1874 to 1883, chief train dispatcher Winona & St. Peter Ry; November 1, 1883 to date, superintendent, as above.
Pagina 22 - April 1877 to July 1883, works manager workshops Grand Trunk Ry. Montreal, Canada; July 1, 1883 to date, mechanical superintendent, as above. Brown, George F., General Superintendent Puttman'
Pagina 172 - May 9, 1881, master of transportation Norfolk & Petersburg and South Side divisions same road; May 1876 to May 1881, secretary to receivers...
Pagina 260 - BE; 4 years telegraph operator, 14 years train dispatcher MahonIng division, 9 months assistant superintendent same division, and since October 1, 1882, superintendent, as above.
Pagina 252 - July 1803 to April 1883, on Grand Trunk Ry; 8 months brakeman, 2 years freight clerk, Cobourg, 5 months freight clerk, Toronto, 1 year foreman freight department, Toronto, 1 year yardmaster same place, 2 years conductor, 6 months night station master, Toronto, 8J years station master, Stratford, fij...
Pagina 95 - July 1869, clerk freight auditing department; July 1869 to July 1879, general ticket agent: July 1879 to date, general passenger and ticket agent.
Pagina 258 - Ry Co; 1876 to March 1878, secretary freight pools St. Louis Rys; March 1878 to July 1884, auditor Hannibal & St. Joseph RR Co; August 1884 to date, auditor, as first above.

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