The Compleat Angler, Or The Contemplative Mans̓ Recreation: Being a Discourse of Fish and Fishing, Not Unworthy the Perusal of Most Anglers

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A. & C. Black, 1653 - 246 pagine

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Pagina 79 - Angle, for a companion that is cheerful, and free from swearing and scurrilous discourse, is worth gold. I love such mirth as does not make friends ashamed to look upon one another next morning ; nor men that cannot well bear it, to repent the money they spend...
Pagina 63 - ... left this place, and entered into the next field, a second pleasure entertained me : 'twas a...
Pagina 31 - And the good old man, though he was very learned, yet knowing that God leads us not to heaven by many, nor by hard questions, like an honest Angler, made that good, plain, unperplexed Catechism which is printed with our good old Servicebook.
Pagina 62 - Look you, Scholar, thereabout we shall have a bite presently, or not at all: have with you Sir ! o
Pagina 53 - ... as a snail moves, to that chub you intend to catch ; let your bait fall gently upon the water three or four inches before him, and he will infallibly take the bait.
Pagina 60 - But what say you now ? there is a trout now, and a good one, too, if I can but hold him, and two or three turns more will tire him. Now you see he lies still, and the sleight is to land him. Reach me that landingnet.
Pagina 35 - Let me live harmlessly, and near the brink Of Trent or Avon, have a dwelling place ; Where I may see my quill or cork down sink With eager bite of Perch, or Bleak, or Dace, And on the World and my Creator think ; Whilst some men strive ill-gotten goods t' embrace And others spend their time in base excess Of wine, or worse, in war and wantonness.
Pagina 12 - ... it, that Seth, one of the sons of Adam, taught it to his sons, and that by them it was derived to posterity: others say that he left it engraven on those pillars which he erected, and trusted to preserve the knowledge of the...
Pagina 65 - I know it now. I learned the first part in my golden age, when I was about the age of my poor daughter; and the latter part, which indeed fits me best now, but two or three years ago, when the cares of the world began to take hold of me: but you shall, God willing, hear them both, and sung as well as we can, for we both love anglers. Come, Maudlin, sing the first part to the gentlemen...
Pagina 77 - His pride is in his tillage, His horses and his cart: Then care away, And wend along with me. Our clothing is good sheepskins, Grey russet for our wives, High trolollie lollie loe, High trolollie lee.

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