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Grateful acknowledgment is herewith made to the Rev. Frank S. Hunnewell for valuable critical aid in the preparation of this book.

Most hearty thanks are extended to Mr. John B. Pratt for practical advice and co-operation.

The editor also desires to extend his sincere thanks to those who have given free permission for the use of copyright hymns. To the “Continent” for hymn No. 359. To the Rev. H. L. Crain for hymn No. 353. To the Rt. Rev. William C. Doane for hymn No. 10, Messrs. E. P. Dutton & Co. for the late Bishop Brooks' hymn No. 95, Rev. Washington Gladden for No. 312, Messrs. Houghton Mifflin & Co. for the hymns of Mr. John G. Whittier, Nos. 61, 104, 179, 229, 286 and 355, and hymns of the late Rev. Samuel Longfellow, Nos. 41, 148, 153, 197, 226, 310, 329, 358, 422 and to Rev. Ernest W. Shurtleff for No. 339.

Most grateful thanks are also due to owners of copyright tunes (in many cases gratuitously given) for granting permission for their use. Acknowledgment is made by the usual notice of ownership printed under each tune.

The editor wishes to express his appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Arthur Cottman for the tunes “Beachley,” “Dalehurst,' “Eversly,” and “Mirfield.” Also to The Psalms & Hymns Trust (London) for “Evening Shadows.''

Cordial thanks are also tendered for courtesies extended by Rev. W. Garett Horder, Rev. William P. Merrill, Rev. John S. B. Hodges and Mr. Charles Vincent, Mus. Doc.

Every effort has been made to ascertain the authors and owners of copyright hymns and tunes. If in any case the compiler has infringed on proprietary rights he begs to offer an apology, and Till rectify any omissions in subsequent editions.

[blocks in formation]

Miles Lane 1

. All hail the power of Jesus'.. 136 Rev. E. Perronet

Coronation 2

All my heart this night.... 99 Rev. P. Gerhardt Stella

All praise to Thee, my God.. 34 Bp. Thomas Ken Evening Hymn

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!. 131 Tr, Rev. Pott Victory

Alleluia! Alleluia! hearts.... 130 Bp. C. Wordsworth Lux Eoi

Alleluia! song of gladness... 67 Rev. J. M. Neale Havilah


A. Cottman

T. A. Jeffery

Sir A. Sullivan

H. Smart

S. S. Wesley

A. Cottman

C. Burney

H. Lahee

E. W. Bullinger

H. W. Baker

Conrad Kocher

W. B. Bradbury

G. Josephi

H. J. E. Holmes

H. A. Prothero

German Melody

F, M. A. Venua

s. Weeks

G. E. Handel

Am I a soldier of the cross .. 321 Rev. I. Watts Mirfield

Ancient of days who sittest.. 10 Bp. W. C. Doane Ancient of Days

Angel voices ever singing .. 69 Rev. Francis Pott Angel Voices

Angels, from the realms. 102 J. Montgomery Regent Square

Another year is dawning. 433 F. R. Havergal Aurelia

Approach, my soul..... 273 Rev. J. Newton Dalehurst

Arm of the Lord, awake.. 383 W. Shrubsole Truro

Arm these Thy soldiers.. 412 Bp. C. Wordsworth St. Serf

Art thou weary, art thou.... 187 Rev. J. M. Neale

s Bullinger 1

Stephanos 2

As with gladness men of old.. 101 W. C. Dix


Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep 426 M. Mackay


At even, ere the sun was set. 111 Canon H. Twells Angelus

At evening time let there. ... 264 J. Montgomery Pater Omnium

At the name of Jesus..

138 C. M. Noel


Awake, my soul, and with... 25 Bp. Thomas Ken Mendon

Awake, my soul, in joyful lays 245 Rev. S. Medley Park Street

Brent 1

Awake, my soul, stretch every 324 Rev. P. Doddridge

Christmas 2

Before Jehovah's awful throne 87 Rev. I. Watts oid Hundredth L. Bourgeois

Begin, my tongue...

58 Rev. I. Watts Manoah

Arr. fr. Rossini

Behold, a stranger at the door 192 Rev. J. Grigg Bera

J. E. Gould
Behold, the Master passeth by 193 Bp. W. W. How Federal Street H. K. Oliver
Behold the throne of grace... 278 Rev. J. Newton Eastnor

Alfred King
Beneath the cross of Jesus.. 203 E. C. Clephane St. Christopher F. C. Maker
Beneath the shadow of.. 422 Rev. S. Longfellow St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Blessed are the sons of God.. 267 Rev. J. Humphreys Rosefield

H. A. C. Malan

S Sturtevant 1 B. Shepard
Blessed Saviour! Thee I love 250 Rev. G. Duffield

Spanish Hymn 2 Spanish Melody

[blocks in formation]

Calm me, O God, and keep me 233 Rev. H. Bonar Lambeth

W. Schulthes
Cast thy burden on the Lord.. 231 Rev. J. Cennick St. Bees

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Cast thy care on Jesus.. 227 Rev. F. Scott Eripe Me

H. Crossley
Children of the heavenly king 207 Rev. J. Cennick Pleyel's Hymn Arr. fr. I. Pleyel
Christ for the world we sing.. 382 Rev. S. Wolcott St. Ambrose

W. H. Monk
Christ is made the sure.. 366 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale Regent Square H. Smart
Christ is our Corner-stone... 368 Tr. Rev. J. Chandler Darwell

Rev. J. Darwell
Christ is risen! Christ is risen 128 Rev. A. T. Gurney Resurrexit

Sir A. Sullivan
Christ of all my hopes.. 297 Rev. R. Wardlaw Hendon

H. A. C. Malan
Christ the Lord is risen again 125 Rev. M. Weisse Lætabundus E. J. Hopkins
Christ the Lord is risen to-day 129 Rev. C. Wesley University College H. J. Gauntlett
Christian, dost thou see them 342 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale St. Andrew of C. Rev. J. B. Dykes
Christian, rise, and act.. 335 F. A. R. Russell Cressbrook

R. Jackson
City of God, how broad. 372 Rev. S. Johnson Nox Præcessit J. B. Calkin
Come, every pious heart.. 134 Rev. S. Stennett Raleigh

E. Prout
Come, Holy Spirit, come..... 155 Rev. J. Hart Mornington Earl of Mornington
Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly. 154 Rev. I. Watts St. Agnes

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Come let us join our cheerful 86 Rev. I. Watts Azmon

Arr. fr. O. G.
Come let us join with faithful 362 W. G. Tarrant Azmon

Come, my soul, thou must be 3 Baron Von Canitz Haydn

Arr. fr. J. Haydn
Come, my soul, thy suit..... 276 Rev. J. Newton Aletta

W. B. Bradbury
“Come," said Jesus' sacred

Mabyn 1


A. L. Barbauld

Horton 2

X. Schnyder
Come, Thou Almighty King.. 74 Rev. C. Wesley Italian Hymn F. de Giardini
Come, Thou fount of every
See, Saviour, source of. 82 Rev. R. Robinson St. Oswald

Rev. J. B. Dykes
Come to Jesus, ye who labor 189 Rev. E. P. Parker Bushnell

Rev. E. P. Parker
Come to our poor nature's.. 151 G. Rawson


U. O. Burnap
Come to the Saviour now.... 180 J. M. Wigner Maker

F. C. Maker

Vox Jesu 1 Rev. J. B. Dykes
Come unto me, ye weary.... 181 W. C. Dis

Patria 2

Rev. F. A. Homer
Come, we who love the Lord 79 Rev. I. Watts St. Thomas

A. Williams
Come, ye disconsolate...

186 T. Moore


s. Webbe
Come, ye faithful, raise.. 123 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale St. Kevin

Sir A. Sullivan
Come, ye thankful people.. 448 Rev. H. Alford St. George Windsor Sir G. J. Elvey
Coming, coming-yes, they are 376 J. W. MacGill Coming

Rev. E. Husband
Consider the lilies...
474 A. W. Brotherton Thecla

H. E. Nichol
Courage, brother! do not..
351 Rev. N. Macleod Courage

Sir A. Sullivan
Cross of Jesus....

120J. S. Simpson

Cross of Jesus Sir J. Stainer

Diademata 1 Sir G. J. Elvey
Crown Him with many crowns 6 M. Bridges

Nevin's Proc. 2 G. B. Nevins

Day is dying in the west..... 31

M. A. Lathbury

W.F. Sherwin
Dear Lord and Father of.... 286

J. G. Whittier

F. C. Maker
Dear Lord, another day. 296

F. D. Sherman

H. E. Button
Dear refuge of my weary soul 258

A. Steele

J. P. Holbrook
Draw nigh, draw nigh

Veni Emmanuel 1

Plain Song
See, O come, o come...... 94 Tr. Rev. J. M. Neale

Veni Emmanuel 2 c. Gounod
Eternal Father! strong... 458 W. Whiting


Rev. J. B. Dykes
Fternal Light! Eternal Light 73 Rev. T. Binney Newcastle

H. L. Morley
y morning mercies new.. 02 Rev. G. Phillimore Kelso

E. J. Hopkins


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