'Archaeologizing' Heritage?: Transcultural Entanglements between Local Social Practices and Global Virtual Realities

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Michael Falser, Monica Juneja
Springer Science & Business Media, 31 mag 2013 - 287 pagine

This book investigates what has constituted notions of "archaeological heritage" from colonial times to the present. It includes case studies of sites in South and Southeast Asia with a special focus on Angkor, Cambodia. The contributions, the subjects of which range from architectural and intellectual history to historic preservation and restoration, evaluate historical processes spanning two centuries which saw the imagination and production of "dead archaeological ruins" by often overlooking living local, social, and ritual forms of usage on site.

Case studies from computational modelling in archaeology discuss a comparable paradigmatic change from a mere simulation of supposedly dead archaeological building material to an increasing appreciation and scientific incorporation of the knowledge of local stakeholders. This book seeks to bring these different approaches from the humanities and engineering sciences into a trans-disciplinary discussion.


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An Introduction
Archaeologizing Heritage I India Between the Manual and the Picturesque
Archaeologizing Heritage II Creating Visual and Spatial Experiences of Angkor
Virtualizing Heritage I The Surface and the Image
Virtualizing Heritage II Computer Models for Building Research
Restoration and Interpretation Of Virtual Models and Living Communities
Memorializing Archaeology Archaeologizing Memory

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