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et si imprudentes ex insidiis adoriri posset, eodemque die uterque eorum ex castris stativis. a fumine Apso exercitum educunt: Pompeius clam et noctu, Caesar palam atque interdiu. Sed Caesari circuitu maiore iter erat longius adverso flumine, ut vado transire posset: Pompeius, quia expedito itinere flumen ei transeundum non erat, magnis itineribus ad Antonium contendit; atque eum ubi appropinquare cognovit, idoneum locum nactus, ibi copias collocavit, suosque omnes in castris continuit, ignesque fieri prohibuit, quo occultior esset eius adventus: Haec ad Antonium statim per Graecos deferuntur.

2. Translate

Interea videt Aeneas in valle reducta
Seclusum nemus, et virgulta sonantia silvis,
Lethaeumque, domos placidas qui praenatat,


Hunc circum innumerae gentes populique -vola

bant :
Ac velut in pratis ubi-apes aestate serena
Floribus insidunt variis, et candida circum
Lilia funduntur; strepit omnis murmure campus.
Horrescit visu subito, causasque requirit
Inscius Aeneas, quae sint ea flumina porro,
Quive viri tanto complerint agmine ripas.
Tum pater Anchises : Animae, quibus altera

Corpora debentur, Lethaei ad fluminis undam
Securos latices et longa oblivia potant.
Has equidem memorare tibi atque ostendere coram,
Iampridem hanc prolem cupio enumerare meorum:
Quo magis Italia mecum laetere reperta."

3. (a) In the first five lines of B. 1, parse carefully

every verb. (b) In the last two lines of B. 2, “ "explain the construction of every word. Decline throughout

Aethere, amnes, civis, equitibus, palustri, silex.


T'he Board of Examiners.

Every result must be reduced to its simplest form.

The whole of the working of a question must be

sent in as part of the answer. 1. Simplify the expression

(x + y + x)2 + x (y + z - x)

+ y (2 + x - y) + z (+ y - x). 2. Find the quotient and remainder obtained by dividing 205 7004. + 13x3 2ac2 + 32c 7

2.0 + 3.

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by x2

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3. Prove that

(b - c): +(c - a) + (a - b)
= 3(b-c) (c-a) (a - b).

4. Simplify
0 al + 62

a2 + 32 a + b a2 62

b a2 62 (i) a + 6

b a+ 62 6 a2 - 62

a 72


a + b




a? + 62




a + 6

x + 2

it + 109


(a+x)(a+y), (b+x) (6+y) (ii)

(c+x)(c+y) +

(ab)(a—c) * (6c) (6-a)

(c)(b (ca)(C5-6) 5. Solve the equations



it + 14 x + 6

1 1

+ a2

72 ax + by = a2 +. 62. (iii) a (x - a)2 + b (x - 5)2 = ab(a + b). 6. A certain number of two-digits exceeds the number obtained by interchanging the digits by 9,

and the sum of the two numbers is 77. Find the numbers.


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7. Prove that (a")" = am where m, n are positive in



The Board of Examiners. The symbol must not be used ; and the only abbreviation admitted for the square

described on the straight line ABis sq. on AB,and for "the rectangle contained by the straight lines AB, CDis

rect. AB, CD.1. If two triangles on the same base and on the same

side of it have the sides which are terminated in an extremity of the base equal, those which are terminated in the other extremity of the base shall be unequal.


2. To describe a triangle whose sides shall be respec

tively equal to three given straight lines. Com

plete the enunciation and then solve the problem. 3. Parallelograms on the same base and between the

same parallels are equal. 4. ABC is a straight line. Prove that the rectangle

contained by AC, BC is equal to the square on

BC and the rectangle contained by AB, BC. 5. ACDB is a straight line whose middle point is C.

Prove that the squares on AD, DB are double

of the squares on AC,CD. 6. To divide a given straight line into two parts so that

the rectangle contained by the straight line and one part shall be equal to the square on the other

part. 7. To find the centre of a given circle. 8. If from a point within a circle more than two equal

straight lines can be drawn to the circle, that

point is the centre of the circle. 9. The opposite angles of a quadrilateral figure in

scribed in a circle are equal to two right angles.



The Board of Examiners. Note.-Pay particular attention to the spelling and

punctuation of what yoụ write; the writing must be neat and legible. The Essay must be atteinpted.


1. Parse fully the words printed in italics in the

following passage :

I do not remember to have read any discourse written expressly upon the beauty and loveliness of virtue, without considering it as a duty, and as the means of making us happy both now and hereafter. I design, therefore, this speculation as an essay upon that subject, in which I shall consider virtue no further than as it is in itself of an amiable nature.

2. Make a full analysis of the following passage :

The next point observed by the greatest heroic poets, hath been to celebrate persons and actions which do honour to their country.

3. Give the derivations, also the prefixes and suffixes,

if any, of the following words :

morsel.. obloquy. levée.
viands. embroil.

perplexity. idiosyncrasy. requite.
dupe. upbraid. uniform.'

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4. Write out the twelve lines from the “Progress of

Poesy" commencing “ Far from the sun. 5. Explạin fully what you mean by a relative con

struction; give four illustrative examples, and make a list of relatives.


6. Explain the meaning and the allusions in the

following passages : (a) “We were a sort of Helots to his young


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