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fourteen by sixteen hundred million seven hundred and ninety-two thousand four hundred and

fifteen. 2. Simplify (H1

x {ls - 1 of (34 – 21)}.

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3. Simplify


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4. Find by Practice the value of 13 tons 3 cwt.

3 qrs. 2 lbs. at £14 5s.

per ton.

5. Find to the nearest franc the present value of

1,350 francs due 3 years hence at 4 per cent. compound interest.

6. Find a number which has the same ratio to 169 as 4,212 has to 1,521.

841·5801 7. Extract the square root of


8. Assuming the volume of a sphere to be 4:18879

times the cube of its radius, find in cubic inches the volume of a sphere whose radius is 3 feet

ninches. 9. An insolvent owes a creditor £397, and

pays a dividend of 13s. 7d. in the pound. How much

does the creditor get? 10. Explain clearly the reason of the process of

carrying” in the rule for simple multiplication.



The Board of Examiners. 1. Draw a map of South America. Mark the Equator,

the Tropic of Capricorn, and the meridian 60° west of Greenwich. Insert on the


the following towns :-Callao, Cartagena, Cayenne, Lima, Monte Video, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Valparaiso; the rivers Amazon, Orinoco, and la Plata with its branches, Uruguay, Parana, and Paraguay. Mark the Andes, and name the different ranges and mountains. There is not to be a separate list with references, and no names are to be given except those asked.

2. Give reasons to prove that the earth is spherical. 3. Explain the theory of the tides. 4. Suppose that the Gulf Stream could be diverted

through a broad canal into the Pacific Ocean, what results would follow ?

5. Why is the North Wind in Melbourne hot in

summer and cold in winter ?

6. What are the chief mountain ranges of India ? 7. Write a short general account of the main geo

graphical features of Scotland. 8. Write a geographical account of Queensland.

9. What is each of the following, and where is it :

Alsace, Barrow in Furness, Connaught, Grenada,

Humber, Khiva, Ladoga, Nova Zembla, Tararua,
Theiss, Transvaal, Yokohama?

10. Write an account of the river Rhine, its chief

affluents, and the more important towns upon it and them.

11. Write a description of any three of the following

places --Cairo, Constantinople, Gibraltar, Rome,

Sydney. 12. Name the capitals of the following countries :

Bavaria, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, Jamaica,
New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland,
Tasmania, United States, Western Australia.


The Board of Examiners.

[N.B.—Candidates are instructed not to answer more

than six questions.]

1. How may the following statements be proved ?(1) Water is a compound of eight parts, by weight,

of oxygen, and one part, by weight, of hydro

gen. (2) Water is a compound of one volume of oxygen and two volumes of hydrogen.

What general laws are exemplified by these two special facts ?

2. In one bottle a piece of charcoal is burned in

oxygen, and in another bottle a piece of marble is dissolved in hydrochloric acid. How may it be proved that the gas produced in one of these experiments is identical with the gas produced in the other ?

3. Chlorine is sometimes described as an oxidizing

agent, a term also applied to nitric acid. Explain and exemplify the difference between the oxidizing actions of these two substances.

4. Explain what is meant by the word ammonium.

5. What general methods are there for preparing a salt from the corresponding acid ?

Give examples.

6. How may oxygen be tested for in a mixture of

gases ?

7. What is bleaching powder, and how is it made ?

8. How does each of the following elements behave

when heated by itself ?-Bromine, iodine, sulphur, carbon.

9. What is meant by water of crystallization? Give

some examples.

10. What reasons have you for believing that the

correct atomic weight of oxygen is 16, and not 8 ?


The Board of Examiners. Candidates are requested to answer the questions on

Dynamics, and on one but not more than one of the three subjectsHeat, Sound and Light, Electricity and Magnetism.

DYNAMICS. 1. Define the unit of mass and the unit of force. If

the mass taken is not the unit, what force acting

on it for a second will produce the unit velocity? 2. From a balloon at a height of two miles above the

earth, and carried along in a current of air which is moving at a uniform rate, a stone is dropped. What is the path of the stone :-(1) relative to a person in the car of the balloon; (2) relative to the earth ?

3. In an Attwood's machine, the weights at the ends

of the string are each 150, and the pressure on the pulley is consequently 300. What would be the pressure if 50 were suddenly taken off one

of the weights ? 4. From a gun weighing 9 lbs., a bullet weighing 2

ounces is shot out with an initial velocity of 600 feet per second. Find the velocity of the recoil

of the gun.

5. Two inelastic bodies of weights 6 and 9 are moving

in the same straight line, but in opposite directions, with velocities of 8 and 6 respectively. Find their common velocity after collision.

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